Fujifilm (Polaroid) Camera How to use + Review!

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Age: 14

Camera: IPhone 6

Editor: Final Cut Pro

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Jayden Boring says:

i love this video!


which color   is better light blue Fujifilm camera or raspberry Fujifilm camera

BB-8's Channel says:

I got my camera for 49 dollars

Hannah Games says:

I didn’t read the instructions cause it looked to confusing.

SamanthaJaySketch says:

I got a Polaroid for Christmas this year 😀 mine is a light blue one ^^

Elvi and Yami American girl doll channel says:

this helped me a lot because I am getting one for my birthday

Milagros Vasquez says:

to laptop es de color pink

Kirah Maxey says:

I got a instax mini 8 for Christmas

alayna DeMuria says:

you can get a selfie lens

Hailey Zehring says:

I really won’t one

Madelene Eng says:

I ordered a light pink (not strawberry!) instax mini 8, and accesories (or whatever it is) and i got my camera for now and it was really cheap! Just go on wish. The films is also pretty cheap

SMGmarshmellows says:

you can also buy a polaroid selfie mirror for like 7 dollars

Nikl003 says:

the music is terrible nur the Video ist verständlich good. Well done. LOL

Isabel Ortiz says:

Aye one direction!

ThRainBonixCat Kids!! says:

did you get the color strawberry?

AshThePug Draws says:

I just got my camera, and since its boxing day today (im in nz) it was 50% off! And i got the same colour as you :3

Nuvia Reyes says:

I clicked on your video so I wouldn’t have to read the instructions

marshmallow menthe says:

I am going to have one for chrismath the yellow one i am so exited cool Video you explain very well and the editing is so good sorry for my english i am french

Valerie Rivas says:

I have the same one it came to me yesterday but I will open it tomorrow because its the present my grandma gave me and tomorrow is my birthday!!!

Mi Or says:

Where is the cheapest place to get one

Gymnast MacKenna says:

This is a weird question, but are you left handed

AG Lover says:

you can get accessories for it and there is a selfie mirror that you clip on the lens!

Morgan Aykroid says:

Good Video! Very informational! I got mine at target and i just set it up. Thanks!

Sasha French says:

On my hello kitty instal mini cam has a mirror for selfies.

Rana Maowia says:

Your photo string is sooo too Tumblr

OwlGamer 05 says:

Got the same one today so exiting

ZycRay Mel says:

If you guys hate this video then watch a different video. Idc if I get roasted or butt hurt or anything but people need to keeps the comments to their selves

Marley Can2 says:

you know you can buy accessories for the camera like a mirror for the selfie

Shiela Medina says:

Hi may i know if it does have control v or you can print again photo?

Juliette Walker says:

I have the yellow one

Jessica Thomas says:

could you tell me what color your instax is?

kate says:

her: *checks alisha’s ig*
1 minute later
her: *orders it when doesn’t even know what is it*

Kevin Bolsajian says:

Is this only for girls I’m a boy and want one

Student Clayton Cato says:

You need to brush your teeth

Choco Star says:

Should I get light blue or light pink?

Vianni Villarreal says:

I got the red one I wanted the baby blue one but it’s ok whatever I still like the camera

gaming with melissa says:

I got the hole pack with the bag and everything that costed $100 and In the video when she said it costed $120 with just the camera I was surprised if you guys are wondering were I got mine I got it a Best Buy

mackenzie fecteau says:

At Walmart they are 48

Lynn J says:

What camera do you use to record you videos? It looks nice.

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