Fuji X-T1 review: a mirrorless camera for photographers

Dan Seifert reviews the new Fujifilm X-1 mirrorless camera that offers several features demanding photographers look for: an amazing viewfinder, lots of physical controls, and killer image quality. It’s the best mirrorless camera you can get, but it’s not for everybody.


uscg says:

It would be nice to hear how it does in burst mode, how fast to focus, low light use, whether good for sports, portraits, how many lens options  etc.

skyforce95 says:

not good for video though

Dahir Tapia claudio says:

DSLR digital cameras came to an end in 5 years. I can assure you.
the mirrorless is evolution. no better brand or photographic camera in the world. if there is a different world in each brand. analyze it.


Review the Fujifilm FinePix S1

Tristan Smith says:

such a great review, keep it up!

807D14M0ND5 says:

“The 4 way buttons on the back of the camera are small and fiddly.” …pretty minor complaints and they dont take away from the overall package. I just dont agree with this. Fiddly and small is frustration everytime you press those buttons. how does that not take away from the package?

Jiselle Ann Rosales says:

This is a fast & efficient review! Nice!

nashat sanadiki says:

its got the same 4d focus as the A6000

TeleportersPlaylist says:

Beautiful camera, great review…

Pimme Pimmy says:

Thank you!

Arturo Jain says:

2:06 ¿?

David Marte says:

Love it. Had to buy it.

Eirik Havre says:

How far can you be from the camera when using the phone to shoot?

stzef says:

Ive had one for over a year now and have used it in nearly every situation. If you have any questions to ask about it please ask and I will give an unbiased reply!:)

jvs81 says:

Does anyone have a link on to how to do the font rotation starting at 0:13 mark in the video? Any info would help thank you. 

ibanezrg470 says:

why only native iso200?


24-28mp CCD sensor (on the xT2) and I will buy one or two.

Kevin Lara says:

Very well done review. Definitely subscribing, I loved your overview of the camera

AndrewTGreen says:

Pacing. Cadence. Tempo.

chun yip lam says:

How much it costs?

OfficialRomeo says:

Ahhaha lol 2:04

Ct Pham says:

very nice review on this body… 

Karam J says:

The rear dial is hard to reach for you because you’re using your left eye to shoot. Use your right eye like every normal photographer and you’ll have room for your right hand

Ben Kleschinsky says:

Believe it or not im selling my A7R to get this. Just attach a focal reducer on this bad boy and you get full frame

miamiredbird says:

And with todays firmware update, its even better. Perhaps an updated video with new firmware ?

Neil Franklin says:

Good review but felt the speed of the talking spoilt the it for me personally, even I felt out of breath after ever sentence!! 🙂 Great camera though although it makes me chuckle …. The body and controls design in so old fashioned and was on all the cameras in the 60’s and yet all these” Retro look ” camera designers seem to think that is all new and they have thought of it first … 🙂

Creative says:

Who wrote this title? “A mirror less camera for photographers”?

David Marte says:

Currently considering the xt1 or the Sony a7 II. Which would you recommend the most? I’m coming from a nikon d5300. I need something smaller and more compact.

PrayForTheDUCK says:

if anybody wants to buy the fujifilm s8650 camera in like new condition and live in the UK then I am selling (im peterjohn987) : http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B00P99S84W/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF8&condition=used

丁皓辰 says:

the auto focusing system of this model looks way much better than the other fuji cameras. worth the money!

Mark Deneen says:

Finally, a reviewer that doesn’t stupidly add background music that always ruins these video reviews. I could actually pay attention to what you were saying. Bravo. Oh yeah, that’s a cool camera too.

davidjewels says:

Very accurate and unbiased review. I’m buying the graphite version.

Tj Holowaychuk says:

The EVF didn’t change my opinion at all, they still have a longgggg way to go.

Kyle Johnston says:

Love the girls reaction at 2:05 that’s such a typical New York fog being lifted really quick, like woaaahh

MadnessMobile says:

Nice quick review focusing on most important features. Thank you.

Neo Tao says:

This is the mirrorless I’m gonna get


Fuck. Too expensive.

VDriver6661 says:

00:22 the clock is moving backwards!!!

alejandroalartiz says:

It is better than a Leica M or a Nikon DF or a Sony Alpha 7R?

Saswat Mohanty says:

How will you compare it with Sony alpha A7 and A7r? Later two are also great cameras!

Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona says:

she seems lost!?!


I though the sony a6000 had the fastest AF at 0.6 seconds. Seems like every camera manufacture likes to throw that “fastest AF in the world” claim around as much as possible 

IvyLeague Films says:

Would rather buy a Panasonic GH4 for the price…

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