Foscam R2 SMART Security Camera – REVIEW



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Foscam R2 Review
Foscam R2B Review




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Harsh Bahl says:

Give a review for One plus loop VR headset!

m_ requiem says:


Rick Deckard says:

Thanks for the video. Looks very similar to the Amcrest I have, perhaps the same company. I have a Nestcam (dropcam) as well and the difference I find is in the app and software. Although the Foscam can pan/zoom, the field of vision isn’t as wide as the Nest and only records what it’s set at, good for real-time monitoring as opposed to security cam footage. The Nestcam is much better in terms of viewing old footage, mobile and desktop app. Last thing… checkout Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations in dark brown, it’ll give the kitchen a whole new look for a few hundred. 🙂

Harvey Chambers says:

Can you use the local recording to capture video as I’m looking for an options to record lectures to then take the edited footage to upload to YouTube?

M I C H A E L says:

Time to upgrade your microwave Jim. lol

Michael Corona says:

hii I question, When night vision mode is on, Am I able to see those little Red lights from Night Vision,? or they will be Invisible for Human Eyes? #imsReviewRoom

Coffee Shop Productions says:

hey Jimmy
could you review some cameras?

Miika K says:

Which is better? Jbl Flip 3 or Jbl Charge 2+ ? Help Please :/

Keith Jennings says:

I have no use for this and will never buy it yet I still watched the whole video. I just like to listen to your voice jim

M DG says:

I have been looking at a couple of your reviews esp the security cameras. Just your personal opinion, which one would be the best price for the buck. Thanks.

Darin Ames says:

Thanks for this review, Jim. I’m looking for a good camera to keep track of my MinPin puppy when I have to go out, and I think this might be the fit.
BTW, I’ve been watching several of your various reviews today and have subscribed. You do a fantastic job! Thank you!

opinions with kyle says:

do a vid on the fi8910w

mstiic says:

Can you review Xiaomi xiaoyi night vision please!?

Chris Kartalidis says:

Great review. Can you download the videos like in logi circle or send them to social apps? Which one do you prefer for surveilance and free cloud offerings?

Mia Mita says:

I was expecting you to review BOSE QC35 and compare to SONY 100-ABN.

Minnross1 says:

Thank you, any compare and contrast to the nest cam’s? Keep posting the video’s

suicidalvapor says:


amir nazhan says:

Will you review the new Samsung Gear Fit 2 ?

Manas Sarpatwar says:

do the Bose QC 35!!! Jim!!!

slowmopoke says:

5:30~ dude, there is someone stealing your shit!

Johnny Stone says:

I was just looking for a one of these, thank you for another awesome review

Calvin H says:

Hey Jim, could you please review bose soundsport wireless?

spleujo says:

great footage of the house! Does jimmy need A/C?

Michael Corona says:

hii I question, When night vision mode is on, Am I able to see those little Red lights from Night Vision,? or they will be Invisible for Human Eyes?

Bruce Alexandre Anthony says:

This foscam or nest in your opinion?

ToyMachine9001 says:

Great video! Does this camera have the ability to FTP photos and video footage to a web location of your choosing or do they “Force” you to use their cloud service. I have an older Foscam FI9821W V2 and I am able to FTP my pictures and video to my personal website in the cloud. I was thinking about upgrading and picking this camera up only if they give me the freedom of FTP’ing content to wherever I want. Thanks!

ΞLIΛN says:


Dominik Muller says:

How did you get this setup on a iMac to router out? I have been on the phone with Appletech and Foscam and both are stumped.

danny ho says:

cool thanks for sharing. BUT no need to pay for their cloud services. Just save all recordings to a specific location, download and install your own cloud service (I just goog drive) and have it auto upload to there instead. Save $$$

E J says:

which to buy this R2 or Amcrest IP2M ! leaningtowards this Foscam

KFC 5 dollar fill up says:

great review

Jerry Shaw says:

Just received one of these today. Setup was super easy, for this kind of money (79.00)you will not find a better camera. If you are looking for a good camera at a good price this is it. And no I do not work for Foscam.

MDS Unit says:

Hello you have good channel
a question
which of these 3 speakers recommend me
JBL Xtreme

and another question the JBL Xtreme is waterproof ??

jay bo says:

got mine for 5 mins died would no loger boot find out it is no longer supported in usa there is no usa support numbers for these
the plug ins do not work with 64 bit os no browers will work with
not even x86 ie only way i can return it is guss what i have email them i dont want cam that is not supported in usa
i dont want cam cant work with 64 bit os, and i dont want cam fails in first 10 mins

Al Yel says:

can I add this camera to my Foscam FN3108XE-B4-1T NVR.?

Igor Andrejev says:

Great video!

Ace says:

The quality of your videos and music are just amazing dude. Keep up the good work.

MrAlexander137 says:

Can you review the new NestCam 2? Also could you make a comparison with things like the Withings etc. Great video by the way, thinking of getting for when I got to Uni in September, cheers mate.

xFaithkeeperx says:

Jim please review the Sony Hi-Res SRS-ZR7. It is overpriced $299. Please help me make a right decision. Thank you.

DanyDoes says:

God, I hate being late on your channel!

Thi13en _Ghost says:

Jim, Bose recently announced its release of the QC35.Please review it and compare to the QC25 that I own rn cuz i want to make a more informed purchase decision.Thx!!

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