Fake Camera Reviews: Did you see a REAL REVIEW or a Video designed to make money & shill

Fake Camera Reviews: Did you see a REAL REVIEW or a Video designed to make money & shill



Skyler King says:

I saw it as soon as it was posted. My very first thought was “I wonder what Ken will say about this?”.
Luckily, finding the best lenses is very easy. Simply buy whatever the newest and most expensive one is, right? But not unless you use the link I have provided! Image quality goes down if you buy from an independent source!

Lysander Spooner says:

Your good friend Thom Hogan really like the new 105mm F/1.4, just like FRO!!!! http://www.dslrbodies.com/lenses/nikon-lens-reviews/nikkor-prime-lens-reviews/nikon-105mm-f14e-af-s-ed.html

ALSO: He is so nice that he gives a link in his review to B&H so, you know, he can make some change!


5:09 so damn true, caught myself doing that aswell in the past

Lee Pinnington says:

Enjoy the rest of your vacation Ken. Its your holiday less is sometimes more take it easy all the best cheers.

eagleeye photo says:

You about rightwhen it come to camera usage and finding bugs, it does not help first of all to yourself and than to other people.Think you are not like anybody else and please don’t kiss my ass but have a nice vacation men.

J Aaaa says:

Hi Ken

Happy Vacation!!!

I do not want to take you out of it. SORRY. But no one else I really trust with my Money/Gear decision.

Quick Question. I’m looking for the 180mm,during which, I was offered 2 Telephotos at really Good price. The 300mm f/4D IF-ED + 1.4X Teleconverter for $700 and the New AFS 80-400 F4.5 to 5.6 G ED VR (The latest) For around 1100?

1: Hold on for the 180mm (Still Cant Find a decent 2nd hand one THANK YOU)
2:Take the 300mm ED F4 Cheaper similar range and Fixed focal with the 1.4 TC (Ends up 450 at 5.6 fixed)
3: Go for the latest 80-400 mm 4.5 to 5.6


Ray Geary says:

Put your Mike down and take a flipping break !!! Bud

Longrider says:

Ken when you sleep with one xt-2 does the other one get jealous? lolol ;P

J. Einar Brandt says:

I was looking to buy a new camera a few months ago, and was scouring through the internet, and while I ultimately went with the Pentax K-1, I found your reviews to be the most helpful and insightful. Thanks, Skol

Carmine Taverna says:

What do you think of this Ken
Nikon D5600 DSLR announced, though not in the US


1900stratoliner says:

Good stuff Ken, I think the XT2 will be my next Camera. Thanks.

bigyounk28 says:

you make so many videos that we all love but take a break

mavcek says:

well said Ken. btw what hand strap ru using, looks good

Wael GHARBI says:

thank you ken for the knowlege you share whit us. i have a dx camera and i hesitate between 180mm f2.8 and a 300mm f4 nikkor for multipurpose telephotolense (landscape, architecture details, birds) can any one give me advise. thanks in advance

Bill Paxton says:

Hey Ken….. you were talking about Nikon going to China, yesterday they said 1000 jobs will be lost in Japan! Is this the slippery slope?

seth ph88 says:

Ken i love ur videos

nicolasagna says:

Mr mackey! hahaha

Geoff Smith says:

Ken. Have a great holiday. You deserve a break.

Danvil says:

Ken, why not have an automatic reply that say, “I’m on fucking vacation, dickhead. Will get back to your when I return.”

castlev says:

Configure a “Out of Office” reply.

Maurice Pacius says:

I love the realness!!!

RoatanDoug says:

You´re not allowed to have a vacation. You´re supposed to be helping us buy lenses!!!!!

Nguyen Tri says:

Enjoy your vacation. We do appreciate the knowledge which you have brought to us.Many thanks.

adam cain says:

Ken I am getting ready to jump into Fuji, I have a sports camera the Canon 7d mark ii. I bought the Sony a7ii and very unhappy with it. Sony as a company I am not happy with. I bought this for walking around. I am stuck on what to do I can either buy the X-T2 and get a couple lenses or I can pick up the X-T1 and have more lenses. What are your thoughts?

Brian Counts says:

Very difficult for God to take a vacation.

Kenneth Mills says:

Peace out

Ittai Peres says:

Have a great vacation, man

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