EEVblog #947 – Chronos High Speed Camera Review

Dave takes a look at the 21,000fps Chronos Kickstarter high speed digital camera prototype.
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Art Vandelay says:

He can’t name his company/product Chronos because of Khronos group. That would be too confusing.

7necromancer says:

would be nice if you could connect an ssd an record directly to it

Christopher C says:

No offense but the UI design is close to terminal cancer 😀 the rest seems nice tho!

Bodragon says:

Arrgh ! “Aitch”. Not “Haitch”. That really hurts the ears.

Foxy rollins says:

I hope you cleaned all the dust off the sensor

Jimmy Call says:

QT… thumbs up.

TheGreenMamba says:

TAKE. IT. APART! with this specs, i want to see the inside!

kylesenior says:

So no teardown?

Christopher Tritschler says:

Hi Dave, do you know if the camera has a sync shutter to deal with flickering light sources ?

Gamer1928 says:

You are right it should be Khronos. However the Khronos name is already taken by the Khronos group that manages GPU interface software standards like OpenGL and Vulkan.

Victor Tesla says:

Great vid Dave, comes at the perfect time as well. Me and my collegues have been looking for a highspeed camera for our lab for quite some time, but consumer grade usually doesn’t go far enough and professional gear usually starts at 10k. Inbetween is nothing but vast emptiness (and recently a kickstarter or two), which I hope this camera will fill.

Since it’s Kickstarter we are always carefull, but seeing this vid certainly increased my confidence. we had this one on our watch list as well and seeing a bit more hands on stuff is really great. Can’t wait for the tear down!

Landrew0 says:

I wouldn’t kick about small cosmetics at the prototype phase. The real deal is whether it works properly, and/or can be made to do so.
It’s just as hard to develop the prototype as it is to perfect it. They’re both Herculean tasks.

András Rudnai says:

0:52 I’m dying XD

Allan Tamm says:

if you try megapixel lenses then you will be surprised by the result

Alex Tol, van says:

I go down to Australia soon to work with partial differential equations on a specialised topic. When I move back up to Europe, are there any things I should take care of? Do the equations work upside down? Does the change in rotation of the earth make a difference? I hope it is still solvable!

Jimmy Call says:

Maybe add mounting screw holes for lcd visor.

Base*Radius says:

Awesome review! I so want one 🙂 Good on the camera as well ..

Andrés Otondo says:

CentOS (?) + QT firmware?

johnfranks says:

The rubber grip material used on many SLR cameras is available from manufacturer’s like 3M.

The grip material used by Talon Grips which sells laser-cut grips for firearms is fantastic feeling and should work fine for this application. A 4×8″ sheet of the stuff is like $5 on eBay.

Dan says:

that jog wheel would be better on the top

Direkin says:

I’d bet thunderf00t could so with one of these.

Wiley Cat says:

the 2000 dollar raspberry pi in a tin

TheRattleSnake3145 says:

a shame it has a mini usb instead of a micro. 🙁

DEVUNK88 says:


Keith Ward says:

Also noticed when you/Dave had DC power connected there was nothing to indicate charging or running directly from that power source.

C says:

of course the resolutions are too low to be used in something like a film, right? or does scaling up with that many frames of reality still look okay somehow

tm says:

He has already sold 112 cameras, Dave 😉

richardcmongler says:

This camera needs “focus-you-fuck!” voice controls.

JG says:

Gotta catch those electrons before they hit the ground!

David Cruise says:

4:01 Nice juicy *clonk* of the battery door falling, lovely!

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