DPReview TV: Sony a7 III review

It’s official – we’ve joined forces with Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake, formerly of The Camera Store TV, to bring you an all-new video series. To kick off the series, they take an in-depth look at the Sony a7 III. Take a look as they put the camera to work in the field – from landscapes in the Canadian Rockies to some low-light portraits at a local pinball spot.

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jat dan says:

Great for more scientific test.

Sitha Puth says:

i came here to see … Chris and jordan

jsev607 says:

Just hit the subscribe button because of Chris and Jordan. Good move DP Review!

Felix LeClair says:

Mega Nichols?

Ken Arnold says:

Awesome video guys, good start! How do you think the A7III compares to the Fuji xh1 as a video camera?

Travis Wan says:

Hey! Welcome to my subscription club! You can say Chris and Jordan referred you. xD

mchoihk says:


Bernhard Ess says:

Canon and Nikon will start so sweat with their own forthcoming mirrorless systems. Will be very hard to offer something as good or better, at an affordable pricepoint.

通り鷹 says:

Subscribed! Thanks Chris!

Fu Chen says:

I love this review. This is my favorite product since you reviewed the Panasonic LX100.

I’d love to know the quality of the kit lens, is it worth picking up? And what about optical image stabilization working in conjunction with in body image stabilization? Do they sync?

Thanks, and congratulations on your promotion! You and Jordan deserve it, having been making quality programs year after year. God bless.

Peter B. James says:

Congrats on the move, and the superb video as always!

Theoria Apophasis says:

keep comparing the A7III to that dated pooper D750 rather than the D850….. ROFL

Graham Welland says:

24 meganichols? I heard it … 🙂 15:29

MH Photography says:

Love how you guys do reviews!!!

Balker says:

omg I had no idea this was happening, I thought that video was just a spoof on TCSTV channel lol! This is HUGE and I am excited for the new era. Congratulations Chris and Jordan.

Fernando Antunes Amaral says:

what camera u used to film most of this? 🙂

JasonFiske says:

24 mega-Nichols… ill take it! Congratulations on the move. Great video.

Mamo says:

Oh, you mean dee-cals. Wacky Canadians.

Josh Taber says:

What lens where you using on the GH5 you’re shooting the video with? Internal or external recording. It looks good, my experience hasn’t yelled such results. v-log L?

Derek Midgley says:

Oh, yes well done guys!

Tom Ripley says:

This is awesome. Been enjoying their content for years and it couldn’t have happened to two nicer guys.

Carlos Rosa says:

Great review, love it. After over 27 years shooting with Nikon, I sold all and got the A7III with some GM lenses, yes they are expensive, but I’m really impress with their performance and sharpness. I love the A7III, it took a week or two to get use to the menu, etc.. but now, I change everything I need and fast, I’m really enjoy the A7III, I got shoot at ISO 8000 with Eye AF and it nailed, not to mention that the pictures are good, not amazing, but at that high ISO, I don’t think I can get anything better.

Cruxiaer Creations says:

awesome review!

Traumglanz says:

Hmm 80k subs… guys, you have work to do for those guys.

Still, in what world is the D750 competing with the Sony A7iii? Compare the prices for a body + the lense trinity. Is that really competing with the 6D II? Or is Sony just subsidizing their body via their lenses and in the end you pay the same about $9,000 for either the D850 or the A7iii? Or even a 5DIV.

And don’t get me wrong, the A7iii looks pretty good compared to those offerings from Nikon and Canon, but please stop falling for a basic marketing trick. What’s next, telling us that those $50 photo printers are a bargain when they screw you over with the ink afterwards? I mean sure, you mention the lens prices, but you are 18 minutes in at that point, 18 minutes of pointing out how awesome the camera is for it’s low price point. It still awesome even considering the lens prices for that sweet, sweet F2.8 glas. But it certainly not in the same price range of a 6D II / D750 with that 2.8 glas.

Awesome shots in the arcade btw, I love the lighting you found.

MetAlbert R says:

24 mega-what-now?

V. LOGS says:

Congrats guys, great move!

Albert Wong says:

Good job guys!! Great video!

The Path Less Traveled says:

Whaaaaat epic combination!!

Think and Be Safe says:

This is very good

Geoffrey Gallaway says:

Any idea what tripod Chris is using in this video? I’ve been looking for a nice, compact tripod…

Graphic Muse says:

Great review and congratulations! I have the A7Riii for work, and I just got the A7iii for personal yesterday with the 85mm lens. Can’t wait to play!

Dimitris Tsagdis says:

Well done, really happy for both of you. Looking forward to the new episodes from your new DPR home.

Azhamd Shaari says:

The ‘Zettt’ battery vs The ‘Zeee’ Battery

Pavithra Kumar says:

This man has always been the symbol of honesty and passion.

oregonduc says:

Is it true, that if you use a Sony APS-C lens to record 4K at the 1.5x crop on the Sony a7ii / a7iii , you will get less noise than if you use a Sony full frame lens to record 4k at full frame?

Ross Chevalier says:

Congrats guys. Wishing you great success

Jordan Franck says:

Great review!

Chosen Idea says:

Exciting times! Sweet first episode (as expected).

Andrei C says:

this is a really good move for Chris and Jordan. They have so much talent and humour, and this will allow them to much better exploit it.

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