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This brand new SPARK drone from DJI has a ton of features packed into a small, portable size, offered at DJI’s most affordable price point! There’s SO much to cover, make sure you watch my full in-depth review!

Main Specs and Features:
-Weight (with props and battery): 300 g
-Max speed: 31 mph (Sport mode w/ dedicated controller)
-Max flight time: ~ 16 minutes
-Camera: 1.2/3″ CMOS sensor, 12MP, 1080p 30FPS
-FOV: 81.9° 25mm (35mm format equivalent) f/2.6
-Max Video Bitrate: 24 Mbps
-Max range: 1.2 miles (2km) with dedicated controller

-Build quality looks and feels premium
-Battery is well designed, nice LED indicators, each and quick to click/slide in and out
-Smallest 2-axis gimbal I’ve ever seen, works incredibly well, very stable
-To fully charge a battery took me only 45 minutes which seems fast
-I love the small, portable size
-The Spark adopts all the advanced smart features from previous DJI drones like Active Track (my personal favorite), and includes additional new ones
-Front object avoidance sensors offer peace of mind and confidence when flying
-This could be the perfect first drone for those who have never flown before. It has all the advanced technology packed inside, but offered in a small lightweight package and affordable price (Family vacations, real estate, sports games, etc)

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Jorge Feced says:

It’d be amazing to compare the video quality to DJI P3 Standard, which is also 600€. Thumbs up for him to do it!!

Simply Steve says:

it’s not 499 though… it’s 699 to unlock a lot of the features like the speed and range.
without the extra controller it’s a 100m range and 6.5mph.. not to mention the optional propguards aren’t included in the 499 price tag. And to use the handgestures DJI strongly recommends the prop guards…. if you sell something which main selling point are the hand gestures and palm control (because you didn’t include the remote).. you should include the propguards..

Pricing isn’t great, 499 dollars is great, hell even 699 is do-able.
but here in Europe it’s 799 euro’s, thats 897 dollars in todays exchange… I can almost get a second hand phantom 4 or mavic for that money.

As for specs…
– would have loved to have atleast 60fps. 1080P and 30 when you’re doing 30 miles an hour isn’t great.
– would have loved foldable arms. The mavic folded up almost has a smaller profile then the Spark, somewhat defeating the purpose of a small drone..
– would have loved to have the weight a bit lighter. 300grams is impressive.. but 250 grams would have gotten it under the legal weight for drone-registration and reduce some of the hassle you get these days with a drone vs. the law

Jeffrey La Motte says:

Love the review but please turn down the background music. Made it harder to hear you speak about the product.

Lets Unbox It says:

I have to buy that drone!

Lynn Mckenney says:

24fps, manual exposure mode?

Jonathan Woolson says:

Great review and clear testing methodology. Subscribed.

Jorge Feced says:

Isn’t anybody noticing some blur or noise when the drone moves, in the ground? Please confirm this

Ian S says:

very annoying with the music in the background says:

The benefit of 4 k and 2k is the ability to zoom in post which is huge with drone videos. With 4k, one doesn’t have to get as close because the footage can be zoomed in post up to 200% without quality loss. Unfortunately this will be another toy drone responsible for even more restrictions and negativity towards drone use.

Cezar Navarro says:

Great review! I’m new about drones but I’d like to know if you can fly it without WIFI?

Nakul J Nair says:

i’ve never used any drone in my life, but this looks like its good for beginners. Wish somebody would buy me a mavic pro or spark

IDaumI says:

Bro, the music loud enough?

Hasnain Mirza says:

can it’s camera move up and down ??

Todd Singleton says:

What is that dope digital clock over your shoulder?

TheMicro RcWorld says:

CRAP. $499 doesn’t include Transmitter.

Tims liu says:


Muckers says:

Fantastic video. Very informative.

ali osman says:

Wish they got a bigger capacity battery on it though. A round 20 minutes would’ve made it a MUST have.

BlueNET Gaming says:

super cool tech and an amazing review video, thanks!! please do a vid on the dedicated controller once it is out. +1 like +1 sub

Dennis Forbes says:

Great review! Love the editing and energy in your videos. You are the only YT reviewer to thank DJI which I think is very classy.

Karter Mayo says:

i have a question. if you dont buy the extra pack that comes with charging hub how do you charge the battery?

Wayne Glass says:

I purchased the Fly More Combo in Meadow Green. I can’t wait to get it! Excellent video.

Rami Abdulhai says:

Nice video. However the DJI Phantom 3 is cheaper, there for it’s not the “most affordable DJI drone even built”
Great video nonetheless!

Ashmodai says:

so…. how much money did DJI pay you…

Glenn-Thomas Sollie says:

review or commercial?

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

**PRICE is ONLY $499! That’s insane!! HURRY pre-order on Amazon: or DJI Store:

Miechol Canteros says:

Great review video! Thanks dude!

rashmi picardo says:

should make rc car video

geoffers77 says:

Nice vid Ben, but don’t like , don’t like, remote to cost extra , Mavic Wins Hands Down, NO CONTEST

jim2386 says:

This would be the perfect beginner drone for me, but 11 minutes of flight time just seems short.

The mavic pro looks amazing and the long battery life is awesome, but I worry the cost might be overkill for me.

The spark seems like a great starter drone but the flight time seems short.

Maybe I should just wait for V2…..gahhhh I just don’t know!

HistoricSteamTV says:

non commercial battery will need to gop and hack in a real lipo. A racing quad and shoMi 4k is cheaper and easier to fix.

The Hand says:

DJI’s NFZ restrictions are a deal breaker in a drone this small! They market this drone for selfies and fun family use but NFZ’s are everywhere now and growing this will with no doubt limit it’s use.

MaL3K_XD says:

Damn that video is sick
Keep up the good work

lexing xu says:

i wonder how much the controller costs

XJLCA says:

Excellent review, very informative!

htweelz says:

Ordered mine and can’t wait. This is going to make my mountain biking videos much more epic!


cool realy nice video

huey huey says:

does it capable to fly as higher as regular phantom drones?

joachim grieg says:

love your review, but bro! do you ever breath?

Chase Grodin says:

So does it have a follow me mode?

Carlos Madriz Cercone says:

First time watching a video you make. Great job with everything!

SkyTube Vision says:

Great review, terrible price point!

Martin Binney says:

It’s not mentioned in the specs anywhere but I don’t suppose there is a 25fps setting for the camera? Mixing 30fps footage with my other 25 fps (I live in the Europe so use PAL) is a pain.

Hamish STEPHENS says:

Do a review on the parrot mambo please!! I am looking to see if it is worth it!!

TORONTO Vasquez says:

New sub nice job can’t wait for more videos

tore gard andersen says:

Flight time of 16 minutes is too little for next generation drones. Parrot 2 can fly for 30 minutes.

gielis beast says:

i have the mavic and im gonna buy this one awsome video

Huss E says:

Your videos are brilliant loved it !

John Del Pozzo says:

I see in the video you mentioned that you have a Galaxy S8, but you show an iphone (I think) when flying it with the app. I know that the Samsung S7 was not compatible with the Mavic Pro. Is this the case with the Spark too?

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