DJI Phantom 4 PRO review + FLIGHT test, low light camera test

I take the new DJI Phantom 4 PRO out for a test flight and review. Test photos and video and compare the results with the Phantom 4. See as I fly it after sunset to test the low light performance on the new 1″ sony sensor. Read the full review here

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AVC 29 says:

I wish he wouldn’t wave it around like it’s a baguette.

Nathan Oleson says:

can you download any music to the Phantom 4 Pro video?

jon Neidert says:

I shoot stills. Hows the resolution? Crisp? I can’t find any samples at full res.

Gabriel Espinosa says:

Got my P4P today. Piece of shit. Will not update no matter whether on PC or MAC or iPad. Update Fail. Tried every configuration.

Controller will not connect to Phantom and I tried both ways of connecting. C1+C2 etc, and through the DJI Go software on the iPad.


Sergio Fraile garcia says:

Hi, how you see the maps with satellite view? has a lte conection or you use your phone like access point?

Gian4193 says:

Congratulation for your videos!!
Did you have already tested the best aperture for sharpness with the Phantom 4 PRO lens in good daylight?


I’m sold!!!!!!

Mac Daddy says:

I wonder how the new upgraded camera that Autel Robotics is coming out with soon will compare. It also has a 1 inch sensor, and slides onto the X-Star Premium since it has the removable gimbal/camera.

Jeff Weaver says:

YOU MUST READ THIS IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE PHANTOM 4 PRO. Guys, for anyone that doesn’t know: I’ve done a ton of research on what the P4P uses for its camera sensor and guess what? Just google Sony RX100 & RX10 because it is the same sensor used in several higher end Sony Cameras (Sony EXMOR R 1.0″)!!! Bad ass!! I’m sure that the lens is not as good as the glass on the Sony RX100 OR RX10, but you know that there will be better glass hitting the market soon. Wow, I’m so excited you have no Idea. I guess the only thing better than this would be a MFT or full frame DSLR (WHICH IS JUST DANG RIGHT IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS WEIGHT/ENDURANCE CONFIGURATION (given current tech – maybe in the future? **evil laugh**)), but I’m super impressed with the Sony 1.0″ sensor. Just look at some of the video from the RX100 and RX10! So much potential with this one!

I wanted to see if I could build a copter that could lift the RX100 at a reasonable price and the reality is that considering it is a 500 – 1000 dollar camera, depending on what model you get, and considering that you just cannot build a drone as reliable as the DJI with off the shelf components that requires virtually no tinkering, this is just the best deal there is. I’m in shock here!

I mean, I am in no way a DJI fanboy. This will be my first DJI – EVER. I’ve been in the drone space since Mikrokopter with my old Octocopter on the FC2.1, but man, this DJI P4P (and Mavic) is just truly revolutionary at its price point and technology package (Pt. 107 pilots, take notice!). I actually bought a Typhoon-H on Black Friday and have been ABSOLUTELY struggling to get the CGO3+ to output a usable video or picture. Not to mention the DANG ST-16 software interface is HORRIBLE, SLOW, AND CLUNKY! I mean, coming from a NEX-5 on the Mikrokopter Octo, I guess it’s hard to be satisfied with the CGO3+, but when I found out about this P4P and saw what sensor it is packing….. DANG…. iT’S a game changer. (GUYS, THOSE ASKING ABOUT UPGRADING FROM A PHANTOM 4? DO IT. THIS IS NOT A PHANTOM 4. ITS A PHANTOM 6! BIG CHANGE!)

I honestly believe that the Phantom P4P and Mavic have just put DJI so far ahead of everyone else in terms of software and optics (at its price point) that they are now the modern day Apple of the market. And that says a lot considering DJI was ABSOLUTE JUNK in the days that I was flying MikroKopter (just 5 long/short) years ago. So without further ado, I can proudly say that tonight I pulled the trigger on the P4P and my Typhoon-H + is being sold at a discount to someone who is so intrigued with the retracts and 360 gimbal (GIMMIC AT THIS STAGE!)

Will I stay DJI? I will work with who ever has the best tech in my budget. Not a fanboy! Just being REAL!



Al Green says:

Nice – amazing quality

manfredteh says:

love this!! my phantom 4 is old now, i think it’s time to get a new one! looks like it’s all about the phantom 4 pro! i will be posting some more stuff on top of what i have now soon! hopefully it will be as good as expected

Sylvain Girardot says:

Thank you so much for your videos so helpfull. Juste a question: do you know if the P4 pro takes photo in 3/2 format (your photo is 4/3). Thank you again.

Quadcopter Man says:

i subbed as soon as i started watching it. one thing, the pro is a little darker.

DilbugAnimations says:

ok so i see two joysticks on the controller, but how do you move the camera witihout a third joystick on the controller?

Max W!nter says:

got my Phantom 4 Pro already some weeks ago: Range is a big nightmare. The CE/European version is not working beyond 800m/0.5miles. Tried several locations far away from any interference sources – even over the ocean far away from anything. Very annoying. DJI promises 3.5km on their website for CE version. They don’t advertise “up to 3.5km” – they say “3.5km”. Support is not responding to this in a professional way. They only send automated text messages without reading or understanding my messages. Stay away from DJI


saya ingin sekali ini tapi tak sanggup belinya

MW3haha says:

Hi! Were you able to fly this with theDJI Go app or did you have to use their new DJI 4 app on the built-in tablet? I’m bummed because they just shipped mine but said their new app won’t be available on iOS until mid-December.

Derek H says:

Does the 4 pro transmitter have an HDMI output for goggles, or tv, like the Inspire transmitter. I just bought the HDMI module for the phantom 4 transmitter, thinking I was going to upgrade to the phantom 4, but now they come out with the 4 pro. Or maybe the module will fit the 4 pro transmitter, if it doesn’t already have one.

Tom Manson says:

Thanks for the review and low light test. I wasn’t very surprised by the low light capability – my P2V+ provided some great night time images for me over a year ago. You might want to somehow add some audio gain to your soundtrack. I had my sound all the way up and couldn’t hear you very well at times. I’m in the process of getting a new drone right now and the P4 and the P4P are the current candidates, but am leaning strongly toward the P4P.

I’m a little disappointed of the fixed monitor on the controller is limited to Android because that will create another l;earning curve for me. Is there anyway to use Apple stuff? Secondly, is there any output (HDMI or otherwise) for recording the video product before the bird gets back home? I have seen an HDMI module advertised but it doesn’t reference the P4P as if it is already included somehow?


Roots School says:

Thanks for your posts! Wondering if the P4 Pro has tripod mode? Also, for a long time videographer, first time pilot, if price is not the issue, do you think the extra bulk is worth what seems to be WAY better footage than the Mavic?

Photo Moco says:

Bought your drone book! Definitely a good purchase, even thought I’m an old Photoshop hand I learned how to put a useful drone twist on my old workflow. Thanks also for these great vids!

Star Wars Hero says:

only idiots would buy this. I wouldn’t pay another dimension for a dji. mine dropped in the lake with 65% battery left

John Spartan says:

Thanks to your review.. I got one now..

ARTO says:

“Trending nation” stole your video, watch out

mickey rat says:

Do this censors detect power lines & wires or does it only detect more 3 dimensional objects??

Carmelo Intersimone says:

Thank you. I’m just now getting into aerial photography. Great review.

Robert Worsena says:

Thanks pal for your review.

Huey man says:

You make me think of Tommy Lee Jones and I like that !

PHILM says:

Has anyone told you that you look like jack nicholson before? Kinda mixed with george clooney

High Flyer says:

I have a major concern with the P4P, I took delivery of my Phantom 4 pro but returned it after finding it impossible to successfully calibrate the IMU’s. IMU 1 failed every attempt with an error code 22, but IMU 2 always calibrated successfully. Before I took the replacement unit away I asked DJI to make sure that this one would calibrate both IMU’s. It wouldn’t which concerned them to the point of them wondering if they had faulty stock. Researching the Internet seems to show that there are masses of people with faulty IMU’s. Can I ask as to your experience with this ?

Hally FPV says:

Are you able to plug your Dominator V3 goggles straight in to this? Also wondering if it would display an OSD on to them? Cheers,

Randy Nopasri says:

Thanks for the brief “glimpse” expose of what this new PHANTOM can do. I recently bought the same setup you have (P4P+) and am awaiting delivery.
I am down in San Diego and am new to drone piloting…

The Leo King says:

You are great! Thanks for the video!

octapusxft says:

This makes the original P4 look like an incomplete transition state between P3P and P4 pro.

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