DJI Osmo Handheld Gimbal Camera Review

Lots of cameras have built-in stabilization these days – but the DJI Osmo takes it a step futher, with a full-on motorized gimbal to make shots smooth as butter. So who is it for, and how well does it do its job?

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Host: Riley Murdock
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Riley Murdock


Matthew Rath says:

Barnecules review is wayyyyy mor in depth + he figured out something to deal with the battery life issue

Tech Boosted says:

the Micro USB port on the camera is to directly upload the content to another device through USB to like a PC… @NCIX Tech Tips

Terraapples says:

That’s super stable running footage there. Looks almost as if you’re on a hover board

Alq says:

1:45 … the plural of “axis” is “axes”, not “axises” xD

Malikai Madray says:

how does it charge

DioOmicida says:

The micro usb  port might be for addons later? Hmm.

thunder02dragon says:

Good Reviews guys!!

yobito . fy says:

hi @NCIXTechTips … i have a problem on my dji osmo !!! ( i cant shot a photo with under shuter with a tripode because, 🙁 she has a vibration !! what the solution !? thank

Jacob Van Dam says:


pingpong1138 says:

Is there something similar for go pros?

Tanvir Hussain Miraj says:

Barret is Kewl! Kyle may need to go back to Skewl

Stephen Blaylock says:

Thanks for the video. I know some people mentioned this in here but the Micro USB port is for getting the images/video off the camera. I think the reason people don’t use it is because Battery power being one… But the camera also needs to be on and the gimbal locked so the camera yells at you with beeps until the computer recognizes it as a source. But I had to try out of curiosity and it works either way.

Irfan Ahmed says:

Fans with Benefits!

ChaseAR says:


GeebusCripes says:


hoanggeneral says:


grrr 。 says:

Is the battery hot-swappable?

SALAakaWISH says:

such gimbal, much wow!

TheDarkserpent says:

I was a fan, but now I’m a liquid cooling system.

gameflux says:

Cool !

ddonaldduck2008 says:

for the cameara

OffshoreSHO says:

Very Good and useful but the price is “Ouch”. Finally i can’t afford it. I wish i had it =(

B - rabbit says:


Sebz says:


Ian Alonso says:

possible go pro killer?

MrLedshot says:

nice a portal branded go pro

Cameron Macdonald says:

y tho

Kuldar Leement says:

1:32Maybe that usb input is for external power source?!?

The Booty Guru says:

Vloggers wet dream

Jiří Sejkora says:

Barett king of da selfie walk

BlasterBloo10 says:

4:36 Oh Barret…

technocrat_13 says:

Should have had more footage comparing it to other cameras.

Davit Metsoyan says:

good review

Cucur95 says:


dantes950 says:

praise the sun!

Dkm666Sr520 says:

Why turning the whole thing around when you have the selfie mode?
Did anyone else noticed it?

Hazcat says:

A tripod is a machine. “an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work: “

TenthCube says:

Okay I didn’t really watch the whole video but I want to mention that I heard the motors on this thing is pretty noisy so the audio is going to be crap

Jarb2104 says:

DJO Osmo Handle Gimbal Camera, what a long name.

Gabriel Kwong says:

You look like Milo Yanoporis.

Chaos Theory says:

Axes instead of Axises?

Leonhard Bengs says:


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