DJI Mavic Pro | Camera Review + downloadable Footage | 2 of 3

Today taken to the test: the new DJI Mavic Pros ( camera, it’s specs and some test footage (that you can as well download for free). What are the pros and cons of the new 4K camera? Let’s take it to the test. All links below.

DJI Mavic Pro:
DJI Mavic Pro Accessories:
DJI Mavic Pro Insurance:
Drone Alternative:

DJI Mavic Pro Review Part 1:
DJI Mavic Pro Review Part 3:
DJI Mavic Pro Full Review:
Best Camera Settings for Mavic Pro: COMING SOON
How to setup Mavic Pro: COMING SOON





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Todd Covington says:

You sold me already. DJI take my money!

Tom's Tech Time says:

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Thanks all together, stay tuned and fly safe!

Jan Karlsson says:

Great video! So, when you fly towards something, or as I quite often do, make a quick ascent to reveal the surroundings: how do you focus then?

Randy Castillo says:

i dont know which drone buy. P4 or Mavic. This is my first drone for filmmaker business. Which one you buy?

FREEKY Reeky says:

HI Tom I’m a great fan of your work and really appreciate the way you
explain exactly what you’re doing. My questions are 1;better to film in
4K or 2.7 or 1080. I never take photos just film just like to put film
together some music and edit on Imovies.Never really use slow
motion.I like the beach,skiing,quat bike etcI I read that 1080/60 and higher frame r where meant for the new goggles thats why so much yellow in video. 4K i never worked with.You get my point. Just like
to know what is best and easy setting for the things i do.And i can wait
after selling my best friend phantom3 adv for the Mavic but still
waiting as hundreds of other ones as well.keep up the good work

chris2watch says:

Hey Tom,
Danke für Deine Mühe mit den Videos. Dazu eine Frage:
Teilweise wirk das Bild gestochen scharf wie bei der P4. In manchen Szenen ist es jedoch zum Wegrennen. Es wirkt dort matschig und sehr stark komprimiert (als du auf den Turm von unten zufliegst und aufsteigst). Ich gucke auf 1440, bin aber nicht so Youtube erfahren um zu bewerten, ob es ggf. an einer notwendigen Kompression liegt.
Leider ist die Schärfe in vielen Videos in Youtube unterschiedlich. Endweder die Leute fokusieren nicht richtig bei Ihren Testvideos, oder die Mavic ist doch deutlich schlechter als die P4.
Würde mich über eine Rückmeldung hierzu freuen. Wähle gerade zw. den beiden Modellen aus.

PS: Ist das Lippenstift oder hast du den Weißabgleich versemmelt?!

Elton LUI says:

Very pettry explation of the Mavic Pro

Zac Johnson says:

“Tom from tee tee tee toms tech time”

ThePfockerchief says:

What LUT do you keep using in all your vids?

Dan Vigil says:

Tom, you should try and use polar pro lens covers. They have released or are soon going to release lens filters for the mavic pro, I would be curious to see what your thoughts are with them.

edison says:

Dude… pretty sure you’re not meant to fly with the cap on the camera. It’s to protect it when you put it in a bag…. not fly with it.

TheMicroGhost says:

where can i download the examples?

rick primmer says:

BS the phantom 4 camera is much better

Levipf2 says:

can i just use the camera when im not flying the mavic?

RichieFromBoston says:

Dude are you seriously wearing make up???

Qn King says:

You make me way to excited for getting mine love the reviews brother!

Bob Xu says:

I Love your video’s intro music!

Luca Heer says:

Great Channel! Love it

How To Make Tech & Alpha Movies says:

U Deserve More Subs 10000——and more (best Videos)

Gingerfilm Latin says:

What`s about the specific adjustments of the camera? Gamma, sharpness contrast etc.

Alexander Schubert says:

As usual you clearly identified and mentioned the pros and cons of the Mavic Pro camera. Certainly one of the best reviews you find on YouTube imho. Thanks and thumbs up!

Klaus Beckmann says:

Tom, I would really love to buy the Mavic through your affiliate links. However the damm thing is not available for another 2 months!!!!

mark shirley says:

Tom have you tried using it as a hand held gimbal – I’ve seen a video of a Phantom 3 being used successfully like this but then I watched a video by newsshooter that said it could be done but the gimbal acted strangely.

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