Did Apple iPhone 7 plus killed my DSLR? – iPhone 7 Camera review and REAL thoughts –

This is a full feature list and my thoughts of the apple iphone 7 camera. Ed gregory does an iphone 7 plus camera review and looks at the iPhone 7 plus new features. This is an iphone 7 plus camera features list looking at the iPhone duel camera. iphone 7 plus camera test for the iPhone live. iphone 7 plus camera and iPhone 7 shallow depth of field. iphone 7 plus camera review. Apple iPhone 7 camera launch.


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Shashank Katiyar says:

03:56, if unknown to you, not only Samsung, any Hardware supported device since Android 5.0 can shoot raw. Even Microsoft Lumia can (actually started it) do it.

Jayson Thomas says:

I have a note 4 and I been blurring out the background with the selective focus mode for two years so I’m not convinced yet that the iPhone needs the second camera for this option. I do like the idea of having a second lens with further range but I’m not convinced yet it’s worth an upgrade from a 6 or 6s, it’s a lot of money to spend for just a phone camera upgrade.

kornikof says:

All this spec they look out this this world just cause its an iphone!… 1.8f… dual lens, super zoom etc etc are already been used from other
phone manufacturer at least from couple years.. see lg g4/g5/v10/v20… very good for iPhone users that after years now they can really use the camera with way better improvement and features.
But in your video you just are repeating what its already been said at the presentation, there is not real review for it yet…I can see you and your hat but where is the iphone.?!

Red says:

Nokia phones have had raw for a long time. And also the f/1.8 is just bullshit cause you have to add in the crop factor on the small sensor.

Miroslav HD says:

be yourself . dont act like c*nt.

Dylan Robertson says:

Just to note for you shooting RAW is an iOS 10 feature, not just an iPhone 7/7 Plus feature. Currently one of my favorite photgraphy apps, ProCam 3 by Samer Azzam, has been running betas of their soon to come camera app updates. Right now on iOS 10 they do have a specific RAW shooting built into the beta now. I believe the difference now though is with the 7/7 Plus you can preview raw and take RAW on the main iOS stock camera app as where on the 6s and before it requires the RAW to be loaded or you just preview the photo as JPG in the photos app and taken only on third party apps as on the iOS 10 GM I don’t see RAW photos as an option on the Camera settings at all. Also RAW Editing is a iOS 10 feature as well being able to edit on the device itself. Apparently we’re suppose to get a .DNG and .JPG image in one which then some how we can select the RAW to edit.

Fred Brown says:

I have to say, the iPhone has copied HTC for years. the iPhone 6 copied HTC’s design, the iPhone 6s copies HTC’s 5mp front camera, live photos, and NOW the nipples has copies HTC’s dual speakers, and features a dual sensor camera which HTC first featured years ago. Not to mention the LG G5 also featured 2 rear cameras one being a wide angle lens… HTC offers ois on both front and rear cameras, you can record videos, and images simultaneously with both the front and back cameras, much like that which the iPhone has featured on both rear cameras… I love how apple copies Android yet, acts as if they have done something revolutionary lol…

mayglitch says:

you are a retard apple never claimed it will replace your DSLR.

Matthias Andrews says:

Where are you from? Your accent sounds half British half American…

Ioan-Radu Simion says:

ii fain

Steve C says:

I’m a photographer too and I DO take photos on my iPhone professionally, at times my Nikon images get rejected and are not even at a high enough megapixel for Shutterstock

Glotaku ! says:

Jew Tone?

Jason Booth says:

My HTC 10 has a f 1.8, 12 mp, 1.55 micrometer pixel size, raw capture, ois on the front and the rear… This is nothing new for people who not living in apples bubble.

Kevin Theriault says:

Your DSLR doesn’t show you what is in focus and out of focus in real time? That’s bizarre. Or are you saying it doesn’t process fake depth of field in real time? Why would a DSLR ever need to do that?

SirWalrus Gaming says:

Most annoying man…ever.

Professor Saulo Casal says:

Wow! More dislikes than likes (L: 513, D: 615 so far).

Jason Booth says:

Every high end android have had raw capture for about three years…

Mike Lisboa says:

Ok after 10 minutes I get it now why so many dislikes

Supplements4TheWin says:

any reason why you like the iphone camera more than the note7 ?
Im an apple fanboy, but i must admit note 7 takes better pics.
so personally, why do you prefer iphone 6s plus/7?

Mike Lisboa says:

Why more no likes than likes I don’t got it , is a very cool video

Митя Шумовой says:

bla bla bla….. where is the video or photo test if you are a photographer. Dislike.

Rain ouchen says:


The Malaka says:

mother tost

Sonorous Sound says:

oh. . i see. iP 7 is not yet released. lol. sorry for that. but please don’t mke us click on vids that we dont even want to see. it’s a waste of time.

Fred Brown says:

As far as the camera displaying the background blur before the shot, the HTC One m8 did this years ago… The HTC One m8 first booted for large pixels over resolution, now others have followed in their foot steps.. first to feature dual sensor camera, HTC was the first to allow you to take RAW images… HTC was the first to allow 2 cameras to work simultaneously, HTC was the first to feature OIS on both front and back cameras… Another major thing to consider here, is the microphones. The iPhone has crappy microphones, so the audio in videos isn’t very good. Also while the iPhone can record in 4K the display is only 1080p which is Kindle dumb… The iPhone may be able to snap RAW images, but considering the iPhone lacks an SD card (external storage option) like most androids do, some capable of supporting 2TB of memory, both 4K video and RAW photos are going to eat up your storage FAST !! So like always apple has a money making angle here, they give you these features yet lack expandable storage options, so you’ll have to buy their more expensive model (costing hundreds more) for sufficient enough storage, or buy their own iCloud storage.. I’m sorry I’ll stock with HTC or Android I should say.

bashar photography says:

Your ugly

Subrat Dey says:

piece of shit

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