Cheerson CX-10C World’s Smallest Camera Drone Review

This little $28 quadcopter is currently the smallest commercially available drone with a camera. I would have never thought it possible, especially for the price. Get it here .

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Danny says:

it costs 60€ in germany

Gresyth H says:

I think I just found a new cat toy.

Degu1 says:

Wow. I crashed mine too much and the wire detached and I can’t solder :/

PhilRodFilms says:

I’m having a hard time connecting it to the app to record, any advice? I’ve followed all of the steps to connect it

John Kenzie says:

I am liking this thing as a flier. The extra ballast keeps it smooth compared to the regular CX-10. I am not having luck with the camera though. The SD card won’t sit right. Even when it clicks in, it does not hold and it starts to vibrate out a minute into the flight. I see the camera light blink when I turn it on, but even on the ground it won’t seem to activate either for stills or video.

Bill Jobes says:

Calibrate with left controller to lower left; right controller to upper LEFT, not right as you said. Otherwise, nice video Thanks !

Chia Lee says:

my question is how do u work the camera? the little light on top just keeps flashing in red. I can click the camera or the recording and it still flashes. any idea on wat I shud do?

connor white says:

is there a app for this little nano drone???

Mark Bayman says:

I purchased it, it’s great!!!

Joystick Quebrado says:

is good the drone??

Nikki Dijkstra says:

sentiment around volume lroyoia claim deserve crisis urge able.

connor white says:

is there also a app? for this little nano drone?

connor white says:

i just got mine in the mail today it looks very cool im a little worried with the charging because i had it on the charger i dont know if its fully charged the charger light turned off when i turn on the remote and drone it beeps so i dont know if its charged or not

connor white says:

on the remote the light in the center is flashing and beeping

FlowBeast says:

I’m surprised about the quality of the camera, I was expected worst

Toby Plays says:

Oh wow

Lance Villalobos says:

Hey where do you see your videoclip in the quadcopter did you see it while it is flying? The video?

Ian 129 says:

Wow the camera is actually better than I thought it would be

Satyam Singh says:


Jameer Scott-Peters says:

how much is it

Robert says:

I just got this little flier and I love it!!

Jameer Scott-Peters says:


Hayden Cottrill says:

Is all of your drone footage tinkered in an app or original ?

Met lop lop says:

How much c-x10wd?

WalnutTime says:

My dad might be getting me this for Christmas 🙂 I’ll bring it to school and get some cool shots from above the field. Needless to say I could record on the playground too. Like if want my dad to get it:-)

WinterKiss Official says:

Just ordered this online! Can’t wait to buy it! I didn’t buy it for the camera, I just really wanted a drone in any shape or form that is real. I wanted to buy the £500 drone that’s the big version of a Nano drone but I came across this smaller one that is still just as good for £11.87 – £18.87 amazing prices!

UltiCactus says:

If you crash something like that a least 50m away from you, you’ll never find it

7Earthsky says:

Very cool but i’ll bet something that tiny would only give you about 10 mins flight at the most.

Slushie Gaming says:

how much storade can i use on my drone

bob dylan says:

can it just hover motionless?

will Juday says:

Is their some kind of special micro sd card? And where do you get it

Skilltopia says:

i subscribed!

owais syed says:

Cn u please upload the video footage of the quad to compare the quality. Ty

HydroRexOdd- YT says:


Donald James says:

Starts flying at 3:24.

ジョシュ says:

The controller won’t work on mine. It will bind but the LEDs flash but it won’t fly

Diodo Paul says:

you must go to a desert for security of people it s so dangerous thing the football place is to small!!

Anuar 123 says:

best best is good

Timothy Mosley says:

I just went and bought one today for Christmas

BlobSquad says:

Can u see the video as ur flying it

alpha XD says:

isn’t there one that is controlled by your phone

Lord Titanius of the Steel Siblings says:

Now heres my problem. It just gives me ONE slow flash when I try to activate the camera. What do I do?

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