CHEAPEST VIDEO CAMERA Review on Amazon – I’ve ordered the cheapest video camera you can find on Amazon. How good is the Vivitar handy-cam and should you buy one too? Find out all our tests in this camera review video.

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Film that shit says:

My first hd camera which I got 7 or 8 years ago for 100 euros is much better than this piece of shit haha.

Asad Abdullah says:

uselesssss,,,,,,not so gooood

iPamaj1 GT says:

Nah I will just stick to my phone

Chris D Mack says:

That is the tiniest little thing I’ve ever seen before.

IsaacTheAnimator 2 says:

Jordy’s excuse for everything bad about this was “It is 30 bucks….”

Jenskidora says:

Can anyone else relate on having a small camera?


how about eos RP ?

Daniel_In_GER says:

oh boy, you can use it for a music video as (VHS) Footage.

Umm-Series says:

This video is sponsored by videoblocks

LesleyVids says:

When you say you don’t need a red camera – then why did you buy one?

Endy_plays says:

please make more of these with lights and others things, i really enjoyed it

Ebanks Studios says:

4:44 I thought that was the camera quality for a few secs, I was about to order one

LordArioh says:

I can get few different action cameras for under 30 eur. those you can use under water and drop gently.. only 720p tho.. 30fps.

Zerat says:

This thing (Vivi or whatever) vs. RED Cinema camera. I don’t think you Can see diference between this cameras.

Szymon Szewc says:

betamax cams had better image…

HULIO says:

I was looking at the a7sii but this could save me a lot of money hehe

Peacock pigeon~ says:

*i only have 29 dollars….*

prithvi roy says:

Hi yordy and jannick … If you know what i mean (lenny face)

Lubu Films 4k says:

Oh God, the results are so horrible…..

omer here says:

Great video guys

Sebastian Forssman says:

Your RED footage looks horrible, greenish and flat. Strange.

michał botor says:

i’m really confused about the point that you wanted to prove in this video.. ;p

Tiago Bastos says:

cheapest video camera? that must be pewdiepie’s camera then

Firem4 Gaming says:

Hey cool do you want to collaborate

Firem4 Gaming says:

Do you want to collaborate . Video NAME: HELPING A SMALL YouTuber

JuggleBoy says:

So don’t take me wrong, the video was great and you make awesome content. But the color grading of this video felt a bit weird.

NiTHesH K says:

that unboxing wasn’t good and the video is a good topic and stay creative….

Alex Miemczyk says:

would like to see a drop test for the red camera

Abhi P says:

What happened to the music video competition? And what are the results? You didn’t post them and you deleted the previous videos..

Domenico Munno says:

Guys are you going vlog style?

Diz aved says:

Funny that the Amazon review highlighted wasn’t a good review but said that the camera was terrible for Youtube videos. Editing Jordy!

Spider Cochon says:

unbox therapy

JuggleBoy says:

30$??? That’s pretty expensive if it’s supposed to be the cheapest video camera you can find on Amazon

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