Cheap Camera Review – Who remembers the Samsung NX Mini?

Here is another forgotten camera system that you can find very cheap on the used market. It is perfect for vloggers but can certainly be used for other types of photography as well. The small form factor makes it easy to always have with you.

Video recorded with:Fuji X-T2,

XF 35mm f2.0 WR,

XF 23mm f2.0 WR,

Manfrotto Befree,


Music: ”Clover 3”, Vibe Mountain


TNMYcFan182 says:

Dude, honestly I feel like you could take any camera ever made and create beautiful stunning images with it no matter how old or new it is. You’re one hell of a photographer!

Damian Brown says:

Here’s a good one that I think you’ll have some good advice about.. good topic for me anyway.. cheapest 1080p video capable camera with ibis that takes vintage adaptors… 😀 I found some things like something pentax and olympus bodies but I think there’s better and cheaper out there. And you’re the man to know!

Retch Einhundert says:

I have to nx 1000 and in don’t like it. Even a Adapter for the my Canon lenses in known to not work properly.

Ben Chapman says:

Haha your comments

John Lyon says:

I have been enjoying the Cheap Camera Reviews. I would like to see you put a cheap camera review playlist together. Keep them coming! Thanks!

Paul Michael James says:

Might have been cheap when you recorded your video but when I checked after watching it the prices were pretty high. In my market they were going for close to $500 Canadian. I think that you are largely responsible for the price of compact camera skyrocketing in the past couple of years lol. Joke. But I’m not complaining because I really enjoy your videos but I wish the cameras would stay affordable the way that you discover them because by the time I look at them they are completely out of my range. Even though they are labeled as cheap

jose gutierrez says:

God dammit love your videos bro, is it the same as the nx3000?

liu tony says:

I remember this! I almost bought one cheap. The only down side is when I took a closer look at the raw files, they were somewhat cooked, it was either over sharpen or too much denoise – in raw mode no less.

David anugrah wiranata says:

Hey Mattias, first of all thank you for making this video. I’ve found a good deal for the nx mini and also nx 10 it is sell in the same price range. What should I buy? Or is it better to wait a little more to get nx3000? says:

fun. informative. i am a very appreciative subscriber. thumbs up.

Iad Tawil says:

Thanks for review! Which one is better in your opinion, this or the Panasonic CM1?

M H says:

Mattias, why do you say the Pentax Q or NX Mini are that much better than a 1 inch-type compacts (RX100, LX10, GX7, etc.). Are you talking about image quality? Or the handling and control?

Wanz Xlayer says:

I love all your image….the colour….

Marcin Natusiewicz says:

I got to your channel thanks to Ricoh GR2 review (which I own btw).
As you did in the past, I was also using Lightroom Mobile app to process RAWs from my Ricoh. But Lightroom mobile was replaced by CC version, which is not worth for me the money they ask (I am not frequent user), so I wonder if you still use Lightroom CC on your smartphone or you have switched to something else? And what that is if you switched?
thanks in advance for answer

Francis Aylward says:

I recently got a fuji x-pro 1 for what I saw as reasonable, only 200 euros. I am pleased with it and the lovely fuji glass. I’m surprised less people see it as a great deal in 2018 considering it’s still a good camera, anyway if you got the chance I’d love to see you take a crack at making a video on it.

Aeneas Izichi says:

I love your reviews Mattias, you have the most infectious accent and personality and a projected joyfulness which conveys your passion for photography. May I also add, your talent behind the lens is also humbling and at the same time inspiring! I haven’t been to Sweden in quite some time now, What a beautiful place to be! Or, perhaps your not Swedish! In which case I apologise, though Sweden is still a gorgeous, but insanely liberalist country!

Kipper Klank says:

The color fringing is a huge turn off for me on those lenses
but eh
the camera is good

Yummy Tech says:

If only theres a mechanical shutter @-@ samsung !! Great review as always 🙂

Eric the Watcher says:

the NX500 and NX1 were waaaay ahead of the market… I think the alien overlords that control the rate of technology release took sammy aside and gave them a little beatdown.

max factor says:

Samsung realized pro camera market is shrinking, not worthy to put tons on R&D expenses for a shrinking market. I believe in 5 years the only people who buy pro cameras are wildlife and fashion photographer. ordinary portrait and landscape can be done with phone. DOF can be faked with software. yeah now looks pretty garbage but it will evolve by then. low light capability also can be improved by averaging and multiple lenses.

Euclid Eureka says:


paouvous says:

Mattias the 9mm lens is an f/3.5 compared to f/1.8 at the RX100 III. Even the 18/1.8 should not be that far off what the RX100 gives in terms of aperture. …and the RX100 has a ZOOM lens! I get it that image quality may be incrementaly better than the Sony, and this is kind of an one off homemade Samsung sensor from what I understand so really impressive. But the claims against the Sony maybe a bit carried away I think. It would be interesting to add to your video at what price one can find the NX mini.

Vintage Pictures says:

2:10 How did this picture with the man and the sphere turned out? Looks interesting

John B says:

Your knowledge of all these fringe cameras is impressive, Mattias. I say fringe only because they’re not really what one might call mainstream. I’ve learned about all kinds of cameras I never knew existed from watching your videos. Cheers.

pizzolog says:

Love your review . . thank you . . !!

Zues Shamarn says:

I had one of these. The IQ was truly outstanding. I sold mine because in bright light, I couldn’t see the screen (and I live in Florida, where sunlight is always an issue). Handling was a little weak too, but it was tiny and easy to carry and again IQ was terrific.

gabl8a89 says:

Samsung made a big mistake marketing this very capable camera as cosmetic junk like Casio TR. Still looking for the 17mm F1.8, it’s extremely difficult to find. Nice pictures btw! You revived the system.

LeoInterHyenaem says:

Here’s a [somewhat off-topic] question I have for Matthias and fellow commenters:
I recently acquired a Samsung NX300 for the girlfriend. It is so good that years of shooting with a Sony A7r, Fuji X-T2 – and a Canon 5D II before them failed to dissuade Me from succumbing to its charm. I’m thinking of acquiring an NX500 as My backup / take-along camera.

The camera is used with an adapter and an Canon FD lens. Pressing the OK button magnifies a portion of the image as Focus Assist should. However, the Focus Assist area cannot be moved about. Does anyone know how to move the magnification across the screen? I’ve tried all buttons, the Aperture/Shutter Speed dual, tried multitouch – to no avail: nothing appears to work! Re-framing is fairly useless, too… .

Thank you in advance…

Niko Holm says:

Ah man. All of your videos make me want to buy whatever camera it is you’re reviewing. Can you please do a review on the worst camera you’ve ever used, and I’ll see if I still want to buy it. No doubt you’ll take amazing pictures with it, even still. Perkele!

LeoInterHyenaem says:

A cute little gem of a camera! Had it a larger sensor, manual mode dials, better manual focus lenses, Focus Peaking, Focus Assist and a broader lens selection, it would be the best tiny take-along (given it did maintain its current size).

Andrew Criswell says:

Sorry that Samsung left the camera market. I still occasionally use my NX210 for street photography. I love it just as much today as the first day I bought it some years ago.

Tomislav Miletić says:

It’s Samsung’s own fault that NX system in general had beat the dust. Back in the day I was considering Samsung NX1 which was on cutting edge of technology even by contemporary standards over Fujifilm X line, but to be honest, with exception of 2 or 3 professional grade lenses, the rest of Samsung’s lens arsenal was a f/4,5-5,6 joke. What couldn’t be said for Fuji. Even adapters for mounting vintage lenses on NX was hard to find at least back then (2014). If you add bad advertisement or a complete lack of, it’s no wander that NX never took off…

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