Cheap Camera Review – 5 Reasons to Buy the Sigma DP2

This is a premium compact camera with an APS-C sized sensor that won’t break your bank. Its a bit of a veteran theses days but definitely no slouch in my opinion.
Here are five reasons to consider it.

If you rathe buy a modern Foveon Camera you can check these out:Sigma DP1 Quattro,
Sigma SD Quattro,
Sigma SD Quattro H,

Video recorded with:
Fujifilm X-Pro2,
Fujifilm 23mm f2.0,
Fujifilm 56mm f1.2,

Manfrotto Befree,


Squarespace Offer Code: MATTIAS

Music: ”Castello Oak”, Bird Creek


Kyungchan Min says:

How’re you finding such cheap offerings, Mattias? Your video made me realize I need a digital camera (having sold my gh4 and shooting only on film at the moment).

Eric Wilson says:

That’s it ! I am selling everything I own and buying up all the Sigma cameras in the EU.

Joshy says:

Can you do a review on the Fujifilm X20!? Who else agrees?:D

AmiliaO says:

You sir are a perfect example of the best camera is the one you have in ur hands, here i cant take as half as good photos with my 2000euro gear :/

kappa2x2 says:

Can’t find this model or even DP1 for near the price mentioned here… Checked completed listings too and prices are awayyyyy bigger than 50-100 euro…

Mehrshad Rajabi says:

I saw your name in my subscription box and I was like “OH I GOTTA WATCH IT NOW”

Zvaigzne says:

This pictures are straight from the camera or you edit them? And whats the prupos of having good colors if lightroom destroy them on post?

Marek Dzurak says:

and i ordered SONY A7 R ii yesteray …:S

washedtoohot says:

Hi Mattias, I like the price of this camera. Could you make a video on how to find the sweet sweet deals on ebay? After watching your DP1 video i followed a ebay search for it. But there are no listings near the price you paid for it. What is your method of finding these listings?

YoreTiller says:

How often are you dredging items up in Ebay? I never seem to get anything close to it.

Francesco Manfredi says:

Mattias your reviews are all about poetry for me, beautiful pictures, nice voice and humour, so please leave the squarespace commercial only at the end, when my spirit is already full of joy 🙂

MV says:

loved mine. got it for 50€. outstanding quality. unusable over base iso.

DrSpychology says:

This camera looks like an absolutely fantastic fit for me, but I can’t find them anywhere for a reasonable price. I’m trying to evolve my photography, have been taking pictures with my phone for a couple years now and have been able to get some decent results out of it, but I want to make a move to a more manual approach, but I can’t find the DP2, or any foveon sensor camera for that matter, for anywhere near this price. The lowest I’ve found them is €150, which is unattainable by me and seems too much.

ahmed ali says:

beside photography , your videos are really a mood changer

matthew Cardinal says:

is it pocket-able!!

Zachary Whitney says:

Did you do anything to the footage you shot on the camera in post? I honestly loved the look of it

aswardian says:

Mattias’ true power : He can make photo from any camera looks awesome.

Maxotics says:

I sold my DP2S on Fred Miranda for $50 a few weeks ago, and it was up for a few weeks before that. To those who comment that you can’t find these cameras at the price he bought his for, it takes some patience and looking around. Few of these cameras were built, compared to Canon and Nikon. One should also consider the Merrills, like the DP2M. That would probably be closer to $500 but you get more resolution.

train.tram.bus says:

Super video. I had DP1 which stopped working. Since then I have mainly used Nikon. However you have peaked my interest and will search out a new one. I do congratulate you on looking at old cameras and their merits, thus lowering the entry level for this wonderful interest. So many videos uploaded by others a simply a sales pitch for the latest and greatest.

Ray Goodwin says:

Damn it, Mattias. You’re very good inspiring my inner consumer.

EpictheEpicest says:

That’s cool that they have 2 different focal lengths. It’s like Sigma wants you to use both as opposed to one completely phasing out the other.

sridhar nemani says:

How would you say this compares with the sony a6000? Of course they are not in the same league price wise, but just curious.

ig33ku says:

Your dog ssssssuuuuurrrrrreeeee love sticks lol.

Benfica é o Melhor says:

sigmas or ricoh gr ?

burt bricker says:

Thank you for making such wonderful videos! You always have great photos to go with your reviews. I had a dp1 but the reds were terrible. I had to underexposed most of the time to compensate. Even then I had to convert it to black and white to make it acceptable. Are you experiencing the same thing with your dp1 or dp2? They are still asking about $200 in US for them.

abreudan1 says:

your photos are simply gorgeous!

Take This L Films says:

*”5 Reasons Why Visiting Mattias Channel Will Always Result in an Empty Wallet”*

Djkid1456 says:

Beautiful photos, as always Mattias!

Monstermayank says:

Love the voice about Squarespace 🙂

Borderlands says:

Unlike many people who want the latest thing, I only connect with a camera when I’ve had it a while. Opening a new camera with all the plastic bags and shiny stuff is slightly depressing, as I know it won’t feel like mine for a couple of years, and it gets better from there. I enjoy your channel because it shows a camera doesn’t become unusable just because it has a few miles on the clock. As soon as something passes into history, the more I appreciate it, and the Sigmas tick that box!

Anthony Haruki says:

Im owning SD QUATRRO, dp0. THe IQ from quattro is amazing but i still prefer the OLD FOVEON sensor.

asgarth says:

Another great video, Mattias! Been subscribed to you for years–glad to see you’ve got SquareSpace in your corner, congrats!

OzzieTech says:

I have to stop watching your vids keeps making me go search ebay 🙁

Klaus Nielsen says:

Those Foveon sensors are truly unique. I have the DP3 Merrill 50mm and it gives this “medium format” kind of special look and feel to the images. It’s SO slow to operate and has terrible noise on anything above ISO 100. Max 50 shots to a battery. It’s almost painful to edit images in Sigmas proprietary software. Simply the worst camera that I just LOVE…

Kris Chan says:

Did we just see Gunpowder with a playmate? 😀

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