Captain Camera Reviews the Nikon Coolpix W100

Nikon new Coolpix W100 is designed to be the perfect kids camera, so we had Chris Niccolls’ alter ego Captain Camera give it a spin to see if this is the perfect first camera for your kids!

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Order the Nikon Coolpix W100 from The Camera Store:

Shot and edited by Jordan Drake
Shot on the Panasonic GH5


tablo says:

For the next time, show kids playing with the cameras and tell their thoughts about it


Would have been even better with a Santa outfit!

Richard Myburgh says:

Captain Camera garn servo for a pack of darts after this video

janijtube says:

Amazing accent. Also, this made my recently purchased SD Quattro seem like a pile of old rubbish.

Robby Nowell says:

This video helped me make it through another day as a human being.

marsel99 says:

THe best review I’ve ever seen you make my day
btw. I am thinking to give this camera to my mum and just hoping that she wont send me “shower” photos

Sami says:

this is so awesome

Aerial Vision says:

I’m Australian. Are you a South African kiwi?

Alex Balansay says:

Having lived in Australia for a year, I’m actually getting a Kiwi (New Zealand) vibe haha.

Ferii24 says:

And the Oscar goes to Chris Niccolls!

Chris Richards says:

I would love to see Matt Granger’s reaction to this. Or better yet, if he did a video as an over-the-top Canuck!

Dorky Derpterio says:

Can we have this as a kids series? Please? It’s so good.

Weijun Wong says:

Any upcoming reviews on canon g1x iii?

MarkAndApps says:

Love the accent! Made my day & was almost persuaded to buy one for my kids. Haha!

Pierre P says:

Please tell us the 2017 best and worst is coming soon, last years was great. Camera reviews and drinking put together is fun.

zZLiana Lehua says:

More like this, please! 😀

DUBOIS Antoine says:

I’m sorry Captain Camera but you sound a lot more like Mickey (Brad Pitt) in Snatch than like an Ozzie. Love the review ! Hope we’ll see other manufacturers make cameras for our kids that aren’t just toys. Well done Nikon.

Smol Ginger says:

Please do a video like this but with the Fujifilm FinePix xp120! I’m stuck between that one and this Nikon!

Wally Brooks. says:

Love the dog how did you get him to cooperate!

spinworkxroy says:

do this for the main channel…if it was enough to make me sit through the entire review of a camera i’ll never buy, it worked!

Skitzo Housecat says:

this needs to be watched several times. dingle, shower, no dads, accents and beer, its like my Christmas!

Mark Acevedo says:

I can’t comment on the accuracy of the accent but it sounded damn good to me, that was incredible please do more! That’s not a camera, this is a camera ::pulls out medium format digital slr::

JW CH says:

Where can I buy the fox bagpack?

Amir Galaxy Tab says:


Anders Keis Hansen says:

Fantastic show ! Thank you 🙂

Kimmy G says:

Strewth…fair dinkum mate, you sound like a cross between a pom and a kiwi…sorry but your Aussie accent needs a little work… bloody nice try though…haha!

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