Canon T5i Camera Review

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Cecil Picart says:

i have a canon digital rebel eo5 which does not look like the one you show. what is the difference?   [ canon ds6041 }

granddadoftia says:

thank you for the video very lnformative.

LiveLoveFaith Ful says:

Loved this video! I purchased mines from a great deal for it! Thanks for doing this review.

First day says:

fuddu video

Eva marisa says:

how i do transfer photos to my phone as the cameras doesn’t have wifi please help.

Plankens Networking says:

Dose it come with that lens?

jordan tompson says:

is this a good camera for portrait photos? and if not or if you suggest, which canon camera is a good portrait camera ( sorry if I said something wrong I know nothing about cameras)

AlphaKnight495 says:

Remember to look on Amazon for its reviews and test eBay and Amazon for the best price! I got mine for $514.00 and I’m waiting for it on Friday.

Mycupkakes87 says:

I know NOTHING about cameras and this was an excellent review. You sold me on this. There was a few things I was wanting from a camera and I was hoping you would touch on them, and you did! You literally answered all my questions! Thank you!

Linda Bradley Diaz says:

Too Fast.  Turn it on.  Boring!

Ioan Calatoiu says:

the view finder is the little one on the top of the camera

cody fox says:

This was my first DSLR and I have no legit complaints.

Mark Hazlitt says:

Micro SD card?

Ericinator 97 says:

nice camera on this one

David Feng says:

I’m planning to buy a camera but I’m debating between Nikon d5300 vs Canon t5i. I’m not sure which one to get any opinions??

Zach Moscatello says:

What was that fixing 8- bit water flowing over the mic in the intro

Stephanie Velazquez de Garrick says:

I so need a tutorial on this camera. I just bought it and I am lost on how to use it. I am wanting to do beauty tutorials on YouTube.

My Urban Exploration says:

Hey, just a question, did you try a film SLR lens with this camera? If so did you manage to work out the settings?

Tiffany Rhine says:

+Chris Voss  Would you recommend this camera for someone who is getting into makeup artistry? I am starting school soon and I need a good camera to make videos and also take pictures of my work(even super close up). I heard so many great things about this camera and i am curious if this will cover all my needs. I don’t want to buy two separate cameras when i can use one. Thank you!

Tina Child says:

thanks to you I can find a camera I can love to use…. thanks

A Stanton1966 says:

On a Canon Rebel T5i, is there anyway to magnify an existing photo on the camera then save it to the camera?

Naturally Lis says:

Thank you! I just purchased this for my channel and for family events. You can’t film videos with flash can you?

FullMoonPriestess says:

Which one is better for quality artistic pictures Nikon or Canon? Please help me!

pofinnegan1 says:

is there a difference between the t5i and the rebel t5? My last camera was a eos 650….


i am loving this camera…my confusion is shooting in AV mode. In AV mode using the 18-55mm lens, setting the F/stop at lowest setting or the wide open setting, will the distance of 18mm or zooming in to 55 or more depending on the lens, will the F-stop set at lowest give the same results when zooming in to the closest for lens. I have been using AV mode a lot more once I understood the AV mode. I also have a Sigma 120-400mm lens..I have not yet used the Sogma but I will soon. I am working in Brazil and hope to get some great shots in Rio in about two weeks..Does using a mono pod work better to help control if shooting moving objects or a sports event, since the tripod is bulky? is Av mode almost the same as using ca mode to adjust blur etc?

Thanks for answering my questions..
Jerry Mundy

King Alex says:

is this a good camera to take pics of truck (rolling pics)

Mr. Palomino says:

Does this have a headphone jack to monitor sound?

PawProductions12 says:

How easy is it to delete multiple pictures/video clips all at once? With videos I have to take 30-40+ clips of video and load them onto the computer then delete them. It takes forever to delete one by one

Laura Fay says:

I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I have always just used the “auto” mode and never really experimented with the other modes. I now have the chance to improve my skills in photography. I bought this camera in Sept. and having been trying to figure out the settings, etc. This was a great video to get me started. Thank You!!

rudy43norvelle says:

I found this video quite informative.  I have a T5i coming this week and want to get some of the things it can do in my head before it gets here.  It will be replacing my Rebel XT. 

Tinpot Swanson says:

Thanks for the review man, 100 in Debth and you showed everything that the camera has to offer.

Humble Man says:

At Walmart $599

Trimko says:

Would you recommend the t5i rebel for starting out on  youtube?

Giselle Huerta says:

can someone help me decide. Canon T5i or SonyA5100?

Semande Productions says:

Go to Semande Productions for a Canon EOS Rebel t5i Video quality test!

Ronswin Productions says:

Excellent camera.
Also if your a beginner film maker it’s a great camera to start with.
It has an auto focus which is great for self filming and great quality.

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