Canon PowerShot G7X Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Canon PowerShot G7X compact camera that fits easily in the palm of your hand or a pocket. * Read our full written review here: . It competes with the Sony RX100 mk 3, and in fact uses the same excellent 1″ 20MP Sony BSI sensor. The Canon has a fast f/1.8-2.8, 24-100mm zoom lens that’s ideal for portraits with background separation (bokeh/depth of field). It has full auto and full manual controls, a tilting touch screen with touch focus, a pop-up flash and customizable lens ring. It can shoot 1080p video at 60fps AVCHD and it has image stabilization. Both image and video quality are very good with rich Canon colors and solid JEG rendering. It easily beats less expensive point and shoot thanks to the larger sensor and wide lens. If you’re looking for a higher end compact camera that fits in your pocket, it’s worth considering in addition to the Sony RX100 III if a long zoom and a touch screen appeal and you can live without an EVF. It lists for $699.


shaolin95 says:

hey genius of course they include a charger cause the camera can’t charge from USB !

Shiba Rabiee says:

Would you say that it’s a good camera for someone who films a lot?

TinaVaako says:

Hi I just tested out this camera inside (filming my children decorate the xmas tree) but I got so much noise in the video so I am wondering if you maybe can give me some tips on settings? (iso on the photo I tryed was on 400 and I have it on auto atm while filming )

InnerFire6213 says:

got a lot of people recommending this. But I’m kinda in love with sony a5000 design. is this camera much better than the sony?

Cole Tenorio says:

Do the mark 2

Smilefireworker DE says:

thise is the vlogging mote not the selfi mode

Jonathan DeWitt says:

I will definitely be using this for my vlogs when i get the money!

Combat Tactics says:

Is that the Canon G7X Mark II? Or is it the Mark I? Thanks!

Timmy Watson says:

what is the price range.

Lena Johansen says:

Hi! Would you recommend this camera to a blogger who travel and want good quality video, and close up? I’ve set a budget of 800-900 euros. I want one with a lot of features that I can use for learning more within video. There is so much to choose between and its many who recommends all sorts of cameras. I would be so happy to get a answer!! 🙂

nepali reviews says:

cannon 6d is not full frame

Legoman718 says:

looks alot like my canon Powershot S95 that i got from my mom a few months ago because my better camera broke but anyways the flash is weird, more ports YAY, the buttons.. pop out?, and how good is the video? cuz on my camera it only goes up to 720p but the photo like 2k-3k

Rudy Fernandez says:

I just bought this on eBay for $615 in Canadian dollars and I can’t wait to get it!!

The Joker Box says:

great video but i don’t think it’s good to say it competes with sony. sony will never beat canon. canon makes lenses sony makes playstation.

HackerHere Hello says:

how do u transfer file from your camera to ur laptop

meryana zl says:

can we take a selfie with it?

Serieus Gamen says:

dont know what you were saying but im still gr8 m8

-HDMacTutorial ITA says:

fuck you

JeremyFortner says:

Very informative. Getting mine tomorrow.

ChiCitySoul says:

wich1 is better Gx7 or sony rx100

Tony Diego says:

So can it take pictures

j son says:

Can you video on that camera?

Ryan Scraggs says:

I getting one next weekend I can’t wait

Jvex says:

Hey so im looking into getting my first ever camera for taking pictures of landscapes and whatnot so would you recommend this ?

Mandrileando says:

hello!!! I have a question, I just bougth a Canon G7X (no mark ii). My problem is when I send my videos to my smartphone by wifi. My canon says that it cannot send any video with a duration of more than 5minutes. It is very strange… Could you confirm this warning/error? Thank you!!! 🙂

meryana zl says:

can we take a selfie with it?

MyztikGMD says:

What battery comes in the camera?

Amit Avram says:

Loved your video! I just posted a review of the Mark 2 of the G7X! Check it out 🙂

Roderic Taylor says:

With the G7 X mark II out, I was able to get a good price on a used original G7 X. It takes very nice shots.

Trevin McCreary says:

I dance what is the best camara to shoot dance videos with if u can let me know it would mean a lot thanks

eve ryan says:

Is it waterproof?

TheLifeOfMelanie says:

would you prefer the canon G7X or T5i for filming regular YouTube videos??

Crazy Lemon456 says:

Pointless blog anyone

Aiko Aquino says:

your cat made me smile 🙂

King Coopa says:

Im looking for one to record videos

Jacque Jordan says:

Is this camera good for videoing

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