Canon G7X Mark I vs Mark II – camera review

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Canon G7X Mark II
BH Photo Video

Canon G7X Mark I
BH Photo Video


Anjoy Planet says:

Please could you help : I choose de G7X M2 (and Im very happy!)
>>> I can not find how to display the SIZE (weight) of the recorded videos!
I need to control their weight when I film because I will save them on an external hard drive in FAT32 (Unfortunately MAX 4GB) >>> to be able to SAVE it – thanks to a small OTG HUB – on external DD connected to my Samsung NOTE4 mobile (compatible OTG)
TESTS in progress …
Of course I could format in exFAT – but then the external DD will be then much less compatible 🙁 (No TV …)
Thank’s for your help !

Lim Rain says:

Are you from Russia? Вы из России?

Lisa Calibso says:

so I think the old one is better maybe

soccer friend says:

if possible giveaway a canon G&X any model also a tripod to go with it
just a suggestion

Shravan Venadan says:

You have such a beautiful Family

ZachRosarioVlogs says:

When both camera focus’s are you manually pressing it down half way or waiting for the camera to focus

Troy Nguyen says:

Looks like tom is too busy lounging by the water to do reviews now?

..tell that lazy bastard to get back to work!

Travis Kraft says:

Probably not worth the extra money.

lolwutjoe says:

color is better on mark i ?

skyspy says:

video recording is only 10 mins max on the mk 2. love the camera but 10mins sucks……..

Padbangers says:

the autofocus seems to be just as slow as on the g7x 1…

The 5 dollar film maker says:

with that hat in the beginning you reminded me slightly of sean connery

Nick P says:

The mark ii is literally the same thing, don’t waste money and just get the mark i

Grandhour Studios says:

Thanks for the info! Great review!

Debashree De says:

guys maybe u dont wanna waste money but i think mk2 really really does win

B Adventures Travel Vlogs says:

Good review and comparison of both camera’s. Thumbs up =)

Abriko Vlog says:

I was not convinced the mark II is better, excepted for the more movable screen. Thanks Tom for the review

ad set says:

Regarding the white balance, mark I does let you select the color custom settings (not sure if that is what you meant by colour temperature) and set the white balance based on current surroundings.

babak babak says:


Nate Adler says:


BenZoO says:

Worst review ever

tegg02 says:

You sure the side by side test was labeled correctly. Because the mk1 labeled video was brighter in low light, had better color and focused faster. The focus on both seemed disappointing slow also.  Why is everyone using a stills camera for vids in vlogs? Surly there are dedicated video cameras better for this purpose.

N8Cality says:

I love your videos dude… Glad I found a guy who breathes and lives with cameras… keep it up…

John 1112 says:

No 4K ? Pass

2 Spooky 4 Me says:

that night footage looks cinematic as fuck Tom.

Travis Kraft says:

Too bad the audio sucks.

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