Canon EOS R vs Sony a7 III Review: Full-frame mirrorless camera comparison!

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We review the Sony a7 III ( vs the Canon EOS R ( We discuss the design differences, the controls (buttons, dials), card slots (1 vs 2), battery life (and USB charging), native lenses, adapted Canon EF lenses, image quality (including dynamic range and banding), lens and sensor image stabilization, autofocus for stills and video, EYE AF, silent shooting, frames per second, and video quality. Finally I recommend one camera over the other for casual shooters, sports shooters, photographers who own lots of Canon lenses, wedding photographers, vloggers, and videographers.



Honest enough, thanks for your efforts and opinions.

J Stryker says:

Can’t have an honest review if you get paid folks! You should be not reviewing and just selling:)

Karel Šimůnek says:

A7III is my choice

contabilidadetv says:

amazing review

A s H THE_ says:

I have both

James D. Buzzard says:

Tony has the worst luck with sd cards. Award for most failed sd card goes to this channel hands down. Just curious but what brand and type of card failed? We need a chart of most failed so we know what has the most issues. I have never had a failure but will be pissed the day I do.

Ozz Kvanch says:

Summary of review: Canon might be better because it has a flippy screen :))) I watch many of your videos but I have given first my first dislike. The winner is clear, your review is very Canon friendly.

Clutch Flix says:

How much did canon pay you to let them down so softly?

J DF says:

Multibar function: works great when using gloves in the Snow/cold Weather.

Ensian Blåfugl says:

Can’t wait to get the canon! The way Canon reproduces skin is class leading.

Steve Colby-Doll says:

Die-hard Canon guy here, mainly video. Poop. I might have to switch to Sony. Not too happy about it. I have quite a few Canon lenses. Urg…

badkid73 says:

You’re not buying the camera. You’re buying the compete system of lens options, and Canon will spank Sony in the future when it comes to RF lens selections.

Weiran Liu says:

Sony a7iii better for wedding photographers than EOS R

As someone who will do events, modelling and weddings, I think it just wins, hands down


the very first time i used a sony i hated it just because of the screen. i was using that on a Ronin M and it was no easy task and apart from not being able to see the screen without doing reps like i’m at the gym, i couldn’t tell what was in focus majority of the time even with focus peaking on…its like a “Yay” situation when they announce the specs of the cameras but there always “o man” situation with them also. Do they hate flip screens or something.

M30 Tech says:

Great video. but that mannequin head, lol.

Chris Bailey says:

What Sony camera are you actually reviewing, Tony? The tittle says A7III but the Sony camera you are showing clearly has an R on it? Are you comparing the Sony A7RIII?

spankwalla says:

DPReview compared the Nikon Z6, Sony A7 III and Canon EOS R, and Sony beat Canon in every category if I remember correctly, and the Canon came 3rd an alarming amount of times.

Nick Twaddell says:

I think I might be sold on the a7 III

Sebo says:

I cannot believe that Sony hasn’t put a flip out screen on this camera… Hello its an absolute must nowadays.

Rushil Ambani says:

Hello . Excellent review . I am planning to upgrade to full frame . Don’t own full frame lenses . My main areas are landscape and portraits . I shoot only stills and no video . What do you recomend . A7iii + tamron 28-75 + get wide lens for astro
Eosr with 24-105
Is ergonomics of canon worth the relatively inferior sensor and lack of ibis. ( actually where i live there are neither of both available at display on stores)
Thanks in advance.

rj8184385 says:

Eos r is about the size of 6d mark ii when I compared them in store, so what’s the point to buy a Eos r?

Dave McIntosh says:

All the people busting on the EOS R – simply try it. I was a Nikon shooter who wants a camera that can also do video. I purchased the Sony A7RIII when it came out and it felt like a small metal brick in my hand and not balanced with their lenses. I was accidentally hitting buttons and it didn’t reliably focus for me in low light so I sold the entire Sony kit. I too was a Canon EOS R naysayer based on specs but the Canon lineup of R lenses intrigued me )vs the Nikon lenses which seemed to be lower end. If I am buying into a system I want great lenses and Canon is bringing great R lenses to market. I tried the EOS R and I liked how it fit in my hands and it focuses wonderfully and takes great photos. It is perfect – No – but it is really good and I like it better than the Sony A7 cameras I have owned. I should note I am a portrait and wedding shooter who also does video but I mostly use it for stills.  

Imagine If we reviewed cars the way we review cameras based on features and specs. Everyone would recommend a Hyundai because it has lots features and its cheaper.

Daddy Tech says:

yeah that Canon is not worth the extra $1,000+ price tag..

jordan banares says:

My best friend works for the biggest camera store in LA and he says Canon Rs are rotting in shelves while Sony a7iiis are still selling like hotcake. Make your own conclusion.

naveen reddy says:

Can we use canon R for birds or bike racing…for Perfect pic…

Frank phadika promotions says:

It doesn’t Metter which camera as long as u know what u want u can still get the best out of both.the man behind the camera is the most important than the the only master s touch that changes everything.

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