Canon EOS 70D Camera: Canon 70D Review Video

Canon EOS 70D Camera: Full Canon 70D Review Video


The Canon EOS 70D is the most anticipated DSLR of the year, and is the latest model in Canon’s double-digit DSLR range. Since the 6.3MP EOS 10D back in 2003, Canon’s double-digit EOS DSLRs have been a firm favourite amongst enthusiast photographers.

The EOS 60D currently bridges the gap between the EOS 700D and 7D in the Canon line-up and offers plenty of features that provides photographers with a natural upgrade option from their entry-level triple-digit EOS camera. The arrival of the EOS 70D shakes things up a little, offering a specification that in many ways puts its highly regarded but ageing sibling the 7D in the shade, but at a more attractive price point. Is this the perfect DSLR for photographers looking to expand their hobby even further?

Canon EOS 70D Review – Features Since the arrival of the EOS 7D back in late 2009, every Canon DSLR with an APS-C sensor has used an iteration of that 18MP sensor and it’s been a very solid performer. It’s all change for the EOS 70D though, with a completely new 20.2MP Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor at the heart of the camera and the headline feature of the 70D.

As the name suggests, this is more than a simple bump up in resolution to compete with ever higher-resolving rivals, with Canon’s engineers developing some very clever technology that promises to deliver a vastly improved AF performance in both live view and movie recording. This is an area where traditional DSLRs have struggled to perform, with focus speeds often quite slow and hesitant when acquiring focus. This is due to a DSLR’s inherent design characteristics that sees a slower contrast-detect method of AF acquirement used during live view and video capture, as opposed to the snappier phase-detect AF system used when the camera’s raised to the eye and the mirror is lowered.

This contrasts sharply with most system cameras that that have a noticeable edge over their DSLR counterparts during live view focusing because despite relying solely on contrast-detect AF acquisition (with the odd exception), system cameras benefit from being designed specifically to use the sensor to provide AF information. Paired with lenses that have been optimized for this method of focusing, this is why system cameras in general focus a lot faster during live view shooting than a DSLR does.

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DoomedRace999 says:

As you are my idol in photography, I have a question for you.
Lens 1)

Lens 2)

In your opinion which one will be a better selection ?
if I already have a 50 mm 1.8g prime lens ?
I mean spec-wise which one will be able to serve me me more(in your opinion) and better performer ? and just to add the body is nikon D750 and I already have a 50 mm prime lens.
as you are quite expert in this field,
kindly let me know what is your opinion and the reason for such selection.

Thank you.

theRadJag says:

Does this record videos?!?!

Heiesuke Oda says:

The magic happens @ 3:22
Excellent review!

Fitria Nur says:

The camera is very good, yes #Canon EOS 70D 20.2MP and here there are discounts up to 10%.
But unfortunately I can only dream to have that camera. God, I want to have a #CanonEOS 70D.
Thanks Phil on your review of this camera, and makes me want to have it. I should be able.

japril 31 says:

Can you review the nikon d3200? Please

WiiNESticles says:

I can’t even understand him and it looked like he spit on the camera , OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND ARTICULATE!

Léàder Mëłødy says:

i like

rahmat isnaini says:

awesome find it, thanks for reviewing the Canon EOS 70D

chris_zueger says:

cool review.

Camille Montero says:

Could someone help me what canon camera that is
Touch screen
Flip up screen

Pls reply immediately

SlayrSarah98 says:

What camera r u using to record this?

Aaron Jeremy says:

my canon 70D is saying ” this function is not available in the movie shooting mode ” can someone help me to set it up for movie settings ???

Dave Richards says:

canon EOS 70D is one the best DSLR camera. I personally use Canon EOS 70D Kit (EF-S18-55 IS STM) DSLR Camera for long and it is just fantastic.
Key Features
Dual Pixel CMOS AF
DIGIC 5+ image processor & 20.2M APS-C CMOS sensor
19-point cross type AF & 7.0 fps Continuous Burst Shooting
2 Year Canon India Warranty
I bought it from canon’s authorized dealer India: @ Rs. 2580 /- only.
Enjoying using canon EOS 70D and having fun.


Pentax K3 will poop on this camera.. with out even straining.

Gel Beel says:

что ж вы так попиздеть любите, примеры в студию

Deborah Warrick says:

Just got my new 70D and used the video, and uploaded the video to my Mac. Does anyone know how I can shrink the 107 MG file size for emailing?

Richard Mallens says:

great share

Wide World of Trains says:

Nice review, thanks

Dielz Mzt says:

I don’t understand a single word,

Deborah Warrick says:

Sorry, I meant MB, not MG

98weronika says:

how much is it? 

Eduardo Nuñez says:
fox c says:

that is awesome even focus i think it is pro dream

Ivan Arizmendi says:

It´s way too difficult to understand what you are trying to say, too many “ssshhhsshhhshhhshhh” sound, you do not articulate, open and move your mouth please…

merasanam says:

Vry ggggd insshhjjjj heeaaactzent !!!!

Vikingdescendent says:

Well done review. Metal or plastic, this camera is built like a tank.This camera will surely improve the shooting skills of most photographers, pro or not. For those on a budget, the Panasonic GX 7, would be a good alternative.

jcdiedericks says:

Hey guys, quick question: Did you find an option to disable the audio peak limiter/AGC?

MR Ghost says:

How much does it cost?

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