Canon 5D Mark IV Review – Best 4k DSLR Camera?

Here we review the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV specifically for video.

Watch Canon 5D Mark iV vs Sony A7s ii:

More info on the Canon 5D Mrk iv:

Lenses used:
Sigma 24mm f1.4:

Nikon 50mm:

Get SD Card For 4k Video:

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Alfu Alfaz says:


Wayne Walker says:

This is a stills camera that does video. Not a video camera that does stills. If you only do video, I’d look at other options

dark ashes says:

iv heard the 4k video is not that good

Zoran Babic says:

This is a great camera for video…. If you’re stuck in 2013.

Bojan Glamocak says:

for that money, lol…

alpha 7r ii
alpha 7s II
alpha 6300
alpha 6500
alpha 7s


and for stills
pentax k1
Nikon 810
alpha 7r ii

Tobias Dahlberg says:

I like my Panasonic G7 a lot

Beng Chiat Seah says:

using the fantastic sigma 18-35 and 50-100 lenses with this for 4k would be just great.


The 4 K looks great!

Aw Snap says:

I know 4K is all the rage right now, but what about the difference in video quality of 1080p vs the 5D Mark III? Is it sharper? Is it better in low light with less noise? 1080p ain’t dead yet, you know…

Joshua Kallen says:

I don’t frequently watch your videos but I can observe that your English accent is now much better (“straighter,” I guess I could say?) than before 😀 Awesome!

Oliver Drouet says:

yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!

Darth Vader says:

canon screen has more dynamic range than sensor :p

Ryan R. says:

Did you lose weight? You are looking good man!

stephe1999 says:

Canon and Nikon are turning into absolute jokes. I can’t even count on my fingers how many people I know switching over to Sony with the A7Sii, ASrii, and the upcoming A99ii that will blow everything out of the water. I really want to like canon, mainly due to the ton of glass that’s reasonably priced, but they’ve made it impossible. The downfall of Canikon will continue as long as they keep putting out these horrible “upgraded” models

Sualeh Irfan says:

good one

Sahajpal Rai says:

Hi Waj,
I just saw you were using Nikon lenses. I need help to find out which adapter is right for Nikon lenses to Canon. I have 3 Nikon lenses and actually moving from Nikon to Canon so I was wondering does auto focus works fine for G nikon lenses. Like I have Nikon 85 1.4G, 24-70 ED 2.8 Lens, 70-200 lens 2.8. Please let me know.

kazantzidis60 says:

iphone its better 😀

Adiel Julio says:

is the af using Sigma lens work?

Chase Vineland says:

Without Canon’s printer business, they would be out of business. Nikon and Canon need to understand that 4K is not a premium feature. 4K should be on the T/Rebel series. $2-3K for a DSLR is a joke in a world with so many options.

RealYoungIke says:

Im sorry I just cant break the bank like that Ill stick to my T5i for 1080p Quality

Natural Gallant Bodybuilding says:

that cat was huge lol

Gary Jo says:

what city is that in the beginning

Earl Rogers,Jr says:

I really enjoyed your review of the Canon 5D Mark four it’s one of the best I’ve seen on YouTube particularly concerning the 4K even though I very seldom if ever shoot video.

Gavin Sherlock says:

Seriously way off here, the file size alone makes it prohibitive for video. Are Canon paying you?

Zaber Ansary says:

Can you review the new Olympus OM D M1 M||? Also.maybe the Fujifilm XT2?

Tuhin Tulsyan says:

Hey… M looking to upgrade from my canon 550D.. I want to be able to take on professional engagment/beauty/fashion photoshoots… I am preferably looking for full frame camera… Kindly help me with your expert advice regarding what shall be my next upgrade… Thanks

Elite Droid says:

The Galaxy S7 Edge has a much better camera than this!

MohShiZiro says:

SONY A6300 ,Sony a7rii,GH4 Panasonic the rest moderate!!!!

TechLineHD says:

Well, it’s a pretty good offering but I don’t think it’s better bang for your buck than the G7.

Jon Hellier says:

2:44 you put a mk4 on a drone?!! or is that footage from an external building elevator?

sickhcivc says:

What adapter are you using to mount a Nikon lens?

Alexander Vlasopoulos says:

Nice review

floex831 says:

With that motion JPEG codec I’ll be spending more on storage than the camera itself.

Oliver Drouet says:

0.51 watch out 😛

iOSAndroidRebel says:

I saw you work at the Apple Store and I bought the iPhone 7 Plus.

Informersinc.Com says:

Why is he using a Nikon lens on a Canon review?

Colin Weiss says:

1Dxii for the win. the 4k crop is much more professional with a better build and better overall performance.

qqqqhuz says:

Have the 5D Mark 4 with the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM. But I get dark edges and the pictures do not look pro and cool at all. Very dissapointed

Erwin Anter says:

Is there a video where he shows us the camera he uses to record himself?

Sofus Arevad says:


Hacker 1 IT says:

No. I think Canon 1D-X Mark II is the best. haha

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