Canon 1DX Mark II 4K/60p Video Camera Review: vs Nikon D5, Sony a7R II

We review the Canon 1DX Mk II ( as a 4K/60p video camera, and how it compares to the Nikon D5 ( and Sony a7R II (

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R Dahl says:

1D X Mark II winner in my book for video. nice review.

Woodepic Media says:

I like the 1dx ii the most cuz of the fantastic colour reproduction, good enough low light, 60fps in 4k (great for glidecam shots), HUGE bit rate (great for color grading) as well as the insane photo capability and video autofocus.

Juha Luuri says:

Hi, in Sony you can use power bank so you don’t run out of batteries

RJ Hill says:

Can you list out your stand equipment please? You have 3 cameras across one bar, I’d like to get a set up like that, but can’t tell what you’re using. Thanks!

Morgan Tedd says:

This just convinced me to get the 1DX mk II, great review, exactly what i needed

Mazen Nabulsi says:

Awesome .. I’ve seen many pros doing this, but you’re the best …

Ivan Tsoi says:

Thanks for your review! However it’s not equal comparison. Dislike just fot that

Michael Roberts says:

And since this review contains many comparisons of the different camera’s video capabilities, the a7s ii should have been used.

Colin Weiss says:

just upgraded to 1Dxii from A7sii. was NOT an easy decision. the a7sii is a GREAT GREAT camera. especially if you add a battery grip and 2nd battery, the battery issue disappears. the only other flaws are a “ok” codec and a screen that is not that sharp and hard to focus at times (does have peaking, zebra though)….

….the media management of the Canon is a bitch. but overall only 25% of my work is high end film and tv that needs 4k. the rest is youTube videos which look great in 1080 canon HD or 4k which i’m sure i’ll use a mix of. the Color science is amazing and the ergonomics of the camera are simply the best. I loved the small body of the mirrorless and was afraid going back to DSRL would totally be weird, but I love it. the body just feels right, something canon is very good at (the C300 is another example of brilliant ergonomics).

it wasn’t easy. I am not looking forward to having to get a new 1TB HD to add to my exploding HD collection, or a CFast 2.0 card, and as many will say i REALLY REALLY miss the articulated screen as that helps when you hold it at your waits or when people block a shot and you need to go high. otherwise the 1dxii is a brillitant video camera. its just has that “je ne said quoi” aesthetic factor. just feels right, especially with color. I made the switch after comparing my 4K full frame a7sii footage to my friends 5d4 footage, though the Sony sensor is just so clean and sharp, man did the canon aesthetic beat it, something which annoyed me on older canons but this newest line really has a great look.

John Willow says:

I’m now subscribing. Great channel guys!

Saff Michael says:

For video, the heavier the camera, the better. For tripod it doesn’t matter but for handheld a solid weight camera is much easier to get a steady shot with. Obviously it makes transporting it around a bigger hassle but, again, different uses.

Vic Vinegar II says:

I love how you guys changed the channel name to include both of you.

Matt de Byl says:

Thanks for the comparison, I have been looking at the Canon options lately so this is really useful. I understand the battery complaint with the A7R II, however in this particular comparison the 1DX II and D5 cannot be expanded to have greater battery capacity, but the Sony can. I think at maximum capacity the difference is not as far apart and Tony you are normally one to point out the further differences, those Canon batteries are really expensive, so if you need to shoot say 3-4 hours, the Sony you can add a cheap battery grip and have say 4 cheap batteries, Canon you’ll need at least 2 of those bigger more expensive batteries. Not to mention the Sony can run off uber cheap USB battery packs for hours and hours of filming. The Canon will also require expensive media and lots of it. The difference (not even talking about the body cost) starts to become pretty stark.

Siyovush Mirzoev says:

From were i can get Mark II 4K with lover price ?

Ms. Love Berry says:

Please, please reply!!! I’m looking for a camera that takes great photos AND videos. I currently have the Nikon D7100 that I’m testing out and I love the pictures, but not so much of the videos. Its not so good with autofocusing and since I really need autofocus, it’s the reason why I want to return it. It’s good with manual but not so good with autofocus. When I record myself doing things (like cooking, switching between products for review, etc), I cant manual focus since I dont have a partner and therefore I will be dependent on autofocus. The autofocus isnt as smooth as the canon 70D too. I also do manual for my videos but thats another story.

Okay sorry for the long post but here’s what I need help with. What camera should I get? The Canon 80D, 70D, Sony a6300, or Sony a7? Anything else that you suggest? Remember, I will be needing to take really good pictures because I will be running a blog, and a clothing line and small product line so I WILL be needing pictures of these stuff to post on my website. I want my pics to look really professional! For the video aspect, I will be doing cooking videos, DIY videos, and just fun video stuff.
I also want something that can keep up with technology.. something that I can use for a long time without upgrading. I’m hearing a lot about 4K and 1080 and I was wondering if that is something I should consider when choosing a camera?

Many of my videos will be having voice over, so the sound of focusing or the sound of the mic on the camera is not much of an issue.

Please reply, and any suggestive comments are welcome!!! Thank you!!!!

Ross A says:

You always do really great videos! Top job.

Dub Evans says:

Can you do a canon 1d C vs 5d mark iv review

Michelle Levasseur says:

I’m a wee bit confused here. When the Sony A7rII and the a7sII came out the general consensus was the a7s for video especially low light and the a7r for stills yet here and on other’s videos I see that most are choosing the a7rII for video… can you or someone please explain why?

One_Liter says:

Quite new to this lifestyle and I’d like to get your input Tony and Chelsea (or any one really) on a particular camera. The Cannon Rebel EOS T6i. I’d be using it to record videos to post on YouTube and for photos as well. Thanks! (+1 sub by the way)


I’m sorry but I did not understand , which camera is better? Canon , Nikon or Sony ?

sunny ghavre says:

Hi i am new to photography.. and i am using canon 700D, i want to know, how to increase the color intensity?

nagaraja dileep says:

can i buy sony A7s2 or AS7r2 which one i should buy for candid videography

David Cowan says:

Love this video. Bought the Canon 1DX Mark II because of it (and having used it in the wild). Thanks!

Aetohatir says:

5:16 “every PC gamer has figured this out”
OHH the burn.

Jason Funk says:

why use a7r II for video? Use the A7S ii

Robert Jung says:

Hi Tony, great video review, is there any way you could post a very small sample 4k video of Canon & Sony? I think the Canon is for me, 4k @60fps, what would the best all around Lens be for the Canon to get wide enough for video for events? So even though the Canon is an amazing full frame, why does it have that crop factor, I think that’s is the only down side. This has got to be your most relaxed video, it was very refreshing 🙂 Cheers!

MB says:

Canon always will be better

Dom V. says:

so u have 3 mins in nikon and worst video on nikon? wtf? who would buy it? and for photos its still worse than canon? and its more expensive?

and… try testing Sony A7 S II against 1D X II and old 1D C 🙂 A7S is much more better in video than A7 R (but useless for photos…)

Md Azharul Islam says:

kuttar baccha ,.,,,tui ki bujhois

Stas Haimov says:

Hello Tony and cheisea.
love your YouTube channel, with great reviews.
thinking to buying 1dx Mark ii…which graphic card I need to work for editing video especially with 4k 50-60fps?

Nitzan Papir says:

Hi, thanks for the review. can you tell me what about rolling shutter, do any of them have a bad rolling shutter problem lije the a6300? thanks

M I C H A E L says:

4K at 60fps, love Canon.

Appley Orchards says:

I just like the color on the Canon, it just looks good.

EchelonDelta9 says:

Love the reviews, any plans to take a look at the Zeiss Milvus range?

William Ridenour says:

Best damned reviewer for DSLRs on the net. Thanks, Tony.

Harinath Devara says:

Hi sir thanks for the review I am looking to buy this camera for my shootings like short films documentaries and music videos, one guy is interested to sell his 5 months old 1Dx Mark 2 with the shutter count around 50k, here in India the new one is around 3.85 lakh rupees at what price level I can take that old one or should I go for a new one and the 50k shutter count is good or bad for a old camera and I am buying this camera for complete video usage,please help.

Jay Holbrook says:

50% frame rate…the “Crispin Glover” effect.

Michael Roberts says:

Biased camera placement upon pool shots. Come on now.

Everyall says:

can I shoot raw video with canon 1dx mark ii ???

amanieux says:

why don’t they let the battery stick our of the camera like they do on camcorder this way user can choose their battery size based on their usage ?

Robert Ober says:

Please get this right. The D5 does not shoot 4K video, it can only go as high as UHD(3840×2160). The 1DX Mk II shoots DCI 4K at 4096×2160. This allows the Canon to be a B, C, or crash cam in a movie production. I may switch from Nikon to Canon if the D810 replacement does not have 4K video capability.

Difference Engine (DE) says:

Hi Tony, really love your videos and depend on it for all my Camera info! I have a burning question for you and hope you could probably do a practical episode to explore the subject i.e. ‘Weather Sealed Cameras’.

I want to invest in a weather sealed camera and quite frankly in my recent trip to Japan during Spring time, i got caught in a downpour. I was using the RX100 M3 that time. Yes, its Enthusiast grade point and shoot – but the point is i realised i need to upgrade to better MFT APS-C Mirrorless or DSLR Camera but more importantly it should be “Weather Sealed’.

I saw your excellent video on how companies don’t tell the whole story about Aperture vs Range.. and quite frankly i am wondering what is the exact limits of a ‘Weather Sealed Camera’ (short of being submerged ofc). And whether is it really worth the additional cost? No one really tests the weather sealed capabilities and the effects on the camera over long periods. Mostly i find them dunking a bottle of water or spraying water on the camera and then showing it still works. But what about 5 -10 months in the future.. are there long term effects. How can we measure to what extent we could be liberal with the Weather proof camera during say drizzle to a medium rain. This is especially important when taking time lapse photos.

Oliver van Wincoop says:

Clearly the canon wins here… 4k 60fps is incredible. Autofocus is amazing (as usual). It has an incredibly long battery life. It has a touchscreen, and you can really bumb the ISO, without it being to noisy. The only thing that I hate about it, is 20 mega pixels. if your spending that much, you should get AT LEAST 24 mega pixels.

Geekanoids says:

Great video Tony.

Peechy Orchards says:

I chose the canon because of the Sony a7R II’s poor low light performance and the sony colors are just bad. skin tones are green and the only way to get it right is you have to process everything you shoot, while the Canon you can PRESET your color scheme and I never have to process 4k video ever, that is hours and hours and hours of time saved for you tube.
Canon color rules.

Dante Corbett says:

After seeing how clean that 1DXII is and seeing how much better it is then the sony i can’t wait for the 5Dm4. If they do all the right things and give us clean 4k out to recorders it is a deal breaker for best hybrid camera. I know they won’t do 4K60p but everything else will be amazing.

Chris Gibbs says:

For video, when shooting the Sony, you just have to utilize the USB port charger with something like a GoalZero Venture30 in your shirt pocket. It’s a great option, and stops you switching out 3/4 used batteries every 40 minutes.

Shane Harder says:

I bought an AC adapter for my A7s ii, it’s been really helpful when I’m set up on sticks for a while. 3rd party versions are cheap on Amazon.

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