Camera Strap Review: Black Rapid, Cotton Carrier, Peak Design & More!

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TheEvilCommenter says:

I put a nikon strap on my canon camera just to mess with people.

Royal Media says:

no strap on joke ??? 😉

Wayne Enright says:

Tony/Chelsea thanks for a fun and informative video. 1 new subscriber here and I look forward to future reviews/tutorials! Happy New Year

Suzanne Walker says:

Black Rapid fan. Heavy, Nikon film bodies.

Shiva Sharifi says:

You guys are awesome thanks so much, i went with the cotton carrier, for my two cameras… I can say i expected the setup to be a bit better quality system but since i can’t find another better i’ll still be happy hiking with it

Davy Scales says:

Black rapid straps are adjustable so you can adjust the height to suit the photographer without the camera slapping you on the legs/hips

Daniel Castillo says:

what about the “carry speed”?, i have one and is very good, is similar to the “black rapid” but… better!, just check it out, you will see

Tim Berghoff says:

Chiming in with some other commenters…Sun Sniper straps are awesome and some models have a steel cable woven in so a would-be thief can’t just sneak up to you, cut the strap and take off with your camera. I would definitely recommend the ‘Rotaball Pro’ model which is for heavier equipment. Otherwise the principle is the same as the Blackrapid straps.

emmgeevideo says:

I just got the Peak Design Leash. This video mentions the “seat belt” attribute but doesn’t mention one of the main advantages is that this material lets you bring up the camera easily because the slick surface of the strap slides easily on your shirt. Works great for me. I like the Leash for my mirrorless camera because it works well with the weight of the camera and lens but doesn’t scream “I’ve got a camera strapped to my body”. Also I’m using the D-ring that screws into the tripod mount and it lets the camera rest on your side with the lens down. I like that. I don’t use a tripod that much so I’m not concerned with it using the tripod mount.

edgar quinto says:

Search a photography related topic on google…. Northrup to the rescue !

Martin Benford says:

Awesome! Keep up the good work. blackrapid rs-sport strap – Excellent my Nikon D810

ReNae Stueve says:

Black Rapid  is my go to strap system.

Minier says:

Personally, I feel PeakDesign slide has the best ergonomics and utility for dslr. Own one, and it’s great, it doesn’t bounce like other straps, and not intrusive, and secure.

Keith Evans says:

Your video wad right on time. I just purchases the 80D and I’m taking it with me on my first cruise. I’m looking for a strap that will hold it securely, but allow me to reposition it as needed.

Wanted to get your thoughts on the Joby Pro Sling Strap.

Some of the reviews talked about the screw that connects into the tripod hole coming loose and your camera dropping. There weren’t a lot of reviews stating this but enough to concern me.

Any other suggestions for straps similar to the Joby you’d recommend or is the Joby a good option. (Sorry to be so long winded)

SpezNazAttack says:

I have the aultura rapid fire and I love it

Craig Conway says:

Black Rapid clones on eBay are selling for $2.99 with free shipping out of California right now, LOL. I use a Black Rapid clone and it’s nice 🙂 The smallest strap I’ve used is a Wii wrist strap, $1.79 from eBay.

Michael M says:

Tony… was that a Lytro on your hip?

Arved says:

Great vid! I use the Peak design slide with the peak design clutch and very satisfied with both of them. The build quality is wonderful, I have had them both for 3 years or so only replaced the “connectors” on the slide once so far since they are the only part of the product that will be getting worn and needed to be replaced. The clutch is a nice one as well giving you a bit extra support if u got a big camera or heavy lens and want to shoot handheld.

I gotta get your books, I have learned so much from your channel over the past 2 months since I found my way here, big thanks to the whole crew and extra big one to you Tony!

Richard Wild says:

Great work guys. Thanks.

Ad Dieleman says:

Nice video, thanks. I’d like to add that I like the Peak stuff too and especially the Cuff wrist strap is simple and effective for use on the street when I want to have the camera at hand without a neck strap.

Daniel Offense says:

The peak design capture pro is a pretty good alternative for the “virginity defender” lol

xSPRITZx says:

This just sold me on the Peak Design strap. Oh goodness am I grateful for this channel!

Cactus Tweeter says:

This was the video I was looking for. I really didn’t want to advertise my DSLR to everyone. Thanks Tony & Chelsea.

jujitsuman44 says:

Tony and Chelsea what do you think about the indigo marble sling strap

Fernando Delgado says:

I think i’m gonna use the usual strap. God!! So complicated and unfunctional. Anyway, great video. Thx. 🙂

Cheryl Pollan says:

The “virginity defender” was hilarious!! Both the design and Tony’s commentary. I’m currently working on designing and making some camera straps of my own since I can’t seem to find one that I like style-wise and functionally AND doesn’t cost a fortune.

Perry Edwards says:

I’ve owned the original Cotton Carrier vest for a few years and love it. I just upgraded to the new model with side holster that allows for carrying both bins and an SLR (and has a built-in umbrella sleeve, ideal for the very wet winter weather we get here on the Left Coast of Canada). I really don’t know what Tony & Chelsea are talking about saying how hard it is to “assemble”, etc. It comes assembled .. you only need to attach the side holster if using one. Yes, you could probably use a second pair of hands when first fitting the straps/buckles to your size, but after that you just slip it over your head, snap one side buckle and go. Absolutely ideal for bird and wildlife photographers in my opinion .. just got my first photos of a wild bobcat in 64.8 years, so it gets the job done :>))

billy dean says:

What about the Joby sling? I’ve had one for a couple of years now and it’s very comfortable.

maloso81 says:

I use peak design quick release over the chest. Using two luggage straps to crisscross over chest. It’s great for taking a big lens in crowds. Great balance and comfort. Ladies love a man with a big lens. Wow that’s a big lens, must take great pictures. It’s not the lens it’s how you use it.

Photo Bomb says:

That cowboy thing was in the netherlands and i love that country i live there

chri55tof chri55tof says:

hi guys, great video !
I am looking for cusyom arm strap to replace generic canon one. My gear is 7d mkii and Sigma 150-600 C. Also is it safe for the body of the camera to allow whole weight on the strap attached on the camera body only ? Many people suggest attaching strap to the lense mount bracket (to split the weight evenly). Thanks in advance

laszu says:

I have 40D. But I wear strap for 4DM3. Because why not.

Mark Nathan says:

Fastfire made in Texus but you can’t buy it in uk ? peak slide looks cool and available in uk .

Norman Kellison says:

I bought the Black Rapid Sport Breathe 2 years ago. I’m very happy with it! I always hated “neck straps,” and searched for an alternative. I’m not a pro photographer nor do I make money with my shots. I like comfort and function, and my Black Rapid Sport Breathe works great.

zioncartel says:

Hahaha Walking advertisements exactly

Luther Agda says:

can you give me your old strap… 🙂 bec i cant afford to buy one…

Greg Haff says:

Straps are so personal, finding your own strap is the key to happiness.
Everything the box said about my strap, didn’t pan out.

Len Cla says:

I have the Peak Disign Slide and I love it!

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