Budget GoPro Alternative: Action Savvy 4K Action Camera Review

The Action Savvy Inspire is a 4K Action Camera that is affordable and can shoot Slowmo, Full HD and 4K Video.
Grab the Action Savvy Inspire: https://bit.ly/28tA1Ek

Action Savvy is today’s product sponsor and they sent me the Action Savvy Inspire 4K Action Cam to check out, and I’m actually planning to use it to experiment with some new things here on the channel.









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FTC: This video is sponsored by ActionSavvy.

Disclaimers: all opinions are my own, sponsors are acknowledge. Affiliates are: Amazon, BHPhotoVideo, MyFonts, 1and1, Bluehost and Lumoid.


Adventures In Wet Shaving says:

Thanks for these tech review videos, they are very helpful!

I Am Alex says:

I’ve got the Xiaomi Yi 2, no regrets! It wasn’t 100$ though lol

LifeAsCam says:

These tips really help young creators on youtube like me, i really would like to do more videos on the mov but Go pros are really expensive, so this was really good.

Salamander Workshop says:

I like gopro more

Bret Atwood says:

i would have liked to see side-by-side comparison footage with the more expensive like camera.

h00d59 says:

I have a question. I want to start a gaming channel mainly call of duty and sports videos. Should I record my face with my DSLR camera or buy a Logitech C920? Please help .

Ruben Leija says:

Would love to see a side by side comparison between the one you just suggested and a GoPro

zDeCepTiVe Got hacked again says:


Candy PlayBear says:

Super my friend great review 😉

Johan Bakke says:

How is the sound quality of the built in mic? Is it usable for vlogging?

Zoe Does Life says:

I would love to see a video like this on a cheap drone!

Ali Mohammed says:

great Video. like the new setup buy the way 🙂

LifeAsCam says:

Great video you are awesome and your videos are so useful, i would love to see you do vlogs or mini movies like casey Neitstat as i think you create some awesome videos, and would put your own style and spin on it

Much love from a small British Youtuber

EdVentures says:

I purchased a GoPro hero + LCD screen which is considered an entry level GoPro for $200 brand new and it films great but the audio quality isn’t that great and I can’t add an external microphone which sucks and I’m considering purchasing the GoPro hero 5 but this camera seems legit too, I’ll definitely check it out.

You should film some drone footage and show us (:

The Rich Life says:

That is tiny camera! I like the price!

Charlez Designs says:

Would love to see a review of a drone @Roberto

Nacho TV says:

especially with action cams..those practical ones are great. quality is good

Samuraiox says:

I believe they can take quite a licking too. If you go to Colin Furze’s channel, he just set a van on fire and had these cheaper cameras on the inside and you can see what they went through and kept working!! Cheers 🙂

Financial Education says:

I have a gopro hero 5 black and love it so far! I also currently use a hero 4 silver to film all my videos on my channel. It is super easy to use and costco has a deal for hero 4 silver bundle for only $249! I would also recommend a $199 gopro hero session to anyone looking to start a youtube channel on a budget. So easy to use, great video quality etc. personally I like to stick to name brands like Canon, Gopro, etc. i would rather pay up a bit for great quality, and buy something from a company that I know will back their product and be around for years to come. Knock off brands come and go

Cemetery Abyss says:

As someone who knows absolutely nothing about cameras, I don’t see how the Lumix ZS45 is considered such a steal for $200 when this camera can record in a much higher resolution, frame rate and wider fov at half the price. Is the benefit of the lumix only that it has a built-in mic and a flip out screen? (roberto or if anyone else knows, please inform me!)

The Nerd Delegation says:

Wow didn’t know this!!! Yes expand the quality because you always make great videos.

OldskoolHeart 84 says:

I am new to YouTube and I have just been using my phone for all my videos. However I’d like to move on to a laptop and camera. I am looking for something cheap yet durable enough to make a ton of videos. What might you suggest?
Thank you for your time.

Doc Trower says:

For a GoPro alternative, this is practically a steal (but not literally).

Retro Plus says:

You are fucking kidding me! I literally got gifted a cheap go pro today! BEFORE THE VIDEO WAS UPLOADED…. I believe in the supernatural…. I’m really spooked out now guys….

iPhonze4All says:

Great tech review! I wanted to see more videos from you in the future. Should I give up or stay on YouTube?

cut the check says:

affordable drone video please

Jor0716 says:

Good video, but I would’ve liked to see more sample video

TechnologyTeacher says:

There are a whole bunch of budget action cams on gearbest these days. It’s awesome!!

Laughingstock Media says:

Good review, thanks for doing it. I’m looking into purchasing a 4K camera as well for my projects on and off of Youtube, though it’s taking me some time to figure out which. By the way, I had a question regarding my upcoming build. I’m considering waiting for the 1080 TI to come out next year and I was wondering if you know which processor, motherboard, etc are best optimized to work together with the card. I know it’s still tentative but do you have any idea of what would work best? I know you have the 1070 which looks like a great card, but the performance and 8K capabilities of the 1080, and the likelyhood of the TI coming soon are pushing me in that direction.

Thanks! Mike(From LSM).

Pionell Winters says:

gitup git2 is a much better budget action camera 🙂

OTechTime says:

Awesome piece of tech. This could be nice to include in my channel. Keep up the great work R.B.

Raazik Universe says:


JamesRobertOsborne says:

My only concern, is the bitrate on these 4k cameras. If it’s not enough bitrate, you lose significant details, which defeats the purpose of having 4k.

Fernando&Colleen's Adventures says:

Any idea what kind of external mic i can use with this camera?having a hard time finding one.Thank you,and have a wonderful day.

Islamic Research says:

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Jeff Hulett says:

please do a full review of this camera show more video and audio from it, that would be awesome.

ThePapadumGeek says:

Nice review Roberto, seems like a great little camera. Wish only you had more footage of the camera. Other than that thanks for the video

Scooter Wisdom says:

I love these cheap cameras!

marni-the sast-up-unicorn says:

Nice set up xD

LUKAS DG says:

I’m on the pursuit of happiness and I know
everything that shine ain’t always gonna be GOLD, hey
I’ll be fiiiiine once I get it,
I’ll be gooooood.

Jazzy Puppet says:

Wow that’s tiny, but It’s super cool and a great price!

Dhanagopalan Murugesan says:


PsyCoCinematics says:

You had me at “budget”.

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