Body-worn camera Review: Transcend Body 10

A look at the DrivePro Body 10 Body-worn Security Camera.
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Nexfero says:

“it looks quite arty” 10:20
good review seems like a good investment, basically a portable battery powered night vision security camera

Atrax R says:

Postman needs to produce a video of who threw the first punch

joblessalex says:

gotta love things that turn on when the battery is low instead of turning off, good on ya low battery light!

z352kdaf8324 says:

“No one noticed the camera on me”. — Did anyone notice you? lol Invisible man!

Matthew Hendy says:

Your videos are fine! Very interesting and watchable 🙂

actl786 says:

Hi, please use it while while driving. I think this maybe more portable than a dashcam.

TheLordstrider says:

you can use Windows in MAC with boot camp or parallels 😛


i cannot believe so many good comments i see of this cam and it seems to be good quality cam for police work, my family bought me one and its a piece of junk its a psp security camera and its garbage so saddddddddddddd

MAD King says:

Mat, can you recommend a camera for shirt button holes?

Chris M says:

Can you please review the transcend body cam 20

Milosz Ostrow says:

This device is quite affordable for what it does and adequate for casual use, but if one wanted to record continuously for a full work shift, one would need two of them, swapping cameras mid-shift, or one would need an auxiliary 9-hour battery pack with a USB cable and a second microSDHC memory chip to swap mid-shift.

Mark Stacey says:

What’s the music playing at the “club” at the end?

Grant Sorensen says:

Great review, thanks!

Craig Roy says:

More retro tec please 🙂

Let John Hammond Show You says:

1. The puppet’s cam can see through his tablet. Magic cam!
2. Camera view doesn’t flap around as puppet talks – unrealistic!
3. This video is rubbish.

NOLA GospelTracts says:

How is the audio as in recording one on one conversations.? I had to send back another brand because the mic was oversensitive rendering the audio unusable.

Carl Slicer says:

So I could use this in my car as well.

Arnold Imus says:

One quick question about the software. Have you tried running it using WINE? It’s available to both Mac and Linux and might just work (some fiddeling might be involved).

Frankkaiba says:

Who made those muppets?

juandenz2008 says:

Nice review. I’m interested in all sorts of cams to be honest ! Dash cams, home security, body cams, action cams etc.

fiatbravodriver says:

What is the best wearable camera under £120?


if I bought this for security reasons, everybody in purple is irrelevant. it seems to work fine.

Jakob Danmark says:

Simply LOve the dedication from Transcend and topnudge manifi”station” for “Prince” 6:47.. No IR-filter is the way to go in a salute for the “Prince” RIP .. kudos to Transcend, looks wicked.

PrisonEarth says:

I bought one of these and so far it works great. I clip it on my sun visor and use it as a dash cam while driving and also as a bodycam. I am considering buying a 2nd one to use as a rear dashcam.

maricideva mega says:

Have you made reviews for Transcend DrivePro 20 and 52? The spec says that 52 comes with a Sony sensor (not quite sure it is CCD or CMOS), so I suppose its image quality is better. Yet those two have no IR so I don’t know how can they be used under night circumstance.

Chon-bae Sun says:

This video convinced me. bought one. works fairly well. In reverse I got one with a UK charger via US seller.

Paul J says:

As always, your reviews are amazing and well put together. Thank you for doing what you do.

JUSTENization says:

Hi, have you look at the Transcend body cam 52? does that cam recording software allow you to enable loop recording as well? when the internal 32GB storage memory is full? Thank you

Nostalgia Nerd says:

I always refer to your channel as “TechnOmoan”… I can’t help it. I mean, I know what it’s called, but every time I say it on camera…. BOOM. Technomoan… Like some kind of 80s pop synth critic channel.

Timmity3 says:

Not for Mac…
Or Linux.

girlsdrinkfeck says:

is this what UK police use 😕 or something similar

LazyScoutJace says:

I love how you accounted for the camera being below your eyesight in the muppet scene. The eye level being above the camera was a nice touch. 😉


thank you

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