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Moritz Janisch from Fenchel & Janisch has tested the Pocket Cinema Camera by Blackmagic Design very intense and filmed several productions with it. In this video-review he talks about the pros and cons and reveals a lot of sample clips.

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Marcel Fenchel and Moritz Janisch are a team of filmmakers based in Frankfurt, Germany.
Their film production company, Fenchel & Janisch, produces commercials and corporate videos for a broad variety of companies from different branches.
Since the start of the DSLR revolution their goal is to provide interesting and straight to the point filmmaking and editing tutorials for beginners and advanced film enthusiasts from all over the world.
Besides famous tutorials like “The ultimate Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking” or “How to get the Filmlook” that both got over 1 Million views on YouTube, Fenchel & Janisch also share technical gear reviews, short films and behind the scenes videos. The documentary “Format Frankfurt” was entirely shot with HD DSLRs over a period of three years. The full-length film premiered in May 2014 in German cinemas and is available on video on demand:

Find out more about the work of Marcel Fenchel and Moritz Janisch at


Majid Alammari says:

Who thinks this guy talking like pewdiepie BackPack AD!

Ammar Greepaly says:

Bad idea Roman!

Paul Arun says:

your tutorial is awesome!
Can you tell me the colour grading software name?
And how much is that? What about the BlackMagig Cinema Camera, is it good?


Very good review. This camera is awesome but we always need to change things in menu and in the lens like the ND filter when shooting in day light(ASA800). Anyway, is the best picture and dynamic range I have ever shot. Sorry for my english!

Bryan McIntyre says:

Hi can you tell me what lens convertor you used to use Canon EF lens, can you use thiise convertor from amazon?

Phil Taylor says:

The reviwer  has lised too many faults for my liking!


Super Video!!!!!

MattieCooper says:

I think I’ve decided on this camera!


Guter Test ! Eine Frage welche SD-Card habt ihr genommen, bei mir kommt es zu sehr heftigen Frame-Drops wen ich in Raw aufnehme.

Trevor Whiting says:

Very informative, I am a novice at cameras rite now, I currently only use a Gopro and am considering adding a camera like this to my collection, I use iMovie, the gopro studio and have used Adobe premier pro very little, would you recommend a camera like this to an amateur?

Bodacious Balm says:

Awesome Review! Check out the time lapse I just did of the sunset. Worth the buy

HandyLlamaMidget says:

What adapter did you use for this? Was it active?

Linus Films says:

The titles @0:03 seconds, what software did you create these in? After effects? Thanks, subscribed.

Mac Films Videoclips says:

hello what adaptor used for canon lenses and i could edit the video direct on final cut?

manzoorboy06 says:

Terrible battery life.

Swapnendu Kar says:

The crop factor is really disappointing.

Filzmaster says:

Seid gegrüßt,
Gelungenes Review, welches Objektiv wurde bei den Aufnahmen verwendet? 🙂


Tony Dupre says:

As an indie filmmaker, should I get the BMPCC or the 7D Mk. I?

Raymund Anthony Gutierrez says:

+Fenchel & Janisch sir what lens did you use in your footage?

Rodrigo Mattos says:

Hey! What lens do you recommend? I need to travel to document some stuff and I want it to look cinematic, up-close, intimate shots.

mprater86 says:

Damn, the acoustic guitar music and how they were recorded/mic’d up sounds fantastic! Anyone notice?? Haha..

Funky Films says:

Also mich überzeugt vor allem das Bild absolut nicht. Zumindest nicht in dem Filmlook. Die Nachbearbeitung führt auch nicht zu einem wirklich höherwertig aussehendem Bild sondern lediglich zu einem, wie es mittlerweile schon Consumer Kameras bieten. Von Filmlook kann da leider gar nicht die rede sein.

Den Videolook finde ich ok, aber auch den bietet meine fünf Jahre alte PMW-100 schon. Für mich  – aber das mag jeder anders sehen – gäbe es keine Kaufanreize für diese Kamera.

Adam Norpchen says:

so happy my school just got these cameras can’t wait to use them 


nice stuff! I love the camera 🙂 I shot my last 3 films with the blackmagic pocket

ibfsia says:

Kann das sein das ihr gestern auf der Zeil gefilmt habt?

Ben Schneider says:

well done.

Memo Webber says:

Thank you for the video Fenchel & Janisch! wht tripod are you using? Regrets from Mexico!

SilasRowlandTv says:

I’m having trouble with no range of focus with a low f stop. Why is this?

Emily J says:  — Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera Music Video 🙂

Insanity On A Bun says:

Awesome! I love this camera. I watched this vid a few times before I pulled the trigger on it. I just made a new lowlight short comedy/suspense film with it. It’s called “Not Home Alone” if you’d wana check it out

SMALLTOWN Entertainment says:

it’s a great video!! thank you so much!!!

Daniel Pierce says:

If someone is new to color correction I would recommend starting with a LUT and tweaking that, there a a bunch of preset LUTS in Premier Pro CC.

Luca Zizioli says:

great video !! thank you!!

Magdy Mahmoud says:

What lens adapter You use for blackmagic pocket cinema camera  ???

QWERTZ says:

lovely german accent……nicht

Tomi Lorente says:

how do you do the color correction from the beginning of the video?

Knittcartoon says:

Welches Zoom-Objektiv benutzt Du bei der Kamera?

Pogo says:

I’m incredulous. If I was to drive through New Zealand for three weeks shooting, would a cheap little thing like this really do the trip justice?

Prasenjit Mukherjee says:

Wish more people did reviews like you. Its awesome.

leokimvideo says:

These cameras are used as throw away cameras on big films now, where you need to get a shot in a risky environment and you want a camera thats easy to hide and gives amazing results this is the pick.

Felipe Leme says:

Really nice !

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