Best YouTube Camera? Sony RX100M3 Review!

Is the Sony RX100 III the best pocket camera ever?

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With a flip out screen, electronic viewfinder, new 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 lens, XAVC HD 50Mbps video codec, 20.1 megapixel 1-inch sensor the new Sony DSC-RX100M3 might just be the ultimate YouTube camera.



TommyPNYC says:

can you use an external mic on this camera? for pranks

art Jard says:

why youtube always unsubed me from you?

Itzbomby says:

I ordered one tonight

Butch Duncan says:

10/4 my weather tight cams are not able to see yourself before the pic and my DSLR +bag are too bulky for hiking! This should be the cats MEOW for pics,movies and selfies in focus with my face in the pics. Kapow

Bett Forester says:

Did you record sound with this camera or did you have an extern microphone? The sound was pretty good for so small camera 😉

GameRushz03 says:

1000th comment. Beat that

Kolton Krider says:


ZachVids Football says:

How much is this camera

KirbyGoezPink says:

I went with a G7X instead 😀

veorge says:

I’ve heard sonys customer support is a joke. I really enjoyed the MK2 but the stories I’ve heard might make me reconsider buying another Sony

Simply Bri says:

how much is it?

Olga Celle says:

Nice video. Does it have blootooth? If so, how does it work? Thanks

김유정 says:

Hi Evans! It was troubled for me to choose camera between rx100 m3 and alpha 5100.
i think that their weight and performace are similar, but price is different…. ;(
i would like to take a picture when i go to travel.
if you buy one of them, what will you buy?

Crazy Canadian says:

I would


I am a fan of photography who randomly take photos with my samsung mobile. this video forced me to buy this ……………. is it good for the beginner?

jerseyviewerguy says:

That intonation though.

geoff Barton says:

Got one, love it. Great results.

Julian Larsen says:

Got this for Christmas:D so excited to get out there and shoot some video!

Rory Lennon says:

at last,just found a camera with wide angle lens and more/no more bulk to carry round.

Abimanyu Fathan says:

I want it

Rattacko says:

what camera would you recommend, I would want something like this but 1080p30 and good autofocus for something like vlogs (e.g. something with better focus than pewdiepies birdabo)

Susan Razaqpur says:

Dat no sleep team bracelet

Pvt.Peanut says:

I can’t figure out why all the video I take on this camera is so dang grainy and gross. Any tips?

Ryan Jennings says:

Me: ‘Oh, this looks pretty good, get this over the Nikon Coolpix L330 for £83?’
*Checks Amazon; finds out its £500*
Me again: ‘Fuck that.’

Tyrese Brown says:

+Austin Evans, what is the best YouTube editing software?

Fire Hypex says:

This comment has been flagged as NOT spam.

Evell wizhard says:

why are cameras so hard to use?

Crudnuggets says:

I’m currently making YouTube videos on a schedule, yet I’m just starting YouTube. I’m currently using my iPhone, but based on your opinion, would you say that this is good to start out YouTube?

Tom Louwell says:

the only problem with this camera is no microphone input, even new RX100 IV

garrett dadoun says:

Does RomanAtWood use this camera?

james render says:

After your video. Yes

Alyxis says:

Hey guys, I have a Nikon Coolpix S2700. Is it good for filming YouTube vids? Also, how do I remove unwanted sounds in a vid? Someone please reply….. ;-;)

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