BEST TRAVEL CAMERA Under $1000 | Sony RX100V Minimalist Camera Review & Tips

Is the Sony RX100V the BEST TRAVEL CAMERA under $1000? With Full 4K, 20.1 Megapixel photos, crazy slow motion, and a compact minimalist design, we think so! Watch this Sony RX100V Camera Review to find out why!


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jen t says:

Hey guys! Was fun running into you at Northstar! Thanks again for all your work. Look forward to many more videos ahead. Take care!

Miguel Albarracin says:

It is very much $999 which is basically $1,000 – but I can’t get mad. Love Sony and love you guys. All those features are great if only for the size. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of a DSLR but this just suits me way more.

Marlon King says:

I am a canon user but do admit this trumps the g7x mark ii currently, though it is 300+ more to buy. Nice video guys, looking forward to the mark 6 review 🙂

Sagar Soni says:

This camera have Optical Image Stabiliser??

Jen O'Hogan says:

I’m totally taking notes. I’m going to Ireland in a year and I’m going to want to get some decent video footage. Thanks for posting this. 😀

patrick nolan says:

great video you’ve got me convinced. do you guys have any app recommendations for photos editing with just a phone?

TheOtherChef says:

I recently purchased this camera, and I love it! I’m still learning how to use it but this video helped, thanks yall!

grenoble11 says:

I still don’t know how to fully use my Sony RX camera. I saved hundreds of footage from my India trip in AVCHD, but had difficulty converting the MTS format so they’ve laid dormant. I’m planning a trip to Laos next month and not sure how to handle video footage. Perhaps, a post-production tutorial??

Kevin Kay says:

*watches youtube video in 4k lol*

Daniel Womack says:

“make sure you’re in focus” as the camera goes out of focus. It’s like you plan your shots or something! 😀

Chasing the Wind says:

Great video again guys, we got the Canon G7x Mark ii already so we’ll use that till it breaks or we lose it haha. But this would be the one we would get if we didn’t have the Canon already!

David Barton says:

Feels a lot like an ad guys. Always considered the rx100 to be a very expensive camera. Laughing at you constantly saying budget camera.

Gabriel Traveler says:

Awesome, you’ve got me convinced. I plan to get a new camera when I head back to Cali. (whenever the heck that is). Important question you didn’t cover: does it have video stabilization and how does it do?

Anthony Awaken says:

Love this camera for travel too! I use mine for all of my video work and certain types of photography.

My only gripes are the battery life while filming (it’s adequate for stills IMO) and the internal mics/lack of audio input. I wish so badly we could hook a Rode mic up to it…It’d be golden then.

Victoria Tanjung says:

I was JUST about to get the A5100!

Difference Engine (DE) says:

Vagabonds, you didn’t talk about the main feature. The amazing pop-up EVF, which no competitor has.

Brown Sugar says:

How about the Lumix G7?

Martin Tabanag says:

it really is a minimalist camera! i love sony cameras. i just got my a6300 and im stoked to make films with this bad boy haha

Master Alan Gaming says:

GoPro for life..hahaha

Jiaqi Li says:

Go get the Canon G7x mark 2. It’s only $679.

davide vitali says:

For diving and water is better an action cam

Melissa Z. Moore says:

Whohoo! Great review guys, and thanks for showing how to use the key features. It’s timely because I just got this camera while I was in Melbourne last week. I’m currently on an “around the world” trip, and sending my Canon 70D home to use the RX100 V as my primary cam. Would love to see more mini tutorial videos on how to use the camera while filming travel vids.

NicoBarbaros says:

and no discount codes? ;(

Kenway Scott says:

00:58 01:16 01:24 03:06 03:30 mention the places , it would be cool if put the name of the places

Prasad Marathi Vlogs says:

Cool… 960fps Wow…. Its definitely on list.Thank you for detailed review with footages.

Francis DeNardo says:

Just started planning a road trip to multiple national parks. This camera is coming along.

Nicolae Arellano says:

slow captures interesting!!

Soumya Majumder says:

1:24….the way u held your camera….proves everything

JAY SHAH says:

Awesome Video. I am in for one.

utseay says:

I just nailed 42 subs….I’m thinking this cam may catapult me up to 43. Thanks for the suggestion.

BigBrotherUltimate says:

Truly best compact camera. Only thing missing is a touch screen & mic input and it’ll be perfect

noleftturnunstoned says:

I started looking at this camera, and ended up going with something used with a larger sensor. The RX100 has a tiny sensor, so if you want better performance than your smart phone, you are better off with a different camera. It ended up being less over all.

Also the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III with a pancake zoom lens will beat the RX100 every-time.

telsah1 says:

Sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing

Anna on Tour says:

I’m surching for a new camera. I will definitely check out this Sony camera.

Peter Peng Krogh says:

sure is a good camera for the size, but shooting in such high frame rates will make you lose a lot of quality unfortunately .

Vijay M says:

Very helpful and informative.. welcome back Marko 🙂

Jefferson Egalite says:

get a Sony a5100 or a6000 more affordable

Ivan Kristić says:

Hi Vagabros. What do you think about Canon 750d ? I would like to use that camera for vloging and photography. Thnx 🙂

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