Best entry level helmet camera ?! – Prism Tube Review

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Today I checked out what might be the best low-cost starter camera for a potential motovlogger that could later be used as an on bike camera. If you are thinking about motovlogging then I would definitely have this camera on your radar!

Final Stop

Disclaimer: I was not paid to make this video. Sena did send me the camera to review, but all thoughts and opinions in this video are 100% my own.

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Jacob Williamson says:

what microphone would you suggest as a good on ??

Sandrino Dubei says:

It’s waterproof?

Ezyrider64 says:

prism tube is the worse camera i ever used—footage is shit compared to gopro or sjcam—i sold my prism tube as its a poor quality camera—terrible video—now i have a sjcam 5000x elite—fantastic—better than gopro and 1/3 the price—buy that instead—and with gloves on you can not feel if youve turned the damn prism tube on or not—its a real bad camera

S Sev7n says:

hey man I have a gopro4 what’s the best mic for blogging

Alex Chung says:

Quality looks like the Ebay GoPro knockoffs that cost around $20.

Joel Sweatman says:

Great info and a awesome camera for the price

psycostickkillerz says:

I might pick one of these up just because I need a cheap camera to record in case of an accident

HOYCBB says:

I have a Sena and im bying this camera. Thanks bro 😀

HermanTheGerman says:

Amazing review, thank you very much for that!

Dan K says:

Is it possible to mount to the top of a helmet?

collin bienvenu says:

can you plug in a different microphone to get better audio quality?

Johnny Nightrider says:

Could you also do a promo on what a good starter Drone with cam would be.Thankyou Chase.

Alpatriod says:

Seems really shitty for 120$

Hunter Inferno Griiler says:

That’s so expensive. O way…..just get a sjcam4000 for £50

2WheelMotion says:

I picked this thing up thanx to this review and loving it so far.

Tiago Vaz says:

what is this helmet ?

Wouter Veersema says:

Nice. Will it record during charging?

Muhammad Nur says:

Hi, how’s the memory space? Will the camera auto rewrite once the card is full or once the memory card full the camera will off itself? Thanks.

John Haworth-Ward says:

you mr on wheels are AMAZEBALLZ!! thank you so much for this review.. a cheap entry lvl camera that HAS an external Mic…. you’ve just reduced the amount i need to save by approx £200 (as i was looking @ the Drift Ghost HD). well that means i’m £200 closer to getting on a bike for the 1st time ever 🙂

Gabriel Johannson says:

thanks Chaser. Been looking for a ‘reasonable’ camera just for recording rides around CBD & to work & back. This fits the bill & doesn’t break the bank.

cromedome says:

so out of all the ones you have reviewed which would be the best camera besides a brand new gopro?

Ezyrider64 says:

i sold mine and bought a sjcam 5000x elite—prism tube was terrible

Chronicler of The Shadows says:

Chase. does a GoPro add any noticeable weight to the side of your head.

femi ogunade says:

whats the bitrate??? And what format does the video save in. thanks .

surajit5555 says:

Thanks for the video, it’s got everything I was looking for. Cheers, keep up the good work.

Dwight James says:

that I perfect for me once I get my bike u need to hook me up plz sir

Blake Herr says:

drunk Pikachu 2:21 ?

y0Karn says:

what does it mean by format

Eagles_Eye says:

colour looks over saturated, but quality is okish

Johnny Nightrider says:

Thankyou Chase that was extremely helpful and what I’m looking for if I get into motovlogging as a hobby or just watching out for myself with a camera.I like it had a microphone and it is really a great setup for someone like me that wants to motovlog.

Papa Smurf says:

The seat on that R6 is going to break when you hit a bump. There’s no support under it.

Mar Mac says:

Terrible audio quality.

HOYCBB says:

What’s that plugin you use for your video titles?

SickMetalAddict says:

If money is no object, what’s the best low profile action camera you can recommend, Chase?

HGAviator says:

As you stated in the video, the audio quality of the microphone pretty much sucked. I’ve used a GoPro hero 3 with an inexpensive $6.95 mic I bought on Amazon and the audio quality blew that of the prism tube, out of th e water, both with the face shield open and closed. I now use the Sena 20s, the Sena GP10 (wireless Mike adapter) and the GoPro Hero 3 on my HJC IS-17 Helmet. I’ve tested it at speeds up to 80 mph and it sounded great!

thomas laux says:

does it do loop recording?

Galiot Bear says:

Maybe i missed it, is there a way to connect to sena s20?

BIGKillA Motocross says:

I want this camera for Christmas but I’m a mx/off road rider, and I don’t want the camera to change position or rotate or tilt if I go off a 40 foot jump. Should I get it and does anyone know how it performs in a rough, bumpy, sandy and hard dirt/rock situation?

ME DAVE says:

Hey chase i know im late to the video but can you please review the xiaomi yi action can?! its really good

Valentin Morales says:

Any way you can do a review on the “wasp tact 9905” camera. There’s like no reviews on it and it seems like a good camera for 150$ plus tax

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