Best Budget 4K Camera | Panasonic G7 Review

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This is my review of the Panasonic G7 4K camera. Under $1,000, this is the best budget 4K camera for 4k filmmakers and the average consumer. I cannot recommend the Sony a6300 because even with it’s most recent firmware 1.10 update, it still overheats for extended use. Therefore it is not 100% reliable. In the Panasonic G7, 4K filmmakers will appreciate that this camera has a microphone input, a pop-out swivel articulating LCD screen, an electric viewfinder (EVF), the ability to use micro 4/3 interchangeable lenses and other lenses with a speedbooster, 4K video with great low light performance, automatic and manual focus and exposure controls, focus peaking, zebras, flat picture styles like natural, cinelike-d, and cinelike-v, and long record times. Watch my full review above for all of the details and see what I dislike about this camera too.

*Sony a6300 overheating issue examples w/ mixed results:
Not reliable for extended use:
Not reliable at hot temperatures:

Recommended Accessories:
SD Card:
Cheaper Shotgun Mic:
Expensive Shotgun Mic:
Extra battery:
Multipurpose Lens f/2.8 (24-70mm equivalent):
Tiffen ND Filter for lens above:
Prime lens f/1.4 (24mm equivalent ):
More lens options:
Adapter to use Canon EF lenses:
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Pedro Trejo says:

my english is pretty bad, but i understand every single word that you spoke, Thank you so much for the info…

Joy Canseeyou says:

awesome video. exactly what i wanted to know. thanks so much!!

Gabriel Ludwick says:

Great video Brennan, very informative! Question: what do you think of this camera’s colors? How do they compare to, for example, Canon’s colors? Thanks, love your channel and congrats on 1000 subscribers!

Bellinissima says:

BC I am on the hunt for a second, more compact camera with an articulating screen!

Scott McKone says:

Good job – very helpful and concise.

πtech says:

Fantastic review! I was looking all over youtube for reviews of the G7 and this is the best one. Very informative and thorough!

ASMR Daniel says:

I’m hopefully picking up a G7 14-42mm lens kit in the next couple days. Was wondering, what lens hood/uv filter can I get for that lens? Is it a 46mm filter thread? Or 49mm? What products would work with it? Thanks!

Liam Joe says:

Thank God, a review that is actually to the point. Great job!

Gloree Belchie says:

What size the tulip lens?

Reviews, How to's AND game walk throughs says:

Thank you so much

Jimmaema says:

I need help 🙁 I just got my camera today and was playing with the settings I went to Manual and every time I take a shot its all black where should I adjust in the settings please help.

jerry hochberg says:

Your a great reviewer absolutely direct useful information so appreciated
I live in Thailand and am a teacher here I have been teaching 56 years I wanted this camera for vloging
I founded it here for expensive price 1100. US so I will try to get it here from Amazon. Jerry

Ivan Simic says:

Thank you for your honesty.

RiceCube Productions says:

I got mine 497

Phil Nicols says:

Brennan, what’s the best bang for the buck in action cameras? Something with all the attachments, good in low light, good image stabilization and good build quality? Thanks man.

Szymon Adamus says:

Great overall look at this camera. Thanks!

Bob Swag says:

does it shoot well at 1080p

abhijay tyagi says:

good video mate

User says:

what is cinema uhd?

Stephen Reed says:

Sorry typo Brennan

Edwin Canlapan says:

Does this camera have a touch to focus and shoot feature? Meaning, when you thouch the LCD screen, it just won’t focus, it will also shoot

In 2 DODO says:

Great review ! What do you think about the lumix lx 10?

Stephen Reed says:

Smart no nonsense video Brendan! 2 questions: What’s the next camera up you’d recommend with 4K capability if I had, say, $1200? And is 4K really the future (3-5 years) of indie filmmaking?

Miha S says:

Thanks for helping me choose my next camera!

Be-good says:

i hope i get in a give away

Morejaycool845 guys says:


Vagabond Daily says:

Wish I knew about this camera several months ago. It’s back up to $800.

Stephen Reed says:

Sorry typo Brennan


how long can it record?

Golden says:

I’m looking for a camera that can do 4k at 60fps so I can do slow mo in post

Seba CEE says:

Thank you so much!

Puppies says:

LINDSEY STIRLING WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dream With Mo says:

song plz

Stephen Reed says:

Sorry typo Brennan

GameBox says:

There is one more issue with this camera. For some reason, there is region lock for picture norm. If you buy this cam in Europe or Australia, you will be locked on PAL, 25/50 FPS only. There is hack to record in NTSC, 30/60 FPS, but it is annoying that you can’t simply switch it in menu.

Joel Fairchild says:

Brilliantly cogent review…!!!!…{]=:
Cheers for posting…

RelentlessHomesteading says:

Nice review — so far I really like it. Yes I have lots to learn on it. Thx

eastkingstonnh says:

Clear and concise. Thanks very much!

Brazord says:

Just one thing I don’t understand: the camera turns off after 29 minutes and you need to restart? Why? You can’t configure to record like 1 hour without to be interrupted?

Music from the wild says:

clear cut points does it come with a fitted lens ? and is that good enough for YouTube music video ? please comment

Kong Thao says:

oh. man, why didnt i see this video earlier. would have helped me a lot and save time with research. aha thanks for the vid!

cobberbrimo says:

Such a refreshing review, straight to the point and no filler, thanks!

English Learner says:

Great tutorial bro. Just before I watched this video I was all in for the CANON 80D but now I am keeping my options open for the Panasonic G7.

samir ali says:

So u said its bot good enough for cinema screen ?? I wanna get it cause i wanna make short movies up to 40 minutes and show them in festivals ,,, so what do think is good for that ??

Portalou Productions says:

i started making 4K cinematic short films today with the Panasonic G7. only got one video from today! a phew subs and comments would be amazing! will do the same back 🙂


Thinking about starting a youtube channel and you definitely sold me. I was stuck in between the canon rebel T6i and the G7. I def I think I’ll get more bang for my buck with this. Thanks!

Kombiice says:

Ah. The old videomic.

hiblendmedia says:

Best part about this cam aside from what you mentioned is that it obliterates most dslrs in the noise dept when filming low light in 4k at 6400 ISO, even the GH4.

Rob Maple says:

Great review, bought mine 2 days ago. Really like it.

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