Best 4K Action Camera? YI 4k Action Camera Review

Is the YI 4K action camera the best action cam for the price? Check out this review and the YI on Amazon here:

IMHO the Yi 4k is one the best action camera for the money.

Check out the Yi 2 Action Camera and Accessories Mentioned in the Video:

1. YI 4K Action Camera (US Edition) Night Black

2. YI Selfie Stick & Bluetooth Remote for the Action Camera

3. Newmow 3-Channel USB Charger for Xiaomi YI

4. Kupton Case (waterproof)

5. Kupton Accessories for Yi 4K (This is the kit I bought… but I have not used most of it)

6. EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal

Check out my YI 4k footage video uploaded in full 4k here:

UPDATE your YI 4k Firmware here:

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———Cameras Used To Shoot This Video ——-

Camera — Canon EOS 70D

Lens — Canon EF-S 10-18mm

Tripod — Ravelli Light Weight Aluminum Tripod With Bag

Microphone — Rode VideoMic Pro Compact VMP Shotgun Microphone

Lighting — Prismatic LED Halo Ring Light

This VIDEO was EDITED with Adobe Premiere on a PC.

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About this video:
In this video Sean Cannell from THiNK media TV reviews the yi 4k action camera. I think based on price and features, the Yi 4k is one of the best 4k action camera solutions on the market. If you are looking for a top 4k action camera on a budget, check out this yi 4k action camera review.


Breh G says:

awesome review but i think it s little long video.

love love says:

subscibe my channel and comment on my video I sub you back with 4 channels

explosive shivam says:

hey bro can u plz make a video on a SLR camera for video making under 10000-15000.plz bro
if any one else also can tell me about that.plz tell me

Samstrex says:

Get a haircut

Your Driver Mike says:

Thanks for posting this! That footage of the lodge and sun overhead is just insane, awesome scenes. Driving through the mountains looked awesome too!

PMartzHD says:

I’ve been following this channel for awhile that I noticed that this was a repost video. I believe this was originally published last month.

Black Conservative Patriot says:

Sean, it would’ve been cool if we could have seen your footage in this video in 4K. (I am viewing this on a 4K device but don’t see anything beyond 1080 and I don’t see any 60fps options to view in YT.) As usual, great video.

Da BJ says:

I would go with the fx3000 just because of it’s amazing image quality and especially stabilization.

popstarash1234 says:

yes Sean! I’ve been waiting my whole life for this review to come out!! (just an exaggeration)

Magic Mitch says:

Was looking forward to this review! Enjoyed the longer in-depth video!

Andreas Cooper says:

NICE! Asians killing the tech game. Call me a marketing whore but I’d hate to tell my friends I have the YI 4K. I wouldn’t call it a GoPro Killer, more like ‘the GoPro’s ugly Asian cousin’.

Amigo Arts says:

Hey Sean! I just got this a few weeks ago, and I love this camera. I did find that anything down from 4K it seems a little dark and muddy. However the stills look great, thought the app you can do awesome long exposure, I have some examples here at Mt Haleakala HI. I also bought the aluminum case for this camera, and the 37mm ND filter kit that fits the case, that makes this thing look awesome in any lighting!

Exploring with Stewarts says:

wow your work it bloody great!

ONSENVOLE Disneyland Paris says:

Price: 199 dollars.

You’re welcome.


sub to me and like this comment and I’ll sub u back reply done when u subed no bs cuz I check if u subed me

Samuel Sloan says:

hi sean i am wanting to start a youtube channel and i am wondering is the conon 700d and good camera.

Rapid Coupe says:

de-fisheye on video too

The Basic Pilot says:

I wonder why they sent that one to you? They have a new one Yi 4K plus about to come out that has a lot more features.

Nirupam Sutradhar says:

Can i do lifestyle vlogging in it

Masky tech says:

does it have fisheye kind of video

I Am Alex says:

My 2 latest videos are shot on this camera 😀

Joseph Blake says:

What do you think about Ekenh9?:

spllitz says:

you’ve made like 20 of these already

Juice says:

This is by far one of the best channel to help grow a YouTube channel. I have over 2k subscribers all thanks to you, Sean. You deserve over a millions subscribers, Sir. Much love from Florida =)

Dj Minecart says:

I went sledding today, and wanted to use a action camera! It would be so cool to have one!

NewportDispatch says:

No Protune type setting is a deal killer for me

TechPimp says:

I’m still not uploading at 4k so what’s the best 1440p or 1080p but Actioncam is this still it?

No Copyright Sound Effects says:

The test video you made was lagging as shit, even though our wifi was great. But the quality was next level.

Hartsock Entertainment says:

I use the thieye t5e it’s better then the yi.

Omer Reacts says:

I want to make reaction videos what is the best web cam any price

Anthony Resendez says:

Will you still be answering questions from the last video in future ones? I added mine on the last one.

James Ebenger says:

I use my Yi 4k more than my Hero 5. That touchscreen is the best. The UI is perfect. My FAVORITE feature is the SLOW MOTION SETTING. No shooting, upload and edit. It’s all right there. Definitely, getting the Yi 4K Plus.

Jon Bomers says:

Who else does the “coming up” part of the intro and the “Let’s, jump into, the video” along with Sean?


Hope every one has a good day

Aaron Explores says:

Hello Sean, great video. Would you be able to make a video on best budget DSLR? As I am looking to lose my DSLR virginity, or if anybody else would kindly help? 🙂

explosive shivam says:

hey bro can u plz make a video on SLR camera under 10000-15000.plz bro u r just awesome .I just need ur advise

any one else how can tell me .

Start The Rebellion says:

You mention that this is your fav all-around action cam. Have you compared the “SJCAM Star SJ7”? It has every feature that this Yi does at the exact same price $199. (4K 30, 2.7, etc. / touch screen / lens distortion correction built in / gyro stabilization built in / wifi, etc.) but it also has two things this Yi doesn’t have 1.) an external mic input ability… 2.) a very nice metal case, not cheap plastic. — You should check it out if you haven’t already. It’s amazing.

Will Stace says:

Yay another review, love the videos Sean

S&J FoodieLovey says:

wow dang looks amazing! audio sounds better than gopro

LifeOfRoro says:

I’ve been blogging for about a year now. Looking for new ways to improve my content. Your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you and have a blessed day.

J. Zaring Studios • Creative Tutorials and Vlog says:

I thought the best action cam was the ThiEye that you promoted! Well anyhow, I just ordered the Apeman A80, the specs are insane even compared to gopro. Anti shake and adjustable FOV. Pretty awesome.

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