Asus Zenfone 3 vs Samsung Galaxy C5 Review + Camera Comparison

Full review and in-depth comparison of Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL vs Samsung Galaxy C5 2016 in camera, performance, benchmark, speed test, speaker, battery, and more.

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Kim Pot says:

Which is better Samsung C5 or Asus Zenfone 3 Max? thanks

Venedictsantamaria27 Santa Maria says:

i like the c5s colors reproduction here bro. not too saturated and has more cleaner images, and better white balance. just my opinion tho. btw bro with regards in this review: youre the only one locally can do this video presentation thats so smooth and clean. keep it up.

Donito Akbar says:

looks similar

Ambin Palaroan says:

nice accent tunog native American lol

Ishant Periwal says:

subbed bro.. u make great reviews.. seriusly..

Swapnilaryan Pawar says:

Please comparing video between moto g4 plus and asus zenfone 3

jechuwen says:

please do a comparison of a5 2016 and zenfone 3 5.2″ tnx…

Sourav Saha says:

Please Please Please bro, can u do a battery life test of the two variants of zenfone 3? please? like youtube videos, 1080p movies, etc

Swabimami GT says:

+Manila Shaker please do Asus 3 deluxe

beavertown2006 says:

The C5 drain battery like piss.

goh ZS says:

the antutu of note 5 is only 63270? i thought is 80000++

Arianne Pacheco says:

Compare oppo f1s vs Galaxy c5 and oppof1s vs zen fone 3 plz especially the camera

Samantha Burgos says:

Funny how we live in the same place. Hahaha

Ben Ll says:

I’d still get the c5 …..
Better phone aswell. .

Philippe Louer says:

good.ans good.,Philippe of France

Vince Isidro says:

Probably when samsung gets old like after a few months it gets hang and the performance are not actually good…
Btw nice review

Veronika J says:

I got Asus zenfone 3 , it is a very good phone. love it

crysisownz says:

review the redmi note 4 as well.. looks to shake up the $200 market

Wesaam ALtejani says:

review to lg xcam please

Kevin Joy says:

Please compare MI 5 and Asus Zenfone 3

Fachri Kusumah says:

i think samsung c5 more better

Ahmet Gürkan Altıntaş says:

when will you get zenfone 3 deluxe?

Manila Shaker Philippines says:

More sample shots and ranking here: | Zenfone 3 Ultra review and comparisons next!

Belki Dublaj says:

copy a apple, fuck you samsung

Magnum X says:

Zenfone 3(4gb) and huawei p9 lite(3g) compariso. Pleeaasse

cyberX3000 says:

hey @manilashaker I would just like to ask what mid range phone has the best camera quality. THANKS A BUNCH!

TekNauta! says:

Samsung C5 = IPhone + HTC

Fachri Kusumah says:

which one better samsung galaxy s6 flat or zenfone 3?

emoy gonzales says:

i just bought my asus zenfone 3 today. awesome review, auto subbed! keep it up bro!

Ronel Arreglado says:

w/c is better phone asus zenfone 3 5.5 or huawei P9 when it comes to performance and camera?

Jeffrey Codoy says:

mabilis pa ang lg g3 ko snapdragon 801 2014 model….

mystic mac says:

the black margins of c5 is kinda annoying.

Atul Goku says:

UPDATE…Now asus zenfone 3 can shoot 60fps video @1080p a camera update has been released by asus…I am using Zenfone 3 for a month its awesome…

Mani Bamiri says:

and…asus can record 4k video…why you don’t say that?

Kukuh Eko Nurhidayat says:

which one has the better camera, zenfone 3 or nexus 5x? sorry for my bad english

aris susanto says:

Deluxe vs note 7/s7

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