Asus Zenfone 3 Camera Review – Excellent!!!

In this video let’s take a close look at the camera performance of the 16MP rear and the 8MP front facing cameras of the Asus Zenfone 3.

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Gab Rañola says:

Is this better than the Samsung s6 edge?

Andhika Pribadi says:

How bout the camera software?
Can ZF3 shoot in manual mode?
How long the shutter speed can handle?

kevin persaud says:

Is 23 MP camera more better than a 16mp camera

Alana Elza says:

Thank you by your review. I have problems in phones photos with children in inside since they move a lot, did you test some like that?

Amita Malhotra says:

which one is better ?
oneplus 2 or this one?
plzplzplz tell … which is better

Tarun Sisodia says:

Is the camera better than mi 5.

Darshan Darshan says:

how to transfer apps from internal memory to the sdcard on ASUS ZenFone three

Martin Latal says:

Zenfone 3 or A5 2016?

jsdd1984 says:

were you walking in slow motion 😀

Dylan Loo says:

Why does Sundar sound like he was gonna laugh at the end?

Raveena Tandon says:

Which one I should go
For mi5 or zenphone 3?

micromax 9 says:

which is best in camera and performance asus zenfone 3 or one plus 3 ?

Erwin Baluyot says:

I love foreign phone reviews!

Arthur Éboli de Souza says:

i dont like the video of the phone, have to much low dinamyc range, the photos are very ok, but i dont like the video mode, is very inferior to old sony phones like xperia ZL for exemple. Thanks for the video!!

Roxanne Durano says:

awesome review!

cautiioN86 says:

moto g4 plus vs zenfone 3 in camera?

Rey Cayabyab says:

there is something about the image quality of these pictures which i didn’t like. the pictures are saturated and sharp but they all look bland for my liking. i can’t really pin point the problem. i think it has something to do with the bit rate. (correct me if I’m wrong.. i think bit rate means the amount of information captured in an image.. which the pictures lack of. that’s why they look a bit over sharpened to compensate with the lack of information.)..

or maybe.. i just have an eye problem.. * sorry 4 d long post *

Brian Ahimsa says:

So dark sometimes… =/

Sundarsinh Rajpurohit says:

Hi Sundar, Oneplus 3 or Zenfone 3 which one u wil recommend in terms of camera and future ready phone????

indulged foreva says:


kino Payud says:

what 3rd party app did you use at 4:07 ? thanks in advance

Reza Muhammad says:

I have LG G3 now, better change into zen 3 ZE552KL ver or not?

Shawn Mendes says:

How is this phone compared to the LG G4?

Sunday Erhonmose says:

The background sound ruined this review

Irakli Sarjveladze says:

zenfone camera is very similar to htc, pink and dark, slowmotion is bad, focus is problem.

Ace Sherwin Brizuela says:

would be very much appreciated if youd share us the camera settings .. i just bought this zenfone 3 5’5 model, and guess what .. the automatic camera setting (ISO, MF, EV, WB, etc..) SUCKS BIG TIME!! especially indoor with low-medium light.
the pixels appear to be extremely thick and i just noticed that the zoom function also SUCKS BIGGER TIME !!

Abhimanyu Mukherji says:

A little more detail about the camera app would help. Like for instance, does it have manual mode, ISO settings, Manual focus, etc?


what is the app u used for recording video for auto focus

Michael Flatman says:

they fixed focus issue, added eis to 4k and added 1080p 60fps

F Hape says:

does it support long exposure mode? thanks..

BulletsBacon Beer says:

OK I can’t finish with that horrible noise

Gresilia Konggoasa says:

this asus or xiaomi redmi note 3 pro is good?

Alberto Schirru says:

can you do also time lapse?


which is the best camera phone under 25k please tell me quick .I want to buy this month

amiya jalui says:

How do you create bookeh effect ,,when asus dont have dual cam??

Rohithu duddu says:

Which Mobile’s camera is best. Zenfone 3’s or LeEco Le max 2

pravin murthy says:

I think the cam of the phone is overhyped in this review.. Esp sharpness wise..

Also the reviewer can’t get the Z sound right just like most TN n Kerala folks.. Interesting they can get the more difficult zha sound easily in comparison though! lol

Xkaran73x says:

is 2650 mah battery if fine for gaming photography nd music with its 32gb model

karan das says:

nice phone…..

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