Asus Zenfone 3 Camera Review & Compared with OnePlus 3

Asus Zenfone 3 camera review and comparison with OnePlus 3 with samples side-by-side so that you can judge which has a better camera the Zenfone 3 has a 16MP rear & 8MP front facing camera.

Asus Zenfone 3 Unboxing & Overview

OnePlus 3 In-depth review with pros & cons

Asus Zenfone 3 is sold in India via


Junaid Khan says:

zenfone camera is better…

ayan biswas says:

audio quality is not good on one plus 3 . the audio when he was recording via one plus 3 was worse

Alex Cucu says:

zenfone 3 or huawei nova?

Giardintek says:

The OneP 3 tends to over-expose the images, In low light most folks use some sort of lighting or a flash. Without flash the Zenfone takes the most accurate images. The focus is also a hit or miss with the OneP3, especially in low-light.

Saggy Prince says:

one plus 3 or zenfone 3 …. what do u recommend?

dyepnoodle dontcare says:

Dude, you look like Shrek! thumbsUp!!

suvishal reddy says:

zenfone3 has better dynamic range. check out. it’s camera is better and it’s video stabilisation is better than one+3 . you can’t be so partial. 🙁

Karthik Kats says:

Hello I want know when one is better in performance and overall better

geek ashu says:

mid range spec’s at this price op3 is better

TheBigBang Studios says:

The camera quality is better in the one plus 3 obviously.. But the mic is better in the Zenfone 3 even better than the galaxy s7 edge. And the videos are more stable in the Zenfone 3.

Ananta Kr. Roy says:

I would go for one plus

Khan azim says:

sir which one is better
moto z play or zenfone 3 3gb

Real Gamers Indo says:

mi5 or zenfone 3?

Sai Reddy says:

can you do a gaming review for zenfone 3 (medtik processer)

Babul Kumar says:

sir tell me frankly that how many years does this One plus 3 will last if i am using it carefully no dropping and etc

BenjaminC says:

5:08 – 5:10 Should be Zenfone3 and not oneplus 3

Agil Sulistiyo says:

can zenfone 3 shoot raw format like one plus 3?

BiNnu José says:

please add review of vivo v3 & v3max plz

tech with me says:

Sir how to get phone to review by the mobile manufacture’s can say

Harshit Singh says:

sir how is the camera of the zenfone 3 compared to the moto z play? specially the video recording because i want it for my YouTube videos and i was previously using the oneplus x so are these a worthy upgrade for camera performance?

Raj Selani says:

bevdo 6 ala tuto low light ni dey 6 ala

Atul Jha says:

Plz tell me the best mobile phone under 30k

aniket kumar says:

clearly ZenFone 3 is winner!

samjack16 says:

is there a full review coming for the zenphone 3???

Daud Khan says:

ranjit i think zenfone camera is better than 1+3.wheather daylight or low light zenfone has so many mods to play with which can produce great pix than 1+3.

Alex Mathew says:

honor 8 vs oneplus 3 vs zenfone 3 camera comparison please..

ABHIJIT Mandal says:


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