Are Camera Reviews a Waste of Time? (Picture This Podcast)

Should you stop watching YouTube videos and just get out and shoot?


Jason Chavez says:

I always love being educated through your videos! Thanks for sharing your input and opinions! Keep up the great work! Always enjoy all your videos.

Cathryn Wagner says:

Your thorough review on the Nikon D5500 is what “made” me buy it, and I’m glad I did. It was my first DSLR. It’s exactly as you described and just right for me.

Joe Beard says:

Hi Tony and Chelsea, I enjoy your reviews and opine that I bought the Pentax K-S2 based on your excellent review and am perfectly happy with it especially when the weather is inclement. I find the 18-50mm kit lens very useful, but of course switching lens negates the waterproofing, so I am planning on getting the new Pentax K70 which I really hope you will do one of your in depth reviews for, and the 55?-300mm lens for it, so using my Black Rapid double sling – also inspired by your program on slings, I have more flexibility whatever the weather. So please consider a review. Thanks and regards, Joe.

Steven Newit says:

Unnecessarily self-searching and defensive. Your content is educational, informative and good-humoured. Keep up the good work.

Ivan Tan says:

He’s keep saying “I’m a nerd” but he always complaining about camera menu, “it’s confusing..etc”. Nerd won’t complain it, I kno cuz I’m one of them

Eric Witte says:

some people can do wonders with DIY modifiers too. most of it is art skill plays into a lot. Then you have to do good at marketing yourself too.

kingdom777866 says:

I’m an ‘old school’ photographer from the 60s.. now back then you had to get your pictures right, good exposure, lighting ect..
for a good final result ! now it seems the norm that you buy an expensive camera, a Nikon cos tony says there the best buy..
then go out and click away.. then get home to see your shots on PC, and see all the fuck-ups you have made ? then you
wonder why that happened ? ive got this $6,000 camera and it takes crap pictures ? but Tony said its the best Nikon they
have ever made ? so then they go on the next step the life saver… Photoshop ! so the fuck-ups can all be rescued with
all the adjustments required ..
So, you dont have to be a photographer in the real sense of the word.. not with the safety nets like Photoshop ect !

When i started out i had a cheap Zenit 35mm camera, shooting B&W film, it was very limited to what it could do, but
i learn’t the hard way with correct F stops, shutter speeds, lighting ect.. i also had my own darkroom to develop my
pictures.. so i have been through the ‘mill’ so to speak..
Today i use a digital camera, take shots in manual mode, and print them at home with NO Photoshop just a straight
print from my card/camera.. and thats the way ive done it for years, if i have a bad shot i blame my bad photography
for that.. but i still do my best like i did with the Zenit, nothings changed !!
Yes Tony i have a portfolio built up over 50yrs !!

Graph Guy says:

Transparency is always a great idea, and appreciate the question.
However the answer is an overwhelming – they are extremely valuable.  You guys are professional, knowledgeable, funny, informed and I make many of my purchases based in part on your guidance.

9Skateboard7 says:

Tony what kind of car do you drive? 7:02 I wasn’t expecting to hear that much verbiage about cars.

Wayne Burnett says:

Tony & Chelsea, Let’s face it…( you already know this, and are embracing / capitalizing on it. ), you guys are an attractive looking couple.
And your production is top end. Outdoor demos, studio work , publications. All this takes dedication and endless hours behind the scenes.
When it comes to angry reviews…
It just naturally unnerves some people that you are intelligent, and can express any point of view at all. Lol!
They just aren’t able to see beyond their corneas.
So, here’s a secret fact many don’t consider; The cause of anger is fear.
Many times, fear of loss. Losing something you have, or imagine you have.
However intelligent a person is, they still can be an “fearful photographer”.
Great info, and presentation, guys!! Aloha~!

slomoshv says:

i can’t believe you guys devoted an entire podcast to respond morons and trolls.

lovefeist says:

I haven’t watched many of your videos, but I cannot help but notice how much better you look in this one. Have you just come back from a sunny vacation, or is it the lighting, or makeup? I don’t really care. Just keep doing it. You made some excellent points about reviews, by the way.

John Sides says:

You guys always give the best reviews on cameras & lenses. Show the good & bad in a non biased way. Liked your video on Nikon, learned about the 70-200mm Nikon lens and a lot about websites, etc. love your vids.

Kevin Johnson says:

Reviews are helpful prior to purchases and for entertainment, speaking of which, it entertains me that some put more stock on the equipment than their own skills.

steve says:

I like the fact that you both are photographer’s and not just collectors of gear..! Thank you guys for all that you do!

Steven Johnson says:

Excellent discussion guys ! Its a discussion that needs to happen from time to time. I guess in part it is a little bit of a response to certain reviewer/vloggers complaints that you do not gush over one particular camera model – namely the XT2. I don’t own one, maybe some day in the future because its right up my alley. I was a little disappointed that you guys didn’t give the XT2 a glowing review, but I know that ya’ll are Canon fanboi/gurl – and there’s nothing wrong with that ! I personally hate Nikon and Canon and have Pentax and Fuji stuff …….my massively in depth research, my decision and I’m very happy. Heck there are things I don’t like about the XT2 anyway. I like the apsc format and Pentax and Fuji service that format better with lenses than Canon, Nikon and even Sony apsc. Canon and Nikon service professional 35mm the best, which is wonderful, but I like apsc and need to buy Sigma apsc lenses for Canikon, because they are by enlarge better than the OEM. Screw that give me Pentax with IBIS and the glorious Pentax colors and see you later !

There are plenty of reviewers, videos, websites, lens reviewers and even just taking a look at flickr for a particular lens and camera combination to see what other people are producing. DP review and DXO, I find them biased compared to others. So there are some other reviewers out there that “review” gear but have some fiduciary arrangement with the camera manufacturers.

A consumer needs to spend 3 to 6 months researching the camera brands models and lenses they need. You just don’t go to the first review by some dingaling and accept that as the only piece of information on the earth.

So here’s a suggestion, make a video on using internet resources and refer them to the many reviewers and online resources that can potentially inform a person to the greatest degree. They might find these resources, use them, buy a camera and still end up not liking the camera they bought anyway………’ll happen ! There are photography clubs where people can go to get opinions and information too.

Keep up the good work, its nice to see that you ARE exposing yourself (pardon the pun) to a greater variety of camera brands and gear.

zvxcvxcz says:

+Tony & Chelsea Northrup Hey there, I really liked this video, for Shaping the Future, when you review the M5, please hammer Canon on the lack of a minimum shutter speed setting and the lack of additional shutter speed settings with the auto ISO (if what I’ve been hearing is true, I haven’t gotten my own hands on one unfortunately). They’ve billed themselves as being serious with this camera, so these omissions don’t seem in line with that. I mean, it has C1 and C2 custom modes…. these are some of the options I like to set most in my custom modes, along with SAF vs. CAF/servo and point focus vs. zone AF for perched vs. BIF. Maybe Canon doesn’t see it as a wildlife camera, but as far as I can tell there are a fair number of people (relative of course) excited to put a 400 f/5.6 on there as a lightweight alternative birding setup. I wasn’t expecting this, I thought I would be one of very few to want to do that.

Keith Elgey says:

when watching a camera reviews I would like to see what all the setting will do, and will it do back focus and the rest

Felipe Henao says:

Gear reviews have to be informative and people who do gear reviews have to be very well informed.
Oftenly wrong information leads to bad comments and that is funny Tony.

Dave Steel says:

I’ve read Consumer’s Digest for years. I won’t buy a thing without reading a review. Thank you, Chelsea and Tony. Your reviews are so informative educational.

Ted P says:

I like to watch reviews of gear I buy because I might learn something, or I might be struggling with something and I can find out if other people struggle with that, our if it’s just me.

Steve Brookfield says:

This is such a great video especially as your videos have been educating me on so many topics for many months now, I’ve been researching cameras for almost a year for use in more motion type video uses… not a vlog, I’m not experienced in photography but I’ve worked in story telling and post production for many years with pro cameramen and editing suites. I have for now settled on the A7s ii after a whole load of different choices week after week, I originally was going to look at a second hand canon 5D mk11 to start with and not get to caught up in 4k thing to start with, I really want to start out to have some fun and see what I can achieve first and foremost, I went right round the canon choices old and new, then I started contemplating the GH4 but… for now I’m aiming for the A7 as I think it probably makes more sense to spend the money and if it doesn’t work out, it will resell quite well, but besides all this, I love your Videos, extremely entertaining and I’ve learned a ton of stuff effortlessly. Thank you !!

John Smith says:

You two are great… it would be nice if you put together a workshop for peeps in CT. Don’t know if there are too many crazies to organize such a thing, but hey, just putting it out there. Sorry about the bogus you tube name. 🙂

Stephen Morgan says:

I enjoy watching reviews and tuition videos, no matter how long one has been a photographer there’s always something to learn & it is interesting to know a little about all brands. 🙂

b bayek says:

You guys rock! 🙂

Lisa Currie-Gurney says:

Just love you guys!!!
Thanks so very much for your work.
This self-taught amateur photographer, really appreciates your excellence, easy flow for an understanding of information, and the diversity of topics covered.
I can’t tell you how much I have learned and will continue to learn with everything you have both so generously shared.

I am a wife of 32 years. Mother of 4 grown children. Memere’ of 2 adorable grandbabies.
I started taking photos like most women my age… of my children.
Then more family members upon request.
Friends and others started to ask what I charged.
I had much to think about.

When I pick up a camera, I am in my happy place!!!
I have so much to learn, and look to your videos for that help.
The ease of being able to stop the video go back and listen as many times as my brain needs to digest what is being said and taught is so necessary for me.

Thank you both so much for all you do to help photographers like me, improve what I feel is an art in and of itself.
Plus, you two are hilarious together!
I had no idea you were married for quite some time.
So wonderful that you are able to work together.

Hugs from Maine.

Mike Dodd says:

T&C, the bit of your work that is reviewing gear is invaluable, along with that of others, who are committed to the art. I respect your transparent and pragmatic views. Its great to get feedback from you about what happens from your perspective. Its easy to a nameless commenter right? I recently spent a week with buckets of Hassy kit ( H 50 and 100 MP about 10 lenses, X1D with 30, 45 and 90mm). More Nikon and Zeiss gear than you could poke a stick at. I could have spent the whole week just on “gear” but I don’t know what you and so many others know so what I did was take this stuff for a drive and see what worked for me and how I like to shoot. Yes I was very lucky to have all that but after I got over the wow factor it was just gear. And then I could get to what was most intuitive for me, forget about the gear and focus on what we all know its about. Its very rare to have this kind of opportunity and having had it it makes me appreciate keenly the work that you and others like you do with respect to reviews and to the art more broadly. Best regards and the election will be over soon ;)))

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