Apple iPhone XS Camera Review

Eugene tests out the latest camera from Apple’s best iPhone.


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Jyo says:

Cameraman is a fucking dumbo

timmy yong says:

This is painful to watch.

LordArioh says:

if Apple will come up with a real camera, they will compromise their high end iPhone line, cuz there’s nothing much left to improve.

John Gilchrist says:

Where’s Andy, the Scottish guy?

mcrazza says:

How the mighty have fallen…

Vikas Rana says:

Video focusing gave me a headache!

Phil Hovey says:

out of focus footage across this entire video does not live up to DigitalRev’s legacy of quality and production.

lan Regnier says:

This guy has no charisma.

trevorpinnocky says:

I’m happy with the performance across the board of the iPhone Xs max. It’s a very balanced phone with the smoothest OS experience of any phone I’ve used to date. The camera isn’t a miracle but I have dslm for that.

MΛS says:

So many haters here. Give the guy a break! Making such a video seems eady but its not!

polyrhythm says:

Everything about this video is a big mess, sorry.

racerboom says:

11:32 Guy walking around in women’s shorts

GLXLR says:

No reason why this video as long as it is. Yes we are sick of bubble tea. Please get to the point.

racerboom says:

Bubble tea is as old as the internet. The recent fad is BROWN SUGAR bubble MILK.

GapBahnDirk says:

Great review. I miss Shrek though.

Bakteria says:

Poor guy

T. Bowerman says:

Where did the Scottish guy go?!

weAam sinjab says:

what did the lady pick up at 00:55 ?

Ion Cross says:

Eugene-chan, kyo wa review-suru aifonu tenesu

Chendo RedondosUSA says:

I’m pretty sure the guy in the truck @8:35 is dead.

Pétur Stefánsson says:

Hi, are the photos in this clip RAW or JPG and did you use any photo editor software to change them to your liking’s.

Alyrricyst Sacarsa Smith says:

The pictures on the IPhone XS look better than the pictures on my Nikon D5. Maybe smartphones are the true DSLR and Mirrorless killers? Lol. I’m joking.

Sharath Kumar C says:

will you be reviewing Pixel 3 camera ?

Dave Saunders says:

That’s a really bad video…

tmoss89 says:

not bad . come to new york .

Anil Kumar says:

What about pixel 3 and 3xl

Paul Hofreiter says:

You cannot change the “aperture” after taking a photo. Is this beginner’s hour? Digital background blur is not aperture. It is simulated and if your content is geared towards photographers then it is upsetting that either 1) you don’t know the difference or 2) are parroting what apple says. Also why are you making a distinction between the iPhone 8 and X? They have identical cameras except for the front camera and that wasn’t the camera you were talking about. Not a lot of info in this video otherwise and I don’t think I’m alone in not caring about bubble tea. Also the presenter seems unsure and is not entertaining.

Максим Гладкий says:

3 min in and the review didn’t even start

TheStoopsMan says:

The thumbnail of this video without my glasses looks like a character from the Lion King.

tom happy says:

Wasn’t bad but where is
Hassleblad lad

Anonymous Guy says:

Good video.

Mez says:

I enjoy reviews like this because you pair a flagship phone camera with reviewers that literally vlog and spend the day using the phone in common situations in life. Videography, photography and some cultural vlogging experience and to put it all together, a REVIEW. Great stuff guys, the like/dislike ratio really just comes from people liking Kai as the host and his natural charisma but eventually you guys will be appreciated more for your work. =)

ItsKyle says:


K. says:

Do follow up to this with Pixel 3!

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