Apple iPhone X Camera Review (vs. an ACTUAL studio and Canon f1.2L)

Rebecca tests out the iPhone X’s camera, against the Canon f1.2 and an ACTUAL studio!


DigitalRev’s iPhone X First Impression Video with TR HE:

Main Features:

iPhone X features a new all-screen design. Face ID, which makes your face your password. And the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone. The new iPhone X has been radically redesigned with an all-screen display and A11 Bionic.


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Isaac Collard says:

Not hating but perhaps she pushing it

The Technoclast says:

Grabs a chair and literally starts doing a porn dance.

Yep, definitely not trying.

Oliver Lam says:

This is just horrible

Juan Alejos says:

If a profesional photographer did the same tests the results would hace been incredibly different

InspirationIsFree says:

Isn’t it illegal to take photos/video of someone and publish them given their explicit non-consent? Not to mention unethical. Either way it is not a good look for DigitalRev to have a girl who can’t seem to speak cantonese taking photos of the locals against their wishes.

Mario G says:

The Canon lens is more expensive than the iPhone X itself, you can’t compare them , portrait mode really sucks on iPhone, try to take a portrait mode picture in low light situation, it’s impossible, in other hand the canon lens will create stunning images, iPhone’s camera is good but will never replace a good camera and will never create authentic bokeh.

John Lewis says:

Rebecca is hilarious. How often do you see a beautiful young woman having fun and not worrying about looking silly. It’s refreshing.

Kémy says:

the only thing smartphone cameras are good at replacing are compact cameras. and even those get beaten by entry level DSLRs

Mark Andrew L. Lim says:


blase1101 says:

This is a super girl but it is artificial in what she does. She is not funny and should not be funny. Let him be himself. Let it be natural.

Alexander Jungmann says:

Uuuh please, don’t wear those shoes and better wear some Sneakers or Ballerinas!!! Thanks for the impressive review.

Greg Allen says:

A great photo of you at 4:22…

Alaa Mak says:

Are you just an actress or are you really a photographer ? …. Cause, with all do respect, your photos are shit …
Oh, and don’t try so much… (PS: I mean it with an objective criticism)

MantzyAUS says:

New people, maybe they’ll start reviewing Pentax! Hahahah

oh, wait, I shoot Pentax….

Ninety5Shoots says:

You’re cringy as fuck. Just stop. Sorry.

Harry Tharsiman says:

digitarev tv is back! 😀

alxmetro says:

Пожалуйста верните Кая назад!

poppei . photography says:

Man,I miss the old Team.They’ll never be like Kai but I give them a chance.

András Marton says:

honestly this felt weird, but not that weird as kai’s early reviews, those were much worse. I think most people here haven’t even seen those at all. People should just give some time to the new team to find their style. Based on Rebecca’s short reviews posted on facebook she has great potential as a presenter I hope she can ignore the haters.

Parkview112 says:

I think Rebecca did a good job in this video and an even better job in the second. Kai was excellent but he had to develop and improve from his first time too. It’s therefore not fair to compare Rebecca to Kai since 1) she isn’t Kai and 2) she also needs time to fully grow into her role. If the overall production wasn’t as smooth as previously, keep in mind that the influence and working relationship with the host has an effect on this and everyone there is having to make adjustments. The audience must now make adjustments as well so let’s not have a rush to judgement and instead let everyone settle in. That simply takes practice and will therefore show up in the final result. I think this will improve over time as DigitalRev TV has shown it can do quality work and Rebecca has shown she has the makings of an excellent host. Patience and encouragement will go a long way.

Kishshey says:

Lamest narration

xMotivationFix says:

Well, just make large prints and compare them.

Youtube Channel says:

What’s with the dislikes she’s hot, and i feel like she did a decent job

SpeedyTechies says:

i got a boner just by watching her

Raj Varghese says:

The presentator is just amazing..

Stefan Kostadinov says:

nice chick,fucking bitch 😉

SpbMoneta says:

I like her. She realy good.
Don’t be a Kai.
Be yourself.

Jacob Issa says:

You can’t just go up to someone and take a pic

Marcel Mayer says:

you are on drugs?? why you hold this Phone so stupid

Philippe Beauchamp says:

This is a perfect exemple of sheep society. After a month she’ll use it to take selfies and post compressed facebook photos on her wall and all that tech will be pointless

TheBortman says:

This is stupid….

Mikoto Syameér says:

She’s good for a newbie and still kinda over the top, still lots of room for improvement nevertheless!

Tanvir Rafi says:

overacting ruined the video

Sunrisen says:

*Why so many dislikes* ?
I actually like her review its funny
And i think thats cool on a camera review too not just give specs.

Skye Trophy says:

It’s called 50 millimeter 1.2 not 50 1.2, There is a reason those numbers are different, please read them correctly

Peter Feenstra says:

Keep it up, you are doing great

Papscal says:

Why wear the freakin sweater if you dont understand how to actually wear it?

Michael DeRose says:

It wasn’t that bad. Sure there are some legit criticism, but let’s see what happens when they find their way. Hard to replace Kai, but I say give them another try.

Tyler Moncrief says:

Honestly, It was cringeworthy in the beginning……but it wrapped up very well! Good stuff lady!

MantzyAUS says:

10:54 – 11:38 Where this video becomes watchable without cringe

JD D says:

As smooth as a brick wall.

Anmmar Alnimar says:

I really miss Kai on DRTV. But I’m excited to the channel back. Good luck new team.

Daniel Choi says:

😮 I think she was brilliant … and she’s very pretty! … didn’t notice the 4000 thumbs down till end of video. U people need to be a little less pedantic and understand they too are human beings, although I don’t know what DrTv did wrong ? And, Bloody Producer is right about “urge you to unsubscribe now and go somewhere else”. I agree o-o , nobody gonna miss u lot. Bye.

John Lewis says:

The dislikes and negative comments here are crazy and annoying. The review is great. If you don’t like it, just keep quiet. You don’t have to go out of your way to try to knock people down for petty reasons.

Darkstorm Nunag says:

I love her reaction at 10:23..It satisfy me a lot..oh yeah.. m/

DigitalRev TV says:

Hey, this is the Bloody Producer commenting. Thank you for watching! For those of you who are here to see the comparisons, please skip to 5:08. Please also allow me address a few common complaints here:

Common complaint 1: Elderly gentleman who had his photo taken

We were at that spot where Rebecca was taking photos of people around, and most had ran away from the camera. Rebecca was about to move on, when this very friendly elderly gentleman walked past, stopped, and posed for Rebecca (Imagine the excitement and relief!). However as the new iPhone X has a brand new way of unlocking and a new camera shortcut (What’s up with that Mr. Ive?), Rebecca struggled to switch on the camera quickly enough, hence the “wait, wait, wait”. At the end when the elderly gentleman waved and said “no thank you”, he simply meant “no more, I have to go, thank you.”. On this show, the presenters often make remarks about the surroundings in playful manner that doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. However I can see why the presenter’s remarks and our edit could have misled the audience to believe the gentleman didn’t want his picture taken in the first place. We have digged up the footage of what happened a few seconds before the scene, and you can find it here:

Common complaint 2: Calling other people’s “home” disgusting

The run down building is named Elite Industrial Centre (Google Map: Rebecca was well aware of the nature of the building, as the entire area is industrial. Later on when the photo was reviewed, and the presenter commented on being able to see such details as “basically see everyone living in there”, it was an exaggerated remark which could have given the wrong impression that the building was in fact residential. It is not.

Common complaint 3: Impersonating  “Kai’s style”

DigitalRev TV’s brand distinguishes itself by its entertaining content targeted at open-minded photo loving community. Our previous brilliant presenter Kai certainly had more than just one style. Some of them are uniquely Kai, some of them – such as not taking oneself too seriously, and being a bit eccentric – is unmistakably DigitalRev TV, and such values are encouraged and nurtured among the teams – past and present included. When we audition our presenters, we look for interesting people who can carry that interestingness onto the screen.

Rebecca for example, is hilarious, eccentric, and entertaining in real life. She can also be very sarcastic from time to time. What you see here is the real her, unfiltered and unaltered. She is also extremely kind. To give you one example, we left that studio you saw in the video and forgot to say goodbye to the model. Rebecca was the only one to go back and say goodbye.

Common complaint 4: the first half of the video is awkward 

This I could agree. It is not our best work, especially the first half. To give ourselves an excuse, we had only a few hours to film and edit the video, and we were too ambitious. We wanted to make the most most informative iPhone X camera review out there within a few hours, to contribute to your decision making when it comes to whether to queue up for the iPhone X on launch day (Ok, that wasn’t true! We just wanted to get more views!). We didn’t succeed our ambitious goal. It was not cut to the best of our team’s ability. If you managed to watch till the end (you are a rare breed by the way), I think you’ll find the ending slightly better than the beginning. 

Ok, that’s enough said. I don’t normally write this kind of thing. In fact I don’t even do much for the show (other than taking some underserved credits I guess). But I felt I should clear up some misunderstandings for Rebecca, who has been handling some of the terribly mean comments exceedingly well. It would be terrible to let her take all the hates. 

Last but not the least, this channel is for open minded people. We don’t care much about political correctness, but misogyny has no place on our platform. A small number of comments are not aimed to give us feedback, but to spread hatred for women, or to make women look inferior. If you are one of this small group, I urge you to unsubscribe now and go somewhere else. 

I’ll be checking replies to this post regularly in the next few days, to listen to all your constructive feedbacks.



Dags Media says:

She speak about photographie but don’t know how to keep a camera in her hands …

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