APPLE iPHONE 8 Plus Camera Review – Lok tests long exposures, slow mo, 4k 60fps & vlogging

Lok has an Apple iPhone and has been testing out the features of the new camera. The camera tests start at 5:19 mins

5:19 – Twin lens zoom
5:33 – Live Photo
5:50 – Handheld Long Exposure Mode
6:50 – Image Quality
7:10 – Portrait Mode
7:50 – Portrait Lighting Effects
8:06 – Flash
8:15 – 4k 30fps Video
8:44 – 4K 60fps Video
8:52 – Waterproofing
9:17 – 1080p 240fps Video
9:44 – Front Facing camera Video for vlogging
10:23 – Rear Facing camera for 4K vlogging
10:54 – Apple Reality

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Croz 1007 says:

Not enough updates with the iPhone 8 so I’ll pass on that one (Got the 7 just a year ago). The iPhone X looks cool (except for that black bar across the top for sounds and all of the camera crap) but not spending $1000 for a new phone. Maybe with the next round of phones. Great review.

Chronic Wizdom says:

i love your view on Iphones and Samsung or whatever cause people who like apple just let them like it ye sure its not always up to par wit tech like Samsungs or apple always does things years later but who cares people like Samsung like Samsung people like Apple like Apple

Paul Sabian says:

damn u sould be worried about nuclear warheads from north korea not iphones dude.

Alexandra Starr Photography says:

My last iphone was the 4s, i had it right up until feb this year, the wifi was greyed out, so was bluetooth after an update in 2014… Switched to android this year and i have no regrets, and there is nothing about the iphone X that really gets me excited, its a bit gimmicky if you ask me, sure its perfect for social media photographers but for serious photogs, nothing comes close to a real camera with some top notch glass attached!

Thomas Hill says:

Get the LGV30…

van Yama says:

FFs this guy is so right

Damian Brown says:

Thanks for the front camera tests, this is really what I’m interested in. Still on the iPhone 6, and that’s fine, but would love 1080p front facing… though the OIS of the rear in these tests would be way more handy… :S

gary vaughan says:

Like what you say but are you for real or just chasing like and subscribe. Hope you don’t do that .Respect

Steven Hill says:

Subscribed! You know your technology and you are very funny too!

evildead2002 says:

Love it. Cheers Lok!

vi 590119 says:


Elmar Hoenig says:

hey, nice video, thank you! especially nice was to see your home city HongKong “through” iPhone camera 😉 – I am coming from Germany.

陈俊霖 says:

slow sync flash only available for 8 and X.

Michael Bobarev says:

So glassy phone. So tender….:)

Prime Tambayong says:

Best iPhone 8 review LOK, you don’t have to mind android people, they will always comment on things. Like anything.

Long exposure on Live Photos is so nice to have, I love using ND400 with my ultra wide in the day, still I have to go down to diffracted f16-22 to get decent movement of water and clouds, I used an iOS app called Cortex camera for years which does a little of that but not as good. I laughed at AR (Apple reality) . The 8 is a gorgeous phone, the 7 also, the X is just the 8 with a fuller screen and slightly higher res, front bokehlicious mode and front AR apple reality. I have a 6 and it’s really hideous looking with the disproportionate camera and bands, then I went android, android is clearly superior in many ways, higher res screen is ok, I still don’t mind using the 6 display also, it’s a good lcd. Fast charging is faster on android, but if you don’t use fast charging, android is a pain to charge, 3-5 hours to charge a phone on PC usb. Android is far more flexible and complex, but I still love iOS, and iOS 11 really brought me back to iOS, on the 6 and iPad mini 2.

java island says:

lok should make a vlok with iphone 8. just like when lok made 1st vlok with iphone.

sheldon white says:

Haha the guy said give yourself a metal ohh Samsung is the head of the game right now of the technology future heading forward hardware and software and more and specially with their sexy TV display and specially went there Galaxy line is sick


Samsung galaxy note 8 more better

kadek sudarwika says:

black back plek velg flex

Armando Andrés Meabe says:

That bridge!! So many memories from drtv!!

Michael Archer says:

The UK plug is ”so bladdy big!”
Well as you know it happens to be the safest plug in the world, and hence why HK uses it also! Assume that it’s officially BS approved. ( of course, Apple ones are! )

Also who wants iPhone7S I mean iPhone8 we want the iPhone X (TEN!)

Marcus Chong says:

AR = Apple Reality xD @10:52

Spyran Plays says:

I think the iPhone 8 rear camera is a very capable vlogging camera – comparable to the famous Canon G7X

Diy Box says:

04:45 I was shocked…..This is not a toy, if it is going to fall omg….im so scared wth why playing me like that

Cedric Ramey says:

That’s so awesome, it’s like using a canon camera.

Cheng Kiang Ng says:

“Neatly wound” cable. 🙂

Playfer says:

The stabilisation makes all the difference in the rear camera video for vlogging. Shame you can’t see yourself though.


rear camera much better for vlog plus a gimble

Neopulse00 says:

I still have my 5s Lok after 2+ years now! I swapped out the battery for a new at a 3rd party service and got a new Mophie Pack Plus (64GB + battery) for it. I still think it can go for another year or two.

Although, I am wondering about the Zeiss Exo lenses will they still be compatible given the dual camera bit.

Jed Teng says:

No Lok!…. Dont die!!!!

Es Gee says:

what are bit rates for 4k/60, 1080/240?

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