Apple iPhone 7 Plus Real Camera Review (and iPhone 7 too!)

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The iPhone 7 Plus is the best iPhone ever, but does this $769 phone deliver the best mobile camera? We’re digging deep to test the photo and video performance on the iPhone 7 Plus!


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Chat with Juan


pada kanchanapinpong says:

11:20 what’s pen . What brand? Look interesting

LaursVanity says:

who needs a DSLR when you’ve got the iphone 7

Charles M. says:

This is honestly the only channel you can find on YouTube that delivers amazing camera reviews which are extremely detailed, comprehensive, and thorough. And it gets even better with Juan Bagnell. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Josh DeYoung says:


alvareo92 says:

Important to point out Samsung’s raw files are bloated for some reason, and re-converting them to DNG strips them to about half, making them like the iPhone’s. By the way, which manual camera app would you recommend?

I Eat People says:

“Megapickle sensor”

Alex Schlueter says:

What stylus is that at 3:24?

inban arunkumar says:

real wat it means

LukeroGt says:

Anyone else realised how organised the highway at 9:20 was? No horns and perfect distances? Never in my country.

ytsab nolat says:

I want one :-(((


Best camera ever iphone☀️☀️☀️

Jhon castle says:

still only mono recording?? Thanks to this review, I just Canceled iPhone 7 plus,Hello LG V20! Stereo recording is a must!

Fire Blade says:

SO is the 7 plus worth the buy because of the camera??? or should i just buy iphone 7, saves 100 bucks

Travis Sivart says:

Pretty hot camera

Aryan Kujur says:

I think huawei p9 is better then iPhone 7 plus in Photography section but video Quality & Zoom iPhone hands down

Cdek Ibalio says:

Eww. Pixel is better duh!

Bxnneh AkaKatelyn says:

so its amazing

LearnEasy says:

worst camera i have ever seen

Geet Madan says:

That dandelion image is good..!

Kevin Liew says:

Great review Juan, keep up the good work!

andrea smith says:

Did he say Megapickle? Lol

Christian Darcy says:

Hello pocketnow and thankyou for this review i was giving up on my iphone 7 plus and i was leaning towards the google pixel until i saw your review about it i am now very confident i have made the right decision in keeping my iphone 7 plus and would like to thank you for that, your review is unbiased and it seems not influenced by any manufacturer so thankyou you have gained a sub you are a very Good reviewer 🙂

Baljeet Singh says:

Which stylus are you using?

Jeff Ho says:

Thanks for the great video!! Is there any lag between pressing the shutter and image captured on the 7? I find it is slower than 7+ and even the 5s and 5. Is my unit isolated case? Seen videos also mentioning the lag.

alvareo92 says:

By the way, the 2x zoom only uses the second lens in ideal, brightly-lit, conditions with the subject not being too close—yes, this means the 2x macro shots at mfd you mention are digital zooms. Also, that lens doesn’t have OIS, which is why footage is shakier. This article is interesting:

Jamie says:

Crave cafe after Lake Balboa? Nice day out 🙂

ModernAge says:

Check out my review of the iPhone 7 Plus Camera

Sultan Singh says:

no stereo audio in Iphone ???

John C says:

Mega pickle

Witcherworks says:

So is it really worth it to get the plus?

redgie bucad says:

hey Juan Bagnel! which camera do you prefer iphone 7/plus camera or s7/note 7? ” which is better?”

Louisa Wiggin says:

12 megapickle sensor hahahha

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