Apple iPhone 7 Plus Camera Hands-on Review

Warren and Lok take a bite out of the new iPhone 7 Plus (

Warren and Lok take the new iPhone all across Hong Kong, to see if its camera is good enough for the picky cameramen of DigitalRev. They crash someone’s new store, hit the streets, and go full street photography mode.

Pricing reference:
iPhone 7 (US):
iPhone 7 (UK):

Read more about the Apple iPhone 7 on DigitalRev:
Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus Has Two Lenses, f/1.8 Aperture, 2x Optical Zoom and RAW
iPhone 7 Ranks Highly in DXOMark Charts

Main Features:
12MP camera
Wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture
Telephoto: ƒ/2.8 aperture
Optical zoom at 2x; digital zoom up to 10x

Optical image stabilization
Six‑element lens
Quad-LED True Tone flash
Panorama (up to 63 megapixels)
Sapphire crystal lens cover
Backside illumination sensor
Hybrid IR filter
Autofocus with Focus Pixels
Tap to focus with Focus Pixels
Live Photos with stabilization
Wide color capture for photos and Live Photos
Improved local tone mapping
Body and face detection
Exposure control
Noise reduction
Auto HDR for photos
Auto image stabilization
Burst mode
Timer mode
Photo geotagging

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Paul Ting says:

Haha overnight index swap, I guess the people who don’t get the contextual joke will now tell their friends, “Hey does your phone have overnight index swap or OIS”?

Ahmad Afis says:


malayneum says:

im thinking to sell my Leica M8 and buy iPhone 7 Plus for mobility.

Thang LV says:

How about the NEW PHONE from KODAK?

nathan davis says:

the voiceover Mic sounds…..different

nathan davis says:

the voiceover Mic sounds…..different

Anthony Pearson says:

So… you’ve given up making videos… shame, I was getting to like the new team.

Bilbo Baggins says:

what was the drtv video that mentioned whenever you pointed your camera at a friend, they looked at you and smiled assuming you were saying “cheese”

natz fury says:

make it a little entertaining man you got me dizzy im about to sleep zZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz

Daniel Hew says:

I prefer to keep my Canon G5X because Camera phones don’t really take good quality photos. Camera phones also have very limited zoom. I recommend a small camera if you travel around a lot. Camera phones are great for taking photo textures for games designers.

shubham kumar says:

bakwass jada rodd ti

John Frank says:

This Chanel isn’t what it used to be

TP-vision Photo says:

cmon guys, the majority of people here believes in your creativity to do nice wideos like the ones you have been doing.
Outside photography, this show, for years, has grown inside me some anxiety to go to Hong Kong, it became a must go for me. I hope some day I can manage to go there. I know I will, it’s just a matter of time 🙂

TheFamilyguy421 says:

Where is the regular guy?

joseph clarke says:

The new guy is terrible

Software Muster says:

Valentine’s Day Offer, Get free Iphone for Here::

Ramraj G says:

meh, still no better than 1020

Aaroni Peperoni says:

Where’s the other Chinese guy? I don’t like this new blogger


good video

TP-vision Photo says:

DRTV are you alive? >.> 2 weeks. I guess some wideo saying something about the “new” and old crew, is being made. I like girly warren and badass hulk Ian so i’ll keep my sub here 😀

Jubo Obuj says:

If you have the iPhone 6 and you buy a 7, you are bad with money I guarantee it.


waiting for ur videos

James L says:

thank god you got rid of that guy who knew nothing or informed us of real information we needed on products… like this guy a lot more

Austin Garland says:

Can you do a review on the new 24-105 f/4 lens?

BRC Fung says:

Hang in there warren your doing an amazing job

Lucy AndMe says:

you suck.

nolen1957 says:

Can we have english subtitles? This guy is very hard to understand.

Miroslav HD says:

This is deadly boring

Aadil Patel says:

could any one suggest me best DSLR for photgraphy
Around $600..


Gustavo Ribeiro says:

who the fuck is this guy?

Ben Whoever says:

My manly instinct tells me to ask this. What is the name of the portrait @ 5:11?

Vico Estradivarius says:


Sourav kar_sRv says:

please do a giveaway

Bee Bee says:

That moment when an iPhone shoots a higher resolution video than a Canon DSLR.

yung tuna says:

bring back that straya girl and i might consider subbing

Jerome Gotangco says:

Going to Hong Kong for holidays in 2 weeks. Still couldn’t decide if I leave the Canon 6D with a 28-105 or just use the iPhone 7 Plus all the way.

outerspacefunk says:

fro knowss


Love how this guy’s whose never been to england is trying to do an english accent now that kai is gone

Morally Ambiguous says:

this “bokeh effect” all you gear nerds are jizzin about with all these fucking gimmicky iphone cameras and shit are just that… SHIT. The gearwhore has gotten so fucking teribad that y’all have started to just brush aside that fact that it’s NOWHERE NEAR the quality an ACTUAL CAMERA will achieve….. can we just stop with all the phone camera bullshit please….. please.

uesugikaru says:

not one not two but two… whaaatttt???

I know you're right, but says:

I understand it is better to wait for 8..!
Thanks, I’ll stick to my 6Plus.

ssej llenrad says:

Last one with Lok. This one’s special. DR is no longer the same, might not really for the worse. Time will tell if it is indeed for the better. I’m keeping my subscription. That said, one can’t help but feel some longing for the original three.

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