Apple iPhone 6 Camera Review Shot With an iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has released the larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (, but does bigger mean better when it comes to the camera features when compared to the 5 and 5s?

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MsCordially says:

I love Chinks ! Subscribed !

Jo ker says:

fuck this chinese asian shit.

FPS50 says:

where is this? hong kong?

hazel villamor says:

I actually have my iPhone6

theory8sf says:

I just bought the ALM for the iPhone and can’t wait to try it out!

Fasi shazee says:


NebukadV says:

Is it possible that you messed up something regarding the framerate of the 6Plus footage?

Lego Play Time says:

You should fix all of your videos with it

Ivan Kawaii says:

what mic did U used for recording this video?

HamadTx says:

I honestly didn’t expect British accent wow! Thought they were Americans haha! Great video 🙂

Alex Juarez says:

Galaxy s6 is 1000 times better in every way.. But if your basic you will love the iphone

Yuvaraj rajamanickamm says:

Hongkong is great at it’s culture,its wonderful dynamic point of forwardness,westernized behaviour.india need to learn something.

peacemaker says:

Its from china. And its a replica

EducatingStupidity says:

Selling cheap camera on eBay for $100 it supports 1080p and is good for those that want to do YouTube and film production

F051 says:

5:22 xD

Vu Kenneth says:

nice accent ..

Benjamin Lupton says:

What microphone setup did you use for this? Was it easy to sync with the videos from the iPhones?

Joey Cheng says:


Danielle Harris says:

I love his voice. lol

Colin Sevier says:

is Rita single?

ruzzell907 says:

I didn’t even noticed that they were recording with iPhone 6 Plus

Ann Tkg says:

Love this video:)))) haha

Self Fuckin Made says:

No shit! A Chinese man with a British accent… The world is coming to an end O_o

Iamzombiehunter says:

When I see videos like this one I really, really have to laugh.

TFBoys Vietnam Entertaiment says:

this perfect accent

Siddharth Patel says:

6 plus is better

diego consani says:

dois virgens kkk

RUS says:

No slow-mo before the Iphone? come’on forgot the LG G Pro 2/G3 and many more?

Iamzombiehunter says:

The iPhone camera specs are terrible with only an 8mbit lens compared to the Note 4 with a 16mbit lens that takes pics and videos in 4k. BTW Samsung introduced this phone last year in 2014.
Just google the iPhone 6 and 6Plus specs to find out how far behind apple is in their technology compared to other phone manufactures. It is really a shame that apple is taking advantage of their die hard followers by selling substandard products.

red buenaventura says:

i love their accent !!goodness!

MrShockwave says:

in your hand iphone 6 looks like 6+

Daniel Alvarez says:

What’s your opinion on buying a tripod for the iPhone6s Plus to shoot videos/photos in public? To lame?? Would actually photographers laugh lol

fanimezakura says:

u look like u high chilly willy 😀 roll up on the iphone 6 … flex on em ! #noflexzone #chillywilly

Lazsalzari Romnzevroskki says:

wow, what brand of condom is that?

Kev-In-Bangkok says:

iphone 6 or canon eos 5d?

Tiago Cardoso says:

AHAHA i do the same thing with my shirt when i´m around pigeons! those rats with wings…

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