Andoer 360 Degree Camera – UPDATED REVIEW

In my review of the Andoer 360 degree panoramic action camera, I noted that I couldn’t figure out how to render the VR video without ugly black bars at the sides and top of the image. Well, I figured it out. I think you’ll agree that the updated video is MUCH more pleasing.

Purchase this camera here:

Download Viewer and Converter software here:

1. Viewer for mac:
2. Viewer for windows:
3. VR Converter:


FPV Fonz says:

i was just lookin for this vid last night, and couldn’t find it. lol

Fraser Steen says:

with a headtracking system on some googles this would be a great way to give someone an fpv ride

MrZziraldo says:

very cool. We do still need some more resolution tho

alisher rakhimov says:

awesome….. 😉

mlhebel says:

That is so cool!

Farmer Fpv says:

haha this is so awesome buddy loved it 🙂 really enjoyed the video

Stuart Munro says:

That is just soooo cool. This may change the future of fpv videos immeasurably. Thanks.

george aura says:

I got to try this sometime with my lg 360 camera

Wholly Mindless says:

I think you weren’t harsh or unfair, just as dumb as the rest of us!

Zapf says:

the framerate seems far lower than 30fps

Nano Mechs says:

Took me a while to figure out I could drag the screen. I was wondering why I was looking behind the quad.

stokehaunted says:

thats VGA quality at best

Bludz FPV says:

Well done JB, this is sooooo awesome. Is that the highest/best resolution and settings?

Marcus Mc Kay says:

Josh, how are those HV batteries standing up and how many cycles you put them through , my Bolts are dead for some reason all of them have puffed and I always balance charge them and never brought them below 14.8 rest …

Mark Hebel says:

Very nifty!

Ed Schrader says:

AWESOME! …great video! …maybe you can show how you mounted this, to what you mounted it to, etc. …how large of a file was your raw video data, etc.? …how long to render?

Lee Swifty says:

Would you normal have you video antenna pointing straight out the back like that, is that a position of choice?

Job91 says:

check night flyers video his house was destroyed by fire all his vintage radios and model airplanes, quads and helicopters destroyed. we should help this 70 year old back on his feet. his videos and contribution to RC were amazing.


very nice

István Papp says:

A built-in gyro?
Any function
gyro recording mode?

CCJHardt says:

I have the same camera and a copter and I am very happy with watching the video on the cardboard. But somhow I fail to upload them to youtube correctely. Can you tell me, how I can upload the videos, so that youtube recognizes that this is a 360° Video. I tried the converter and the META injector, but after uploading nothing changes and I cannot change the view in youtube.

AuralAntithesis says:

Looking straight forward this footage has a seam down the middle, while not bad it is still distracting.

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