A119 Dash Cam Review – Good, Affordable, 2k Capacitor Camera

My review of the A119’s video and audio performance and why I think it’s a great all around dash cam for people on a budget.


The Blabby Daddy says:

when are you coming to Dallas fort worth?

TargaWheels says:

How did you adjust it down? The last clip, it was facing further down than the other clips

bearsuc says:

Maybe aim it down a bit to record anything coming into contact with the vehicle.

Anonymous says:

You ever thought of moving to Western Washington. Great economy and beautiful place to live.

Napoleon Einstein says:


Iridium242 says:

I have a cheap one I got online for 20 bucks. Same thing, its a 2K cam. It works great and the video quality is far better than I ever thought it would be. Works good enough for a dash cam 🙂 I like this one however, if i need to buy another or upgrade this is one I would seriously look at.

Joanna Ford says:

Thanks for your input. I have installed one in my car. It goes off and on when I turn off my car. It records good at night as long as I turn it to night mode. Did you have to adjust anything for night time ?

Charles Kirby says:

It looks like its point too high see more of the sky than the road

Daniel Dougherty says:

does this camera keep up with the current date and time even if it’s off?

ThatGuyScott says:


lucifuehrer says:

06:25 “What the hell” is right, that was a near head-on collision but I’m glad you’re okay, anyways, that’s a swell camera.

pennyman81 says:

hey demcad you need a shape up. that hairline is fucked up.

joebonsaipoland says:

Get an iPhone it does it all.

MishuTaste says:

DEMCAD: I think you should have a job reviewing firearms and camping equipment. If I was an executive at Cabela’s, I’d hire you.

hawk1481 says:

You or a day late just received one over the weekend  .Auto vox

Lovonzo Williams says:

Much better than one of your recent videos!!! Had me saying what happened to Demcad’s video quality!!!LOL

Jim Califwin says:

Thank you ; need more on this subject.

Mad Mountie says:

Great information, thank you

Snafu Times says:

Too high of an angle.

Dr. Mark in Texas says:

One question, if you are in a wreck, how do you recover the footage before it’s erased? Especially, if your unconscious?
THANK you for your help

hstone39 says:

That cam is pointed to the sky. You need to adjust it.

ssh0111 says:

Put a link where you bought it please!

Lovonzo Williams says:

Much better than one of your recent videos!!! Had me saying what happened to Demcad’s video quality!!!LOL

Karl Mc says:

6:25 Really bugs me, idiots who use the oncoming lane near corners for no reason. It’s another level of stupid and it’s frightening when you’re on a motorcycle. I bought the A119 after much research, great cam. Nice long cable so you can hide it away under windscreen pillar. My only complaint was those cable clips had very weak adhesive.

hman630 says:

Wish I had got this one .  I bought the dash cam 2  or pro  cant remember now whatever it is.   about 8 months ago  and I don’t like it. it only records for around 15 minutes  then it deletes the recording and starts over  and the manual is confusing as hell on how to use it. also its  pretty big  so its easy to see if I leave it in the car   so I have to take it out every time I get home    .  so basically  I never use it anymore.  To much trouble taking it out and putting it back in the Jeep every time I want to go out.

john S says:

think I am going to purchase this one, thanks Reginal

socobliss says:


dragonflyneb says:

Great little camera.

Michelle Johnson says:

nice I think everyone needs the their cars.

Pervy Sage says:

I have the same, but I’ve never looked at the video from it. Looked good in reviews and looks good in your vid. That driver at 6:30 was drifting over haha.

J Tee says:

How much MB are 2 minute worth of footage? Mine is around 350 mb, is that the same for you too?

motordar says:

I run dash cam too. High gig card is a must.

Keith Moriyama says:

Recording time: How long does it take to fill up the card.
Do you have to empty the card or does it automatically rewrite.

Ima Freewoman says:

The picture is not shaky at all while you’re driving. Good camera.

glohstr1 says:

Great timing..was just looking to purchase this same cam.

J-rocksMOTO says:

Grate price I have looked for a dash cam b4 they were 200$but that was 2015

Jolie Alaniz says:

Thanks for sharing

ServantToTruth says:

Try to stay away from the McDonalds Reg

1Moretime says:

Under a $100……can’t go wrong with that. I think you made a wise purchase.

ArcanusLibero says:

Thanks for the share. I was unaware of the capacitor option. You have me thinking.

WiseSilverWolf says:

Looks pretty good, how well does it pick up license plate numbers? in Florida theres alot of hit and run drivers on the highway. I heard that the A119 was designed for high temperatures too since it has an all metal body it withstands heat from the sun better when you leave it in your vehicle.

johnnieace45 says:

I got one that looks like that and also came with a rear camera that plugs into it as well. Works pretty good. Wife’s car has the hidden one that uses wi-fi.

Chon-bae Sun says:

I primarily use my old Android smartphones oldest being 4.1.2 jellybean era 2012 with the Dailyroads Voyager app covering both front and back.

WCAMStudios says:

But you record your audio later?

William Ashley says:

Good camera IMO. I was impressed by the night quality. Just a heads up this is selling for about 80 US on Ebay… Amazon is about 93 US for the gps version. $92 on ebay for the 2k gps. version. Aliexpress.com has even lower prices. I am guessing this may be another model but it is WAY lower starting at just over 50$ USD https://aliexpress.com/item/Jusky-Newest-Arrival-B40-Ambarella-A7-Super-HD-1296P-Car-DVR-Super-Capacitor-Dash-Camera-Cam/32760450464.html?spm=2114.04010208.8.31.YQmhHd For those with suitable cellphones… you might also consider getting a secondary setup with your phone using a phone docking station or something like http://fieldguide.gizmodo.com/how-to-turn-your-phone-into-a-dash-cam-1710830106

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