A Review Of The Panasonic GH5 Micro Four Thirds Camera

This is a review of the Panasonic’s flagship GH5 as a stills camera. The GH5 is often seen as primarily a video camera. It isn’t. Regarded purely as a stills camera it stands with the very best that the Micro Four Thirds system has to offer. What is unique is that you can say that about its video too. Hybrid usually entails compromise. Not so the GH5’s case.


N Dawkins says:

I note from the captions that you have the new Pana 12-60mm f2.8-4. I’m presuming there is a review coming of this? Thanks

Charlie Traquair says:

outstanding review…one of the best…..it’s one of a very small number of reviews i didn’t want to end. thank you do much David

Rob Trek says:

Great job! Love your channel. Your experience really comes through with your down to earth look with witty commentary. Thanks for all your work.

Steve Ferneyhough says:

I have the Panasonic G80/G85 David so I don’t think I will upgrade to the GH5, as mine is perfectly suitable for my needs. You mentioned size & weight of the GH5-well, the G80 is pretty chunky and weighs a fair bit with the battery grip which is kinda good in one way as it improves ernomics expecially for vertical shooting but does fly in the face of the MFT philosophy somewhat!

Jason Lindquist says:

so good, subd

Micro Four Nerds says:

Eeek I’ve been waiting for this, love your videos. I’ve just got a gh5 myself it’s so lovely. I’ve yet to give it a proper go for stills yet but I’m excited to do so!

Dennis Mook says:

David, another excellent presentation. There are none better. Not only technically good and informative, but enjoyable as well. Thank you.

A question. Looking at the review on my iPad with a Retina screen, it appeared the blue and green parts of the multi-colored ball you photographed with the GH-5 as a color comparison to the E-M1 MKII, showed banding. Was there banding or possibly a compression anomaly of posting the video on You Tube?

Thank you.

Dennis Mook
The Wandering Lensman

Matthew Talas says:

informative and entertaining as always

Mark Laurendet says:

A quick question regarding the rear control wheel / hat. I had a quick look at a GH5 in a shop and when I pressed / rocked the rotating wheel in the 4 directions nothing selected. On the G85 I really like the layout of the 4 way switch with focus mode, ISO, WB & Fn3. Can you set this up the same on the GH5? I always forget what is assigned to what so I like the icons on the buttons as well.

In the shop where I tried the camera the rear wheel seemed to control what the joy stick did so a bit redundant. But I only had a quick play as they had real customers looking to buy it wanting a look as well.

Serj Romashkin says:

I had a choice, to see David’s review or to be late for a meeting with friends.. My friends waited patiently.

DaMaxchi says:

Wonderful review! On the issue of size (and weight), may I offer another perspective. For the last several years, I have lugged a Nikon D7000 and a Canon HF G30 camcorder, as well as, supporting accessories around the world for my travel stills/videos. I look forward to the day when I can just bring a GH5 and perhaps one zoom with me on my journeys. I am very encouraged by your review! Thank you!

Abhishek Shah says:

Oh God Finally! You’re the man everyone trusts… Thanks for the Review David. I just hope you upload more stuff regularly.

The PNW Rider says:

Probably the best review on the internet of the camera. The question for myself is which one the Olympus or the Panasonic?

I had heard the Olympus had better IBS but they seem very close.

Mostly I shoot wildlife ( birds , mammals ) and my omd 1 and 5 mark ll are lacking with tracking and the screen blackout is frustrating.

Manuel Jenkin says:

Thanks a lot for the review. I am quite convinced about the GH5. Still I have doubts. Can you look into the link below. I have described my apparent issues with Panasonic colours. It is pretty long, but mostly it is image/video links and I have tried my best to analyze what I like and dislike from the 3 camera images. (I have written about my confusion lens as well, but it is waiting moderator approval).


Albert Tansley says:

Probably the most direct, to the point, entertaining & informative camera review! Great Job David!

Francis Rouberty says:

Merci pour cette excellente vidéo, David. Le GH5 n’a pas eu un début de carrière très facile sur Youtube. Jamais je n’avais vu autant de tests et de sarcasmes sur l’autofocus d’un appareil. Panasonic n’a pas manqué de sortir du bois pour conseiller l’utilisateur. Comme un Frankenstein moderne, le marketing semblait s’être retourné contre ses créateurs. Tout le monde attendait le GH5 sur ses capacités en vidéo, n’est-ce pas sa spécialité ? Et votre vidéo démontre avec acuité ce que Panasonic a fait :le GH5 est un excellent appareil photographique. Votre démarche me fait penser qu’il faut toujours revenir aux points fondamentaux.

Proper Noun says:

I’m actually having quite the dilemma between the Fuji X T2 and the GH5. I know they’re two rather different cameras. x.x

Danny Hale says:

Impressive review? What’s your favorite lenses for the GH5?

3plestrafe says:

Philippine Eagle. Thanks for the shoutout! [;

Richard Wood says:

Great review, thanks!

Andrew Atkins says:

Whilst sadly, the GH5 is way out of my price league, it certainly doesn’t stop me from being delighted at the arrival of a new review of your’s David. At the risk of repeating thoughts from others, your usual top class, unassuming, and on point review (with a usual dash of humour) is a very welcome addition to my day!!

aria gardhadipura says:

Great review David, I’ve been following you since I bought GX8. But I do video a lot with my GX8, do you think it’s worth it if I upgrade to GH5? I only have 2 lenses, 12-35 f/2.8 and 25 f/1.7, you think I should invest in more lenses and lighting or body? Because I think my 4K footage from GX8 still great, but GH5 give 4K with no crop, it is so tempting. What do you think? Thanks again and sorry for my bad english.

JonSnih says:

I like the improved colours which are very close to Olympus. And the DFD2 is well polished it seems. I hope we will see it in the GX9. I still miss a pro oriented stills camera in Panny lineup. The GX8 isnt there yet. Thanks for another good review, Dave.

K Feeney says:

Great review as always, David. Its also refreshing to see a review on a camera like the GH5 from a stills perspective and not just video as it appears to be just as well equipped in that area as the Olympus E-M1 Mk II is.

Sion Hannuna says:

Great review David. Bit too big for me, but if the gx9 (or whatever it will be called) inherits the GH5’s still performance, you’ve demonstrated, I shall certainly be upgrading my gx80.

Ben Aqua says:

your voice is almost ASMR-level relaxing

Richard James Milne says:

Been waiting! Exactly!! Always enjoy your reviews TY David 🙂

La Paz says:

Thank You ! It is always a very big pleaser to see your reviews. There are really the best ! Thank You David for all the years.
PS : For me too supernova1976 “When I see a review by David Thorpe, I drop everything and watch it.”

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