A Pro Photographer’s Review of the iPhone 7 Plus

Bloomberg followed photographer Benjamin Lowy around the streets of New York City to test out the new iPhone 7 Plus camera and see how it fairs as a professional image-making tool.

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Kurai .CSGO says:

3:08 damn we got a daredevil

Major Error says:

*live view mode.

stu stu says:

Would be more impressed if they shot this video with a I phone 7

poweruser213 says:

nothing told about picture quality of photos lol

Frik Frak says:

He edited too much with his apps

Adam Edwards says:


Donovan Rivera says:

Its not a telephoto lens!!! Its two prime lens! With digital zoom to fill the gaps!

Rodrigo Silveira says:

I’m not an expert in photography, but many of the photos shown in this video were very bad, there are a lot of images with noise, and color burst.

Sophia Lenore says:

Great video – thank you for sharing!

Γιώργος Ντελόπουλος says:

Seriously? A pro photographer using an iPhone? Just try the Google Pixel

Belal D Saleh says:

thanks for video
i am also photographer and i will buy iphone 7 plus

The Random Guy Cloud says:

Apple: how do you take photos
This guy:landscape mostly
Apple: here is an iphone 7 , use it and it will make you a pro photographer

BØJE says:

If you are curious to see more iphone 7 plus pics then check out my instagram @mikkelboje

Permafrost - says:

So this guy basically says that iphone’s camera is shit and it won’t ever replace his dslr but since, apple gave it to him for free he didn’t want to hurt them so he was trying to find any good feature in it but he failed.

Jamesgamo says:

Give him a Samsung Galaxy S7 and he will instantly prefer it over an Iphone 7

Brandon Versace says:

*photos have been edited* y’all ruined the whole fuckin video.

Remy Cajallena says:

Why people make a big deal of 2X zoom… seriously 2x is like nothing >_>

jorge diaz says:

the telephoto lens is a joke, when zoomed in all the way is very, very bad.

Djredbullka says:

Pro photographers don’t you the stock camera app. Just sayin’…

Harun Al Rasyid says:

professional? manual mode? :/


I feel like all iPhone pictures are all slightly too sharp and dull, but if the quality’s there then everything can be fixed with editing anyway.

XCS says:

Im sorry but this guy is a terrible photographer.

nadire zalora says:

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>> https://t.co/4uXJAqpWtd
There is 2 kind and 4 color available for entry..

Girom Christian Calica says:

I thought that was Agent 47 o the thumbnail

John Lauinger says:

Boring. Safe your 3:18 minutes lifetime
I want to get tips from a photographer how to optimale use the iPhone and not knowing boring things every kid already knows

Alok Kumar says:

Just few months away #iPhone 7 Plus

SuperDigitalMe says:

I have the same phone, and i have a problem with it. The jpg’s from this cam is from a very low quality here, if you zoom in and see them at 100% i get a ugly watercolor effect on gras and fine detail, didnt had it with the iphone 6S. Im pretty annoyed and gonna sell it for this, or maybe wait for an ios update? Its a software thing because in DNG with lightroom i dont have the problem….

SSP stuff says:

Pixel & pixel xl are best in camera

Rustam Bartov says:

How the hell have you managed to take shots on 16:9?!?!
iPhone 7 plus is 12mp camera and shots on 4:3.

Please help

KickDownDoors says:

He edited these photos. What a fucking loser. Bloomberg sucks for news. Obama sphincter lickers.

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