4K Home Security Camera Review – Lorex System

My first look at the Lorex 4K HD NVR Home Security Camera system. The cameras I have are all the POE (power over ethernet) 4K cameras with night vision. They send the video feed and get power all through the ethernet cable alone.
With these systems you are not stuck with all the same camera, you can buy and mix any Lorex Ethernet camera with your system. I would like to try the color night vision and the PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras. As well as a camera that supports audio. When I buy them I will make a video on those as well so check out my other videos.

Lorex website: https://www.lorextechnology.com/

You can also check these out at Costco retail stores (but Costco only has one model on display) or amazon: https://amzn.to/2Q7boJN

Lorex 4k Ultra HD NVR Recorder LNB8111B Series
Lorex 4k Ultra HD IR Bullet IP Camera



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Robert Douglas says:

Have had lesser systems in the past, this seems just what I’m looking! My stuff may not be expensive, but you can’t put a price on peace of mind,.

Dan Burch says:

I’ve been looking for a camera system, but not to hard as of yet. Does anyone have a system that also records sound? If a burglar calls out their partner’s name by mistake, that would be nice. Might be able to recognize that person’s voice to further ID the crook.

Serrina Goddard says:

@AdamDIY What made you choose Lorex, and what made you decide to do a how to?

Robert Douglas says:

Just the info I needed! Thank You.

Paul Warnow says:

I have a couple of years working with Lorex.

Sadly I have to report that with my recent purchase, and setup; I have had a lot of trouble with Lorex NVR & cameras; and their tech support are not that good.

Lorex even sent me an email with instructions on how to reset the NVR; but, resetting it did not help.

Hopefully they will improve their products and customer service.

Naveen Kumar says:

So, you got this sent to you by the company for free in return for a stellar review and did not pay anything? Okay, then definitely an unbiased and honest review.

Anthony Williamson says:

Looks like a whole shitload of wires from all the cameras down the wall then going to the back of the main box.. ugly setup

Jamal Othman says:

Did you say they have a mic?

Thomas kc2 says:

How come night vision isn’t in color? I have the same problem and I have flood lights around my house that should be more than enough lighting.

IRON60 BITCH says:

The only issue I have is the cables should be custom cut to size

John Stewart says:

I have had Lorex for years….my perimeter security. No big recorder on mine. GREAT! Reliable. Long lasting….mine have been running 6 years.

Donald Smith says:

How do I get them to send me a free DVR?

Christine DiBiase says:

I’m interested in how you install the wiring for the camera’s to the NVR unit. How do you actually install this unit, not just how to mount the camera outside.

Mac tonight says:

8:55 crazy looking

Dave Joseph says:

I think I saw a similar system at Costco. I’ve been assembling a Blue Iris system (pc based) and wonder about the pros and cons.

Zach Worrell says:

If I pay for cloud storage on 16 cameras will that smoke my data cap super quickly?

Manuel Santos says:

Waste of money if u ask me

Kafir Gear says:

Can you tie this into a security sytem. Like one app for everything?

Darrell Huggins says:

What size of hard drive would you recommend for a four camera system? and how long do you get for recording time on the low settings vs. high settings??

James 007 says:

Did it take you 11 months to install all the cameras ?

Kenndy Lay says:

Hi, Lorex’s website said the system comes with 2 Days storage. Do you know if it is referring to 2 Days storage of continuous recording, similar to Arlo’s system?

EPSTomcat11 says:

Hey Adam / everyone here in the comment section – I need a system for the underground garage of a small 12-unit condominium complex. We just need 4 cameras installed in the garage. And we don’t want a subscription service.

The DVR would be secured in a locked metal housing box mounted on the wall somewhere in the garage.

What we want to have, is the ability to have wireless access to the videos. It’s fine if we need to walk into the garage for that access.

The connection from the cameras to the DVR could be wireless (ideal but what’s the range) or wired, but again the main thing is we don’t want to have to open up the metal box and connect a laptop to it. We want to be able to access the videos wirelessly with a smartphone’s browser.

Any recommendations in terms of what to buy? I was thinking of getting a wireless hub and connecting the DVR to it, all inside the housing box (along with battery-backup).

USNVA says:

I’m not interested if it’s made in China.

Cheech says:

4k system, puts it on a 720p monitor

Keyon Spence says:

Does anyone know if this system have color night?

PBWillyWonka says:


WikiPeoples says:

What about PERSON detection? Motion detection is useless, if you have cars, and cats running around. I want a system that can give me a push notification / alert when a PERSON is moving inside a defined area. Can this system do that? If so, I buy now.

Aspac Tele says:

hi i need this camera but not available in india

An Tran says:

is this has audio feature?

Andrew Orphanides says:

Thank you so much I’ll be getting these and fitting them myself

Vladimir Derun says:

Tnx for the video man but recorded video looks so compressed and it’s really hard to say that the quality is that great. It’d be nice if you could post an uncompressed video at max fps and the highest quality, thank you in advance man.

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