Z Review – NOBsound Micro Speaker/Headphone/Bluetooth Amplifier

Hilarious [http://amzn.to/1G9Ueyz] Best Joke purchase Ever!

Battery for Portable Speaker Use [http://amzn.to/1R9ypWg] THIS costs $23

12V Transformer [http://amzn.to/1YIBpOr]

Here are the Speakers [http://www.wavecrestaudio.com/products/hvl-1-two-way-loudspeaker-pair]

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vorkev1 says:

$23 for $5 worth of parts from china

A KR says:

Is it ok to connect a single 100watt speaker, for a 50+50watt amp of same model?

Citrus Bone says:

Can you amplify a guitar through this?

altops says:

With the latest Bluetooth version, you can run 2 in bi amp mode!

Bill Ridge says:

I have a knob sound unit but it’s supposed to be 200 Watts 100 per Channel the only issue that I have found with it so far when you turn it on it leaves out a very high-pitched frequency through the speakers do they all do that or it just happens to be the one that I have you might not be able to hear it through the video but if you’re using it live you can hear it

JD2308 !! says:

Ha nobsound

Jack Rich says:

is this basically a DAC?

John 67 says:

would be perfect for the custom computer case i am building

Enrico Jose says:

nice review Robert Downey

Pavle Jovicic says:


Edgars Makņa says:

Turn off volume before pug/unplug cables 🙂

mugsl schlaengli says:

Why is this cutey still not on your Reddit list? (now it comes with bluetooth 4.0 AND in sexy black)

Mikelly Milovanovic says:

Does anyone have experience how this amplifier behaves on 4-ohm speakers?

GengarTV says:

I was considering using this amp in my raspberrypi bartop arcade.. now i’m SURE i want this in there 😀

Michali Alambeis says:

Hi, i need a small advice. I own a SMSL q5pro, but i neeed a also aux in and Headphone whit passtrough for my Headset, so that i can also speak while playing.. Any Ideas?

Aaron Shadow says:

He reminds me of jack black lol

Lars Sveen says:

One thing I really, REALLY hate about Chinese-designed electronics, is the startup sounds and voice feedback. I bought a baby monitor and it plays a song every fucking time I turn it on and off. I bought a thermometer, and it plays a song every time it turns on, PLUS talks. Enough! Anyways, thanks for the review — won’t be buying this thing.

1959Berre says:

The camera movement makes me nauseous.

Trace Blackwell says:

i think this is Jack Black’s weekend job…:-)

Emual Dave says:

The volume level is so low even at 100% dail using the provided 12v5A power supply, the nobsound is connected to 2 20watt celling speakers. Is there any way to improve the volume?

Blue Ridge DSIA says:

why all the popping?

Emmanuel Ferrer says:

alguien sabe si lo venden En Mexico

Dimitrije Krstić says:

You still haven’t removed the lepai, maybe it would be of use to someone

Niño Ann Lorriane says:

Hello. Can I connect portable/mobile microphone in here?

For clarification the amplifier can be power up by mobile power bank?


I have a small left over home theater speaker. Can I connect this to it and it’ll play fine?

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