Z Review – MPOW Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter

Yeah, bluetooth that doesn’t sound terrible. Yes the $200 AudioEngine B1 did it but for 1/10th the price? I know the feeling of doubt. [http://amzn.to/1Ga3wuj] Also with the lack of weight you can understand my amazement when it powered my mad dogs for half a day!!

Kinvo Adapter [http://amzn.to/1Gw9FmU]

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Zachary Ong says:

For my bookshelf speakers I just use a Logitech Bluteooth adapter… Should I be punished?

theodoro89 says:

I wanted to do the same with my Sansa Clip and my Sennheiser Urbanites, but the freaking 2.5mm proprietary connector make it difficult for me to make a custom cable.

If i finally manage to make a custom cable, i might actually get this as well 🙂
Wireless DT990 with a mic? Best gaming headset ever?

Dumitru Daniel says:

Hi Thanks for this review. Have you tried using it for Skype? if no please give it a test and let me know if the audio quality goes down.
I have been going crazy trying to find a nice pair of Headsets that i can use for gaming and music. I had Logitech G933, and the sound was OK, the functionality was off the roof with the G keys, audio jack on the wireless receiver and on the headsets, i could use the wireless receiver with USB OTG on my Phone (The mic did not work this way for some reason) but i want a bit more, so i return them and looked into the Sennheisers RS 160, 170 around that. And none of them had an audio jack or a possibility of being portable in any way or having a Mic. That is just not work the money.

David Jones says:

Have you been able to test on the PC for latency with this bluetooth receiver?

Tk Hsu says:

hey, i thin this doesnt support aptx if i m right…

CapnTates says:

Was that Google Play Music?
“Files are converted to 320 kbps .mp3 files”
Use something else 😐

RojasTKD7 says:

Is it just me or dose the MPOW deliver a bit of add bass. I’ve been using it with me SE 598s and they seem to have a bit more bass which I like and make the SE 598 more enjoyable.

Now I have to get some short 3.5mm cables and mod all my headphones to take 3.5mm cables.

Logan West says:

Sooo… would you suggest this with the SHP9500’s?

Fiona Li says:

Check out the BTunes.

King Hadu says:

Hi ZReviews is this worth getting for a SHP9500 if I already have a Xonar DG sound card? I don’t want to sacrifice sound quality for wireless. But if its not audible then it won’t bother me but I am really skeptical about these cheap dac and headphone amp built into these bluetooth recievers. I find it hard this little $17 item you have can actually compete with a $50 dedicated DAC and Amp wired? is there really a audible difference worth keeping it wireless?

mehutolkki3232 says:

I am surprised this little squeeky toy can drive my 250ohm DT770’s. Everything in this little shit is good, but the build quality and bluetooth range.

d0nj03 says:

But if you stick it that close to the headphone cup won’t the Bluetooth radio induce noise into the speaker every time it’s receiving a signal? You know, like a mobile phone sitting too close to a speaker while receiving data? That’s what my cheaper BT 3.0 audio receiver does: if I stick it directly to the cup like you did in the HD669 video, it induces continuous audible noise into the speaker all the time it’s receiving data from my phone. That makes it unacceptable for music.

raiken ninja says:

perfect solution for iphone 7 owner i guess

amanieux says:

how does it compares with an entry level portable dac ( fiio k1 for example) as far as sound is concerned ?

Sam Luber says:

Wouldnt the bluetooth adapter for pc use on
board? or is my understanding of bluetooth just fucked?

Andy Pastuszak says:


I ordered a very similar device from Amazon today (yay same day shipping!):


I think these devices are probably OEMed by same manufacturer.

I don’t think you’re getting better quality because of Bluetooth 4.0 or AptX. It’s because of the native codec support. The one that I have DOES NOT support AptX, but it does support native MP3 and AAC. So, if you’re playing an MP3 or M4A file, it should transmit it without recompressing using SBC.

So, I saw you were using Google Play music. They stream MP3 and the stream should pass through to the MPOW without compression. Same goes for iTunes purchases and Apple Music.

Spotify streams Ogg Vorbis, so I tend to think that this is going to recompress Spotify into something else depending on the device. I believe iPhones favor AAC over other A2DP codecs, so it will probably re-encode the Ogg to AAC. Not sure what Android phones will do.

The Zio that I got needs to have the volume maxed out in order to use my X2s. The MK3s don’t get loud enough for my taste. I’m going to order the MPOW and see if it might be louder.

J MORA says:

you can stream audio from your TV to your headphones?

Sean Lee says:

So if I use this adapter for my car, would I have to turn it on every time I want to use it? Or is there a way to get it to come on once my car starts by keeping it plugged into a USB port the whole time charging?

Ali Alawami says:

Does it have the hissing that plagues almost every Bluetooth headphones ?

Ali Alawami says:

this guy can sell.. you made me buy shp9500, and now this.

Hal Baker says:

That Mpow since your previous review of the Superlux is Awesome !
Just be aware power with Mpow shuts out in less than 2 MN
Thus keep a cable at hand when on the go a) to keep listening your playlists or b) listening to the radio.

Horsepipe says:

Goddamnit Zeos you piece of shit. Now I have to buy one of these fucking things along with the $30 cable adapter to have a 3.5mm out on my m50x’s, along with the $20 hybrid HM5 pads after I already bought the HM5 velour pads to fix the m50x’s all so I can have bluetooth m50x’s on the plane. Why did I ever subscribe to this channel. Thumbs up you bastard.

Gabbafoo says:

Bought it because of the good review.
It sounds really good.
Better than a few high end bluetooth headphones.
BUT … the mic is one of the worst i have ever heard … is just mine like that?
anyway – didn’t buy it for the mic
they also manage to power my 600ohm phones… not super loud but loud enough for me.

iLikeRFL says:

30$ question will it power mk3´s ?

Alan Herrera says:

take my money! Thanks for the review, and the reference.

Abby Brown says:

I like your room

TuxKey says:

Thanks for your review hope I can get it in the eu

Kon K says:

I have to stop watching your vids, I keep buying everything you go nuts over.
Previously i bought the covo-s speakers and the smpt amp.

Now I just bought this mpow bluetooth adapter.. dammit Z

Graham Leslie says:

So I already own this exact model of Bt adapter, and I also own the ath m50x. I want to make the m50x become wireless, but they have a proprietary input on the headphones. How would I solve this?

Graham W says:

Anyone able to get this to pair with a Google Pixel? I can’t seem to have any luck with it.

TheMrFishnDucks says:

Thank you for this video. This has helped me make wireless headphones from a Superlux.

Stereotypical 12 year old says:

But how are these for gaming

Ethan Frye says:

hey z I’m trying to replicate this with the mk3,and I need one of those wires, but I’ve bought 5 different right angle wires, but none of them fit! do you know were I could find one?

DCsProductions says:

There has been several things that I have purchased off of your recommendation. I have just received this today and it is now my favorite thing ever, and I am finally one step closer to living a wire-free life. Unfortunately the only pair of headphones that it will plug into without wires is my modded M50s, but that will change once I get my SHP9500s in the mail. If only I could find an adapter for my K7xx’s…

Harry Hudson says:

If I am listening to a channel on the TV (ITV for example) and I want to watch a film on my Fire TV stick, will it still play audio or will it only work on the TV?

ziggy8757 says:

mad dogs+mpow adapter+phone=killer phone sex sessions

GoldenEagleXTND says:

Completely unrelated.. Do you have a link to the background you used on your phone? Also, great review as usual!

Marius Piedallu van Wyk says:

Thanks, this is a wonderful idea… Wish I never bought that Sony MDR-1ABT … rather mod my old trusty Sennheisers!

Archie Wei says:

There’s a newer version. Try review that.

amanieux says:

just curious, would it make sense using this mpow as a dac to improve sound from a PC ? is it as good as a $15 entrly level usb dac (such as http://www.ebay.com/itm/ELE-EL-D01-MINI-HIFI-USB-DAC-SOUND-Audio-CARD-PCM2704-BOARD-ELNA-Capacitor-bla/290908894610) or all these sub $20 dac does not improve sound significantly over a internal laptop sound card ?

roogac says:

Hi Zeos! Do you have any experience with new version of this device? It has bluetooth 4.1 and it is cheaper on Amazon. That is the one I ordered and then realised it is not the same, because new version has 8-hours playtime and I am scared that it could be underpowered.

Gabriel Pace says:

Also works if your car doesn’t have bluetooth but has an aux port

Tom Sirmeyer says:

Thanks man

Steven Shaffer says:

I got my MPOW today and just wanted to give a big shout out and say Thanks! I have a bunch of good quality headphones I’ve had for awhile. I kept looking at different higher quality BT headphones and was always stopped by the price. I’d much rather own a set of Hifiman phones than blow the same amount on BT phones. Now I don’t have to worry about it. I’ll stick with the comfort I’m used to, and just add the BT simply. I also can tell the quality is way better than BT 3.0 even. If they improve upon BT again down the line I’m not stuck with an expensive pair of outdated headphones.
I have a pair of Sharper Image BT 2.0 speakers with built in 40 watt amp  
( http://goo.gl/sUQLbE ) that I love the sound quality but have never found that again in any BT. This I’d have to say is on par and much better even. Once again a BIG Thanks!

KrishKrusher says:

just bought this,had enough of plugging aux to play music in my car everytime.This will make a huge difference,thank you for reviewing it.

Ariel Méndez says:

Nice review! btw, why you didn’t buy the newer version? http://goo.gl/22D1St

kid table says:

would i be able to put this setup on ALPHA dogs? I want a good pair of bluetooth headphones for school but its impossible to find a good pair that i can trust.

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