Xperia Z4 Tablet Review – I LOVE this tablet!

How does the Xperia Z4 Tablet stack up? Let’s just say that Sony’s new device is the one to beat.

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Rishabh Somani says:

Still isn’t available in India

michael patterson says:

can I have Internet on the Sony z4 lte tablet using my Sony xperia z3 phone?
In the US (At&T). have unlimited data plan so can switch to mobile hotspot. I was told:
settings… more..tethering/ hot spots and it should work

Jorge Chiu says:

got this tablet for christmas, i love it, and I am a samsung loyal. just added the key board. really great

Rokib says:

there go your feet wiggling around in the camera again. I UNSUBSCRIBE

iamtheblackwizard88 says:

This tablet is F-in Amazing!! I just got one and it’s just Perfect. I will definitely be sticking with Sony Xperia stuff.

bnza10 says:

its been over a year now. what happened to the Xperia z5 tablet?

Chris Tsersidis says:

Hello, very good tablet, but after month yesterday i have charge it 100% and then log off, today tried to open the tablet and it won’t open, can help me anyone..

Chris 08 says:

Fuck yes

Terry Dean says:

I need a waterproof tablet!!!

Monkey D. Luffy says:

I quit sony ever since the Vita came out with no memory on board and a propitiatory sony memory card only. Only have one sony lcd left in the house the other 4 are all new samsungs. glad I ditched sony. sony burn’s their customers alot and do anything to pinch a penny. This is why they almost went bankrupt a couple years ago. Only thing keeping them alive is the playstation.

but this tablet I like. But because of sony’s history I’m going with the Pixel C from Google.

rkl08551 says:

@2.50min do that with a ajpaddy itouch …

Zhang Kelsea says:

Hi there, would you like to review our tablet?

Pixel says:

You’ve never mentioned anything about gaming?

LastEcho says:

Just bought the Asus Zen besides this tablet is there any other tablet that’s good for music I don’t want to use a phone anymore and they don’t make mp3 players like they use to : / with tablets basically taking their place I was thinking about picking up Dells new tablet or one of Samsung’s galaxy tablets anybody have any suggestions in terms of audio quality

jigglemankiller says:

I’d love to try a Sony smartphone but why don’t they release them on all 4 carriers, if LG can then Sony can Sony has some great ideas and originality but they have some shit management in a lot of thier departments. PlayStation is ran pretty well, they still have need for improvement PSN is showing some server quality improvements.

Android Gaming says:

This or the dell venue 10 windows ?

Ameer Hamza says:

what the f*** i cant decide between the water proofing & ps4 of z4 and super amoled & finger print scanner of galaxy tab s2…. suckssss..

Norman says:

If anyone want to buy this tablet in UK I have a really good price for almost new Z4 Tablet, look for my advert on gumtree, simply type Z4 tablet it will be in the top of the list. Thanks.

marcopolo 4real says:

what inches is that ?

vicki skipper says:

can you tell me where you got the stand that the tablet is on toward the end of the video.

pradeep nandam says:

Hi folks, can someone point to me a way to buy this in India? I badly need this and it looks like the tab is not available in indian stores anymore. 🙁

bartojoe says:

wait you can play ps4 games in the tablet? but do you need a ps4 or u can play the games anywhere? please answer thanks

Joshua Ollesca says:

+Chris Young that would damage the tablet. Try not using it for an hour and it will cool down.

Thelolimaster says:

Where is the z5 tablet or zx? How come you arent talking about why there isnt one?

Sarath Sunil says:

but the camera is fucked up mate. everything flaws fromt here. so stop saying that it is the best tab. Samsung galaxy S 10.5 was the best in its class. check that baby out and shut the fuck up!

lovexdox says:

is the tablet good for gameing?

casper. do it all says:

who’s watching this in 2016 I am because I was thinking of buying one of these used for a good price

TheLunarFX says:

I was thinking about getting the pixel C (honestly the magnets had me sold on it)… but the fact that this has multi tasking and is water resistant, and is thinner, lighter, I might just opt for this.


If he replies i am going to like all his videos

Dominik Malek says:

Sony z4 vs Ipad air 2, and waterproof case ??

crankyboiy says:

Hate sony for not releasing it in canada. Its so expensive buying it online. Its the same price 2 years later.

Jorge Chiu says:

got my t

JavisGonzalezVlogs says:

Where can I buy one?

Sofus says:

I’m buying it!

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